News and Analysis: Canucks hire Manny Malhotra as a development coach

It looks like Manny Malhotra will be extending his stay in Vancouver a little longer.

Malhotra, who has helped the Canucks development team for parts of this season, has been hired as a full-time development coach for the Canucks. Malhotra was widely known for his face-off ability during his playing days and it looks like he’s been rubbing off his knowledge on Canucks players.

“It’s a big one – every faceoff,” said Henrik Sedin on January 31st, as per the Globe and Mail. “That’s [Malhotra’s] main message.”

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The Canucks increased succession on face-offs seems to point to Malhotra’s assistance throughout the season. Last season the Canucks finished with a 45.4% face-off percentage, which placed them last in the entire league. Since Malhotra joined the team in September, the team’s face-off percetnage has increaesd 5.9% to put them eighth amongst the league.

Malhotra suited up for the Canucks from 2010-2013 and suited up for 159 games in that span.

It’s fanastic to see Malhotra continuing to make an impact in the game. As many Canuck faithful may remember, he was almost in danger of severe health complications.

  • Carl Jung

    It’s surprising that an ‘analytics’ blog would attribute Vancouver’s improved faceoff percentage to Malhotra.

    A healthy Sutter and Henrik are the main differences.

    Horvat is around his career average, Chaput appears to have consolidated his improvements from last year in Columbus and Gaunce is natural progression in a small sample size.

    I think it’s time to waive the white flag and hire Tony Gallagher away from the mainstream.

  • Long time Manny fan here. Good to see him as a permanent addition to the Vancouver Canucks. If he does to our young players, what he did to our faceoff win percentage, this will be a solid move. Great hire.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    Moving past faceoffs, Malhotra is a class act and role model, and the kind of person we want our youngsters exposed to. I think a lot of our so-called “culture carriers” are overrated as role models and that’s just a convenient term to give to low skill guys who are overpaid, but Manny really embodies it. I think he’s a few years from being a terrific head coach in the league too.