LISTEN: J.D. Burke discusses the Canucks trade deadline activity on TSN 1040

Canucks Army managing editor J.D Burke hopped on TSN 1040 to discuss the Canucks trade deadline activity. J.D talked about Nikolay Goldobin, the idea of Canucks fans cheering for the Sharks and more! 

You can listen to the audio bit here

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    • Steamer

      Whatever merits the CA writers may possess, proper grammar, spelling, punctuation, etc. are frequently in abeyance. Like to see some analytics applied in this regard, you know, comparisons to ‘cohorts’, that sort of thing.

      • I am Ted

        I don’t think there is a minimum education requirement to blog. That seems fairly evident here.

        It only makes sense that B. Burke is on the morning show with Pratt, Jake and Sat. Well, I don’t mind Jake – he’s a senile old fan who doesn’t have much sports knowledge. Sat is a kid who thinks he knows more than the people working for the actual teams (I rarely listen to the show but heard this genius whine when the Browns didn’t give the starting QB job to Manziel and he whined when Willie refused to let the kids play and just go…Virt, McCann etc). Words cannot describe what a giant moron BFD Pratt is…they just can’t. Anyway, B. Burke was in good company on this show.

    • krutov

      vrbata earns less than 1/3 the salary of last year, has had a much better season and there is no ntc to get in the way. arizona were also unquivocally sellers with lots of warning. plus gm chayka is an analytics genius sure to pluck hidden gold from dinosaur gms like benning who still use their eyes.

      i am eagerly awaiting the explanation from the benning haters on why benning is still an idiot for not trading vrbata last year.

  • Fred-65

    I have to say prospects in the Vcr organisation is looking up.

    Apart from the youngsters already playing.

    Virtanen (?)
    And I’d personally like to add Pedan

    The think of Stecher, Gaunce, Hutton, Horvat, Baertschi, Granlund, Tryamkin and that’s a young bunch for sure