Canucks trade Jannik Hansen to San Jose Sharks for Nikolai Goldobin and 4th

The Vancouver Canucks have traded Jannik Hansen to the San Jose Sharks this evening, according to Pierre Lebrun.

This was confirmed by Bob McKenzie with the return:

This is another great deal for the Canucks, getting a former first round pick in return.

Goldobin was selected 27th overall in 2014 NHL Entry Draft and has adapted extremely well to the pro ranks. He has 15 goals and 26 assists in 46 games with the San Jose Barracuda this season:


According to TSN’s Matt Sekeres, the conditions on the fourth-round pick included in the Jannik Hansen deal are as follows.

  • Braindead Benning


    A few things i really like about these trades.

    1, the obvious: Getting A+ prospects that are basically only 20, or taking a risk on an off draft year where after the first 3 picks could be a crap shoot and he choose the first

    2, Took advantage of getting more value for players over 30 and reduced the salary cap

    3, IMO, the one I think is the most important, is that hopefully he set himself up for future trades by not panicking and giving away players just for the sake of getting anything.

  • Silverback

    Benning finally getting some respect. Last year was a a litmus test for the newish manager. He drew a line in the sand with Hamhuis, and said I will not be taken advantage of, and this year, proves his strategy right. Selling veterans, let alone getting protected prospects in return as well as a potential 1st round pick with a looming entry draft is a deft move.

    That being said, Hansen will be missed. He played hard and defended his team mates (Daniel earlier this year case in point).

    Good luck, Jannik!

  • Dirty30

    Mother of God!

    The Burrows trade was an unreal return — the Hansen haul? Go Sharks!

    I’m speechless.

    Who is this Jim Benning and where has he been hiding?


    Can Jim pick his own Coach now? Heck, at this rate he might find the next Scotty Bowman!



  • Hockey Warrior

    EXCLUSIVE – The CANUCKS are even retaining salary here to a DIVISION RIVAL just to get the deal done! wtf… you simply couldn’t make it up!!!

    Absolutely PATHETIC return for a FANTASTIC player who STILL has MANY MILES left in the tank at only 30, on a STEAL of a contract. Tell me, WHERE are the 22 plus goals coming from in his absence… ERIKSSON, VIRTANEN, GAUNCE or GUDDY from the backend?

    The Sharks made out like bandits here guys. The Canucks even RETAINED SALARY!!! – Benning should be sent to the ALASKA ACES for doing this deal with a DIVISION RIVAL ffs.

    Nikolay Goldobin 5′ 11″ 185 lb (another midget)

    “Apart from being undersized Peter DeBoer has concerns about his game in his own end, particularly his defensive play, which has held him back considerably.”

    Nice… DELUDED armchair GM’s in full effect here who are CLEARLY just ELATED and BLINDED that we actually did ANY deals rather than doing the RIGHT DEALS!

    “Sometimes the best trades are the ones you DON’T MAKE”

  • MM

    Not only do the canucks get a top prospect, but they get ahead of the curve for the expansion draft. I bet teams that wait until the summer are going to wish they’d taken care of business at the deadline.

    Good move GMJB