Canucks prospect Jonathan Dahlen named best junior player in Allsvenskan

The newest Canucks prospect is already making news, as it was announced today that newly acquired Jonathan Dahlen was awarded Guldgallret (golden cage), which is given to the best junior player in the Allsvenskan.

This shouldn’t be a surprise given that Dahlen is currently 6th in the entire league in scoring, and ranked first amongst U20 players.

With 24 goals and 18 assists for Timra this year, Dahlen has improved his PPG rate from 0.57 last year to 0.95 PPG this year.

Dahlen is currently playing, and has another game left in the season – then the playoffs will follow for Timra.

  • wojohowitz

    This kid could grow by leaps and bounds if he could play a bit with the twins next season. I`m sure it would help his game and also their game – a little youthful exuberance.

    • apr

      I know its tempting to rush him, but if the Sedins don’t deteriorate as much next year – Granlund may be able to close to pot 25-30 goals with them next year.

      I think its imperative to continue to develop Bo, Baer, Granlund, Hutton, BFG, and Stecher and have them take the next step up. Maybe bring in Boeser, Golobin, and Labate as a 4th liner next year. Whaat I don’t want to see is guys like Megna/Chaput/Skille taking up roster spots who have absolutely no trade value in TDL. If you go that route, take on Parenteau, Versteeg, Stalberg and get something at TDL if things go awry.

      Biggest question for me is who is coaching next year? WD? Green? Crawford? Hitchcock?

  • JuiceBox

    As with all prospects, we need to have patience. We have to keep in mind that he is playing in the Allsvenskan and not the SHL for a reason. If skating and size is an issue the worst thing the Canucks can do is rush him over to NA to play against the men in the AHL or NHL. Unless he proves otherwise, he should play a full season in the SHL next year followed by at least one full season, preferably two in the AHL. That will give him ample time to work on his skating and fill out before he makes his NHL debut at age 22.

    • But playing in the SHL is out of his control. His team would need to get promoted. Since he’s already playing against adults in Allsvenskan, it’s better to move him to Utica next year and get him adapted to the smaller rinks, physical play and Canuck/Comets culture. Utica could use the help.

  • TheRealRusty

    Dear Canucks management. Please do not be tempted to play these kids in the NHL next year just for the sake of selling tickets. Give them time to work on their games in Utica and promote them only when they are ready.

    • Burnabybob

      Goldobin is probably ready. He will turn 21 this year. It sounds like the main reason he wasn’t playing with the Sharks is they have a lot of veteran depth and are trying to win a Cup. The Canucks can give them more room to make mistakes and learn.