Canucks claim Joseph Cramarossa off waivers

The Canucks have dipped their toes into the waiver market today, claiming Joseph Cramarossa from the Anaheim Ducks.

Given that the Canucks have moved out Alex Burrows and Jannik Hansen over the last couple of days, they were need of some NHL bodies.

Cramarossa was selected in the 3rd round of the 2011 NHL Entry Draft

He has been effective in his time with the Ducks this season as a depth forward with grit, but the numbers game forced him onto waivers.This move is likely just to ensure the Canucks have enough options to close out the season while providing some speed and toughness in the bottom 6.

Cramarossa is a pending RFA.

The move pushes the Canucks to 46 contracts of their 50 contract limit.

    • JuiceBox

      Not. Even. Close.

      It’s just getting started as we are just now entering the tear down phase. Right now JB is just mass acquiring as many young players and prospects as possible. A new “core” hasn’t even begun to be established and there is nobody scoring at a 1st line/pairing level. There are still holes in the prospect pool: High end offense on the back-end, size in the forward group, and goaltending depth all need to be addressed.

      I don’t know what your definition of rebuild is but my rebuild will be complete when a new young “core” is established and management is bringing in “complimentary pieces” to supplement it, and the team is back in the playoffs.

    • Chris the Curmudgeon

      Would be unfortunate, I’ve thought Grenier has held his own the last few games. His (small sample) possession numbers are really strong, he hasn’t given the puck away, and he’s a pretty big guy who doesn’t get pushed around. Why not give him to the end of the year to show us why he should get a new contract? He’s not a prospect anymore, but he’d be a cheap, homegrown, capable 4th liner who probably has more scoring potential than Megna or Skille.

      • Steamer

        Agree – Canucks have mishandled Grenier, depreciating an asset rather than maximizing the value, as they seem intent on doing with Jordan Subban. Now, the off-season will likely see zero return for Grenier & the alternative – Megna! – hardly was successful in attaining a playoff position. Just about anybody – Grenier, Valk, even Cassels – would likely have been an improvement on Megna, who failed to justify his repeated line-up insertions with anything resembling value. Question now should be on the failure of coaching to incorporate younger players, to adjust accordingly to game situations, etc. Will we really be forced to endure yet another season with a coach who stubbornly refuses to change when change is obviously demanded?

        • Olands

          I (also) agree grenier hasn’t been given a shot, to the point it could be deemed mismanagement. But to equate that to Subban is just dumb. The guy’s a stretch to make it in the league, as any dman his size would be. To tell him to put in 2 or 3 solid years in the A, prove he can defend against pros, before he gets a look is completely reasonable.

          I don’t like megna or chaput much myself, but there’s a reason Willie likes them — their games are more polished.

  • krutov

    seems like a decent energy guy in the very little i have seen of him.

    i like the move. there are two big roster holes to fill and goldobin is not a lock to stay up and i am not feeling grenier, rendolic or labate.

    not sure why anaheim waived him.

  • krutov

    grenier has been given ample chance and will get it again in the next few weeks. the canucks would love it if the guy could establish himself in the nhl. they’d be ecstatic.

    but sometimes prospects simply do not work out without being “mishandled”.

  • krutov

    i am really hoping willie is willing to coach another year. he’s done an amazing job of convincing poor canuck teams to play hard for 3/4 of the season two years in a row. basically a perfect coach for what is in store next year. the problem i think is that without hansen and burrows in the room, and with sedins even more irrelevant, he may not feel he can keep the team in the right frame of mind.

    • TheRealRusty

      I’m not the biggest fan of WD and his deployment, but credit when credit is due for the kind of work ethic the team has displayed for large parts of the year. While I do see the ownership meddling again and firing him for another season out of the playoffs, I hope that they do so only if there is a better replacement. The next 2 years will be lean and I don’t think there are only a few coaches out there that will do much better (Andy Murray and Hitchcock would be my choice as replacement).