Montreal Canadiens Interested in Jannik Hansen; Hansen not interested in Canadiens

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Photo Credit: Eric Bolte – USA TODAY Sports

The Montreal Canadiens have been among the league’s biggest movers for as long as Marc Bergevin’s been running the show as their general manager, so you have to think they have a couple moves in them between now and the March 1st trade deadline.

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Perhaps one of them involves 30-year-old Canucks right winger Jannik Hansen? The Canadiens are a contending team, and those are the type most often wont to grab players with Hansen’s pedigree, role and versatility. Let’s dive in.

Given the Canadiens were among the first teams connected to Alexandre Burrows, it’s fair to posit they recalibrated over the weekend once it became apparent he wasn’t an option for help in their bottom-six. Senators GM Pierre Dorian indicated Burrows rejected a trade to another Atlantic Division team — perhaps it was Montreal?

Canucks assistant general manager John Weisbrod was in attendance for Everett’s Friday night game against the Portland Winterhawks. I’ve since heard from an anonymous source that Canadiens prospect Noah Juulsen was the primary draw. If the Canucks want top prospects for their veterans at the deadline, this isn’t especially difficult to piece together.

The ‘other prospects’ bit is noteworthy here, because we do know Weisbrod plays a significant role in mining for amateur talent. In Cody Glass and Henri Jokiharju the Winterhawks have a pair of potential first round picks, so it’s entirely possible he was there for them every bit as much as Juulsen.

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Whether Juulsen is the hypothetical player of interest for the Canucks might be strictly academic anyways. Hansen holds a modified no-trade clause in his contract, and this report from TSN 1040 AM’s Matt Sekeres indicates the Canadiens aren’t among the eight teams he’d waive to join in the event of a trade.

I find that an interesting decision on Hansen’s part — though I recognize entirely it’s his right to make whichever decision he pleases. Every indication is that Hansen’s more concerned about next year and whether a team can keep him beyond the Expansion Draft or not. Taking a cursory glance at the Canadiens page in the Expansion Draft Tool, it seems likely they can fit him into their plans beyond the draft. That’s more than a lot of contending teams can offer.

The Habs have the capital, whether by picks, prospects or the requisite cap space to take on Hansen, to make a deal work. At the end of the day, though, it’s Hansen who has the final say.

  • apr

    I think it has more to do with uprooting his kids and moving to a French community. Maybe if he had more time, he would come around to it. Montreal is quite bilingual but tough to make that decision on a dime. Family is important – why else would he put Winnipeg on his list.

  • krutov

    interesting that extrapolating from what dorion said about burrows turning down other division teams, burrows also might have vetoed the habs.

    which seems weird. the habs would be burrow’s childhood favourite home team. ottawa is not much better as a fishbowl for a quebec born player.

    it’s all just rumour i guess, but the habs don’t seem like a bad team, price gives them a decent shot every year and there is nobody in the habs dressing room that stands out as someone with connections to the canucks they would want to avoid.

    • UKCanuck

      I’m guessing Habs wouldn’t do the two year extension so Burrows wouldn’t waive for them. Nice power move on the part of his agent.

      Can’t see why Hansen wouldn’t go to Habs, let’s be honest there can’t be many better places to play?

      • Donald's Hat Trick

        Define better… no state income tax? Possibility of resigning? Protection from expansion draft? Chance of winning and role on team? Doesn’t look good in red?

        It’s also possible that Montreal isn’t on his list just because other teams filled the list first, but he could still be open to it.

    • defenceman factory

      I agree NTCs make things difficult towards the end of a contract on a team needing to rebuild.

      It would be interesting to see what players without NTCs and similar production to Hansen get paid. In the case of Hansen (Ericksson not so much) the inclusion of a NTC in his contract seems to have provided solid value.

  • wojohowitz

    Montreal is a gong show. Hansen knows it and Dorion knows it. It turns out Subban was not the problem. Pacoiretty might or might not still be there tomorrow.

    • Bud Poile

      Hopefully announced soon after the game.

      Hansen decides Montreal is acceptable and we get Noah Juulsen?

      A puck-moving young D prospect of his pedigree will do.

      • Buula

        Seems to be the morlst liekly scenario based on what been said so far today. That said this would give us more D depth and even likelier that we might trade a D man tomorrow or before the draft