Los Angeles Kings Choose Ben Bishop Over Ryan Miller; Trade for the Former


Photo Credit: Kim Klement – USA TODAY Sports

An already short list of destinations for the Vancouver Canucks netminder Ryan Miller shrank by one team today, as the Los Angeles Kings went to the Tampa Bay Lightning and acquired Ben Bishop to shore up their crease for what they hope is an extended playoff run.

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Per TSN’s Bob McKenzie, the Kings surrendered Erik Cernak, Peter Budaj, a fifth-round pick in 2017 and a conditional selection in 2017. ESPN’s Pierre LeBrun is reporting that, as part of the deal, Tampa Bay retained 20% of Bishop’s salary.

That ends any speculation concerning the Kings as a landing spot for Miller. There’s a lot to unpack here, so let’s dive right in.

Why did the Kings Choose Bishop?

At first glance, I thought this trade something akin to overkill for the Kings. Though Quick doesn’t seem 100% yet in his return from a mid-season groin injury, Los Angeles activated him off Injured Reserve, and he played in their game yesterday, a 4-1 win over the Minnesota Wild. If Quick is healthy, and one would have to think he will be in time for the post-season, he’s going to be the Kings go-to guy.

If the Kings needed a backup, or an insurance policy even, trading for the widely-considered best available goaltender, and one who’s spent the better part of his career starting at that, seemed a costly move to address a need they might not have. This is especially true when one considers Miller’s probably performed better than Bishop this season, and bests him in 5v5 Sv% by .003 points.

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Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 4.13.07 PM

Then again, the Kings acquired Bishop for a song — ironic, given that’s how Bishop joined the Lightning many deadlines ago. If there’s no appreciable difference in price, and I can’t imagine there was much of one given the pennies on the dollar Los Angeles paid, then why not get Bishop?

Screen Shot 2017-02-26 at 4.19.05 PM

Miller’s played great this year, but Bishop’s younger and likely the more durable of the two. I also wonder to what extent Miller’s struggles upon joining the St. Louis Blues in a trade deadline deal three years ago has on team’s willingness to go that route again. Once bitten, twice shy, and so on.

What Remains of the Ryan Miller Market?

Frankly, I hadn’t even counted the Kings among the three most likely destinations for a Miller trade when I wrote on the matter less than a week ago. Every indication was that Quick was returning to health, and even Miller seems like overkill at the backup goalie position, especially in light of how well Budaj’s held down the fort. It seems I overestimated the Kings faith in Budaj, though, and therein lied the problem with my evaluation for a Miller market.

Whatever the case, I don’t think this the death knell of Miller-movement by the March 1st deadline. There’s still at least one more Californian team that one would have to think has at least some level of interest in Miller.

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If there’s one team in South California that is in serious need of what Miller brings, it’s the Anaheim Ducks. Hell, it was the Ducks going into today, too. Their current backup, Jonathan Bernier, is sporting the 58th best 5v5 Sv% right now and their starting netminder John Gibson is nursing an injury.

The Ducks goaltending scenario doesn’t exactly exude confidence, and that should be concerning given their competitive window is very much nearing its end and the Patrick Eaves trade made earlier this week indicates they’re aware of that and all in on this year’s team. If any team should make a trade for Miller, they’re the one.

I’ve also heard the possibility of the San Jose Sharks as a potential suitor. On the surface, it might make some sense given their general manager Doug Wilson is an unabashed Miller believer with an inexperienced backup netminder. Wilson is also the same GM who traded a fourth for James Reimer as a high-end insurance policy going into last year’s playoff run, so there’s something of a precedent.

Where I’m less certain of the Sharks as a player is the fact that Aaron Dell is playing considerably better this year than their backup netminder of last year, Alex Stalock, did. Dell has the third best Sv% among qualifying goaltenders with a sterling .957 Sv% at even strength.

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By that same token, it is fair to wonder just how much confidence the Sharks have in Dell. Their starting netminder, Martin Jones, has played 50 games this season, which is the third highest mark in the NHL. Dell has 12 career starts under his belt. It’s entirely possible that in spite of his small sample of brilliance, the Sharks aren’t overly confident in Dell.

Whatever the case, today’s news doesn’t bode well for the Canucks if they aim to move Miller. It’s far from the end of this, though. I wouldn’t be surprised if we hear Miller connected to other teams in the coming days.

  • DJ_44

    The lightning sent bishop and a 2017 5th —–for Budaj , Cernak a 2017 7th and a conditional pick…

    Cernak is a 2015 mid 2nd rounder…..big RHD defenseman.

    • sh1t4brains

      Last count…6 CA readers with brains….22 are too emotionally vested to think straight!

      Given what LA gave up for Bishops’ pedigree….what do you think Miller would have fetched? I wouldn’t be surprised if a similar package was presented to the Nucks and they thought Miller was worth more!

      • Hockey Warrior

        Relax pal – you need to realise that telling the COLD HARD TRUTH here and getting marked down for it is a PERSONAL VICTORY and i personally LOVE IT!

        You are one hundred per cent accurate on Miller – there are MUCH BETTER OPTIONS for the playoffs out there than a 36 year old has-been TEN YEARS REMOVED form a VEZINA, who the Canucks LAUGHABLY showed to the league suffers from FATIGUE after back-to-back starts and who BLEW it in the playoffs in St Louis four years ago! This guy is getting NOTHING back for us!!!

        The blowhards here seem to think 29 other teams have NO ONE BETTER than the Canucks players on offer, which is plainly ridiculous as Minny and LA have already proven.

        You reap what you sow guys, and the concern shouldn’t be about the players or deadline trades.. it should be about getting a NEW GM and COACH in ASAP as three years of FAILURE and all-time LOW attendance and season ticket sales at the ROG have clearly PROVEN. Haven’t they?

        ~~Every mark down counts as a WIN!!!

  • TheRealPB

    I am hoping there will be some movement tomorrow. A lot of the prospective suitors that have been mentioned for Miller, Hansen and Burrows seem to be already going for other players (LA, Minnesota, Chicago, etc). A repeat of last year is not advisable.

  • TD

    I guess the price was cheap, but I don’t really see how this is a big benefit for L.A. Yes they have a better tandem now, but they are currently 3 points out of 8th with even games played. They have Quick back and he looked good in the 4-1 win. I can’t imagine they are not going to play Quick which means Bishop will back him up. If that’s the case, this trade will not change the line-up at all. They need to make changes to get into the playoffs, not get insurance for a run to the cup.

  • Freud

    Bishop is a 2 time Vezina finalist and was the Vezina runner up in 2016.

    Yzerman let him go for the equivalent of a mid-round pick.

    Last season, Benning said letting Hamhuis go for a mid-round pick was not worth it.