Canucks Player Power Rankings – February 20th, 2017


In the week leading up to their break, the Canucks won one game and are barely clinging to their hopes of making the playoffs. Hopefully the Canucks and their fans will have a nice, stress-free week off from Canucks hockey. For now, here’s the best that I can do with what this team gives me to work with: 

1. Chris Tanev:

Chris Tanev is anything but an offensive wizard. Despite this, he’s got a weird knack for scoring overtime winners. Nothing gets the team excited like a Chris Tanev OT Winner. 

2. Alex Edler:

For the second time in his career, Alex Edler scored from centre ice. He is basically Nick Lidstrom now. 

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3. Bo Horvat:

Bo Horvat missed a game this week and it was the worst. He’s back though, and doing pretty stuff again. 

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4. Ryan Miller:

Though he struggled against both Pennsylvanian teams this week, Miller saved the Canucks from themselves against Calgary. The Canucks would not have got one point – let alone two points – had it not been for their netminder.

5. Jannik Hansen:

Jannik Hansen brings energy on every single shift. It’s not like the Canucks abysmal power play could use someone like that, right?

6. Nikita Tryamkin:

Nikita Tryamkin continues to be fun to watch by being good and by being extremely large.

7. Markus Granlund:

I’m not sure if I would say that they’re thriving, but Granlund and the Sedins have had some nice moments. 

8. Troy Stecher:

Get you a man that can do both.

9. Alex Burrows:

Burrows got zero points this week, but he is one of a few Canucks who might have a shot at a Stanley Cup this year, which is nice for him.

10. Ben Hutton:

Ben Hutton only has one assist to show for it, but he’s had a nice week. More importantly, he sang a bar of O Canada for us. 

11. Brendan Gaunce:

Brendan Gaunce scored three goals this week! They were all for the Utica Comets, but we can’t be picky at this point. Good work, Brendan!

12. Luca Sbisa:

Luca Sbisa did not have a terrible week, but this flyby on Evgeni Malkin was outstanding.

13. Henrik Sedin:

Henrik and Daniel did not have their best weeks, but Henrik looks interested in taking Daniel’s title of “The Sedin that scores”

14. Daniel Sedin:

Daniel is definitely gunning for Henrik’s role as “The Sedin that passes”

15. Brandon Sutter:

Brandon Sutter got hurt this week, which meant he didn’t get to play against his old team in Pittsburgh. He came back to score a goal in St. Louis, though, so it wasn’t all bad. 

16. Michael Chaput:

It wasn’t quite as good as last week’s multi-goal performance, but Chaput did show flashes of Sedinery this week. 

17. Jayson Megna:

This isn’t Jayson Megna’s fault, but jeez. 

Screen Shot 2017-02-19 at 11.46.44 PM

18. Reid Boucher:

Though he’s got no points to show for it, Reid Boucher played three games this week. Nice for him. 

19. Loui Eriksson:


20. Jacob Markstrom:

Poor Jacob Markstrom got to play one game this week and it did not go very well at all. I hope he has a relaxing week off.

21. Alex Biega:

Alex Biega played a game as a forward this week, which is exciting for him. He also played his 19th game of the season, which is important for that expansion draft business. 

22. Philip Larsen:

Philip Larsen did not play this week and continues to surprise me every week when I check the roster to make sure I haven’t forgotten to include anyone on these power rankings. 

23. Jack Skille:

Jack Skille got hurt this week, but not before being used as a tool to question the effectiveness of Milan Lucic:

24. Erik Gudbranson, Sven Baertschi, Derek Dorsett, and Anton Rodin:

These guys are still hurt and honestly they seem to have disappeared completely. 

  • wojohowitz

    The criticism tends to be indirect but maybe it shouldn`t be. Willie`s player deployment is terrible. Posters talk about motivation as Willie`s strength but the way they have set up their roster explains it. They have excess players waiting to play given the chance and that creates motivation.

    One example was Hansen`s goal last night. I noticed Gaunce was on the ice and I thought finally Gaunce gets his chance as a top nine forward but that play was his only sniff. He was back on the fourth line and only played 5+ minutes.

    I`ll tell you what it reminds me of; Crawford always needed a whipping boy and it was usually Morrison even though Morrison was the responsible center allowing Bertuzzi to be the power forward and Naslund to be the sharpshooter. Morrison`s role was to cover for them defensively and he did his job well but Crawford needed somebody to forever be in his doghouse and Morrison was that guy.