Canucks Army Postgame #55: Beantown Letdown


An early afternoon contest against the dreaded Boston Bruins was on the docket for the Vancouver Canucks today.

With hopes of securing a 9-6 lead in Game 15, the Canucks held their own throughout the majority of the game but a late goal by David Pastrnak gave the Bruins the 4-3 win.

The Canucks are now 1-2-0 after three games of this six game road trip.





  • Ben Hutton had himself a rough game with quite a few turnovers and poor reads. Both of those types of miscues led directly to the Colin Miller goal early in the third period. Hutton tried carrying the puck out of the zone, got checked, then ended up screening Ryan Miller on the C. Miller shot. It was a bad sequence that just highlighted his struggles today. Hopefully it was just a one off for Hutton, and in part due to his recent return from injury.
  • On the other-side Bo Horvat was all over the place today. He ended the game with one goal and one assist. Yet, he was not out there for the Canucks when they needed a goal to tie the game. He had just finished a shift with 1:13 left, but with team taking the time out, so getting him out there instead of Sutter, or Eriksson, or Edler likely would’ve been a worthwhile cause. At worst, it gets Horvat more experience at high pressure situations. Sutter was likely there for the right shot, and face-off. With his goal today – Horvat tied his goal total (16) from last season
  • Ryan Miller was a surprise start today after a shutout on Thursday night. It was a surprise solely because he wasn’t scheduled to start today with the Canucks in Buffalo tomorrow. The justification makes sense to some degree – how can you not dress a goalie after a shutout? However, Miller just wasn’t the same as he was in Columbus. Jeremy Davis took a deep dive into it, and clearly showed through data that Miller is better with more rest. So although it is against conventional wisdom, sitting Miller today and then starting him tomorrow in Buffalo, his former team, made sense from a ‘win as much as possible angle’.
  • According to Dan Murphy, Markstrom is expected to start tomorrow.
  • Tuukka Rask started the Bruins game on Thursday vs San Jose – so now the Bruins have 5 points out of a possible 28.
  • Markus Granlund scored his 14th goal of the season on the PP today – he is now on pace for 21 goals this season.
  • Reid Boucher saw 1:50 of PP time, and although he was only credited with one shot – there was a sequence where he was just firing it any time it came near him. Unfortunately his total ice time was 6:48.
  • With the loss – the Canucks remain 6 points out of the last wild-card spot, which is currently being held by Los Angeles
Screen Shot 2017-02-11 at 1.31.25 PM

The Canucks head to Buffalo hoping to rebound and get to a .500 record on this trip. With them heading to Pittsburgh and then St Louis, it’s imperative that they leave Buffalo with two points if they hope on making the playoffs. 

Otherwise, the season could quickly slip away. Which is good if you are the ‘move players for assets’ side of the ledger. But if you are hoping for playoff hockey in Vancouver in April, the next week is crucial.

  • DJ_44

    “Ben Hutton had himself a rough game with quite a few turnovers and poor reads. Both of those led directly to the Colin Miller goal early in the third period. Hutton tried carrying the puck out of the zone, got checked, then ended up screening Ryan Miller on the C. Miller shot. It was a bad sequence that just highlighted his struggles today. Hopefully it was just a one off for Hutton, and in part due to his recent return from injury.”

    A one-off??? Come on Ryan. Stop making exuses: terrible with Gudbranson, terrible with Tanev, terrible with Tryamkin…..lost bringing the puck up the ice on the power play….he has a decent wrist shot, but doesn’t hit the net.

    What,exactly, does he bring over Larsen? Hutton is brutal in his own zone, cannot make a pass to save his life and just has little hockey sense.

    At least Larsen makes solid first passes, skates and skates with speed and can fire the puck.

    Hutton, but virtue of his play this season, is number 9 in the Canucks defensive depth chart. Trade him for a mid-round pick and rid ourselves of a poor contract.

    • Fred-65

      Wow just wow. Hutton has made a number of mistakes as has in fact Tanev and Edler. He’s a second year pro and the answer is lets give the guy the bums rush. Patience man patience. Hutton will be OK but for heavans sake don’t isolate him for criticism Frankly I’m watching the c0ck ups Tanev has been making what was once a safety first D is now a cough up guy. I’m not sure what instructions the D is getting but it’s been a set back this season. Too many turn overs, once the perogative of Sbisa the disease seems to have spread. Stecher has trouble pivoting in one direction.

      Todays game was IMO a good game, Miller let in the winning goal, that to was a c0ck up/bad goal. But certainly Vcr was in the game throughout. Granlund is looking better each game and frankly IMO is pulling away from Baertschi. Granlund will play in the tough areas, and his release is quicker. Over all a loss but a good game

      By the way why was Henrik in for the face off against Bergeron when we pulled the goalie (left dot )left face off needed. The outcome was a fore gone conclusion. Horvat a better face off guy is sitting on the bench. there was a stoppage WD had his choice. And why Granlund sitting in favour of Ericksson. I don’t get it…. we were trying win right ?

      • DJ_44

        With respect to Hutton: yes, he is a second year pro, but he has been terrible. He requires waivers to be sent down, so that is not really an option. I suggest that with the depth the Canucks have build on defense, he may have (limited) value now and should be moved. He has been lost all season…..grouse on the side of the road clueless. This is not a one game thing….i have actually be beating the Hutton drum since November.

        I do not disagree with your assessment of Granlund, whom I have always liked, nor the fact that he is definitely above Baertschi on the value chart.

  • Roy

    Well, I posted a lengthy comment and it disappeared into the aether.

    So, in short: re. your CA article about Miller? Quod erat demonstrandum.

    This game would have been satisfying if we’d gotten a point, and they almost rolled out with two with depth scoring and a good effort overall.

    Secondly, please sit Hutton until he learns to play like he was playing before. That final turnover was awful.

    More Markstrom and whoever is eating popcorn in the press box, that guy for Hutton, please.

  • DJ_44

    One the positive: I really like how Boucher looks on the half boards on the second(should be first, less Hutton of course) unit PP. I admittedly doubted Boucher speed (maybe it was just fitness?) but he has something to offer.

    If Chaput was capable of making a backhand pass, or Skille would not do is trademark “power wide right then take a shot that misses the net, rings around the boards and sets the other team off on the counter”, they might have something.

    And yeah, Willie had some incredibly questionable coaching decisions; to say the least.

  • Steamer

    “There are certain queer times and occasions in this strange mixed affair we call life when a man takes this whole universe for a vast practical joke, though the wit thereof he but dimly discerns, and more than suspects that the joke is at nobody’s expense but his own.”
    ― Herman Melville, Moby-Dick

  • Tara

    From one good game to a horrible turn-overs galore game! The Sedins are still terrified when playing against Boston. They still pushed them around like rag dolls and nobody is there to protect them. Weak and soft AF!

  • Freud

    Our resident team insider, Bud says Melanson sent Miller out there today to stink it up.

    Perhaps the management team should change their philosophy.

    Either have their actual goalie coach give input, or hire Jeremy Davis as a “consultant of the obvious”.

    • Bud Poile

      The goalie that gives any team the best chance to win-plays.It doesn’t take Einstein to figure that out. Hutton did the job for Miller and Melanson tonight.

      Might want to give him any one of them a call and confirm as you’re obviously confused.

      • Freud

        Jeremy Davis presented clear evidence the goalie who gave the best chance to win today was Markstrom.

        Hutton wasn’t on the ice for the 4th goal against, it was Miller who sh*t the bed.

        You’re a dumb-ass. You didn’t even know Melanson is no longer the goalie coach. No matter how you try and twist it, we are all on to you, bud.

  • DJ_44

    …..while the Sedins have a poor performance today…

    …I so wanted Shorthouse to give the “Henrik turning on the jets…” call when he pulled away from Chara on the two on one……that would have been priceless.

  • JuiceBox

    So what was with those thumbs down I received for pointing out how terrible Hutton has been this year? So do you believe me now? It’s clear as day he shouldn’t even be in NHL, yet he is logging top 4 minutes.

  • RIP

    Man is the Grandlund for Shinkaruk trade working out to date. Grandlund is such a great 2 way player. And he gets under the oppositions’ skin.

    Miller actually had a pretty great game. There were 5 outstanding saves. That breakaway save on Pastrinak was solid. Would have liked the second goal back though.

    Too bad Hutton isn’t going right now. Wonder if a stint in the AHL is worth it. Would rather see some of Pedan or Subban for a change, just please not Larson!

  • wojohowitz

    Burrows and Hansen really looked good with Horvat. It could get very ugly if we lose them both for draft picks. Gaunce scores again but does Willie care if his fourth line grinder lights up the AHL?

  • LTFan

    I like Hutton. he had a heck of a rookie season. This year not so much and IMO his confidence is really low. He is so afraid to make a mistake – that he does. Too bad.

    Gaunce can score and so far in Utica he has 2 in 2 games. If they bring him back they will have to put someone on waivers if they are going to send anyone down. Lots of moving parts.