Plan 9 From GM Place

Well, credit where credit is due, folks.

Since November 17, your lovable Vancouver Canucks have put up an impressive 16-10-5 record, collecting 37 points along the way. That’s good enough for a 0.597 points percentage, which would have put them 12th overall if they had been winning at that pace all season.

So it’s great to see that Jim Benning’s hard work finally paying off with on ice results.

It’s during this time that you can really see the value of character guys like Derek Dorsett. His contribution has been felt both on and off the ice, as he shows the kids how to win and really carries the culture of this team on his shoulders.

Speaking of their young prospects, it’s great to see Virtanen really developing as a professional in a winning atmosphere like this. It’s clear that there was nothing more to be learned in the minors and he’s now an invaluable piece of this winning roster.

But all of this pales in comparison to the beefed up blue line. You can see now how opposing forwards skate tentatively through the neutral zone with their heads up, cringing as they scan the ice for Erik Gudbranson’s hulking figure. And their power play has never looked better, now that it’s being run by Philip Larsen. Nobody walks the line better than Larsen, and the results speak for themselves.

Up front, Brandon Sutter has been nothing if not spectacular as a foundational player, really leading the way and carrying the load both offensively and defensively, giving Horvat the time to develop slowly into that defensive role that he’s destined for. By the same token, Jannik Hansen is really showing why it makes no sense to trade him for draft picks that won’t be making this kind of impact for years, if at all. I mean, where would they be without the speed and scoring he has provided over the last two months?

Finally, I cannot understate how important it was for Benning to go out and acquire [veteran 20-goal scorer]. He paid a steep price, giving up picks in the next two drafts, but there’s simply no way that the Canucks would be sitting just one point out of a Wild Card spot with two games in hand had they not taken the bold move to bring in [veteran 20-goal scorer].

So good on you, Jim. I know I’ve been one of your harshest critics, but even I can’t argue with the way everything has worked out just the way you said it would.

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The results speak for themselves.




  • Chungus

    You are such a great part of this website. Your articles are very unique and clever. You would think it would get old after so many times, but it is still as fresh as the first one I’ve read. Your positivity never ceases to brighten my day. Thank you for always putting in 100% effort into all of your posts. Just great, truly amazing.

  • Locust

    Just imagine the great things you could accomplish if you put as much effort as writing like a douche (as in this “article”) into something more positive.

    You and JD must be awesome together….

  • Bud Poile

    The Canucks are winning and Petbugs has become a ‘glass half full’ blogger.

    You’re either the main customer of Liquor Depot or you’ve developed a pharmaceutical addiction.

    Whoever runs this website should fire your behind for this attack piece.Get it together. You suck.

          • Tom Selleck's Moustache

            Well, since we’re on the subject… The Canucks don’t have a winning record.

            And before you trot out the “22-20-6 is a winning record”, if you’re not going to include OT/SO losses as losses, then the same logic has to be applied to OT/SO wins as well. That leaves them with a record of 13-20 in regulation. So either you include all OT/SO outcomes (which gives them a record of 22-26) or none; you can’t have it both ways.

            So while I agree with the comments with respect to the article, as well as the idea that there are good things that the Canucks doing, I don’t need to resort to spinning things simply to make them look better than they are either. That’s just acting unreasonable in the other direction.

          • Bud Poile

            Every team has the same application metric,so when making simple comparisons on a blog that seems to hate the Canucks I don’t really care to list every team’s OT/SO records.

            Since you do want to take on that role,please do.
            Just consider the other 19 teams the Canucks directly compare to when pissing on the Canucks record.

          • Tom Selleck's Moustache

            What the other teams’ records are is irrelevant. This has nothing to do with that and is exclusively relevant to your biased selection criteria that you’re applying to create a fact that simply isn’t congruent with reality.

          • Bud Poile

            Everybody has the same metric,so no it is not.

            It’s called an overtime WIN.

            It’s been the same for all teams for some time now.

            Not exactly news or biased criteria but fact.You don’t like it,get in line.It’s a win so suck it up through that muustache.

          • Tom Selleck's Moustache

            Uh, yeah, so if there’s a winner, then there has to be a loser. That’s why it’s called an overtime LOSS. Appeals to authority do nothing to change that FACT. That’s not news either; it’s called logic, which I understand can be very difficult to wrap your bud sized brain around. But, unfortunately, I can’t make it simpler for you as I’m all out of crayons.

          • Andy

            You’re right – it’s an overtime or shootout win.

            This is great if we’re looking at the playoff race. Those points will be helpful, as will the skills of playing in 3 on 3, not to mention the shootout…

            …what’s that? The playoffs don’t have either of those characteristics?

            Well, that’s worrisome.

            Guess there’s more to being a good playoff team than just winning points.

  • Killer Marmot

    I am sure every club makes detailed plans for each season. And those plans probably last until the first puck drop of the first game, and after that management improvises like mad.

    Does GC think the Canucks are special in this regard?

  • Cageyvet

    Your comments are routinely as bad as your graphs. It speaks volumes about your mental abilities that you’ve been silent for a couple of weeks. I’m certain it took you that entire time to come up with a negative slant that you thought would be clever, since the winning record made your blogs completely irrelevant.

    I pray for the Canucks wins as much to shut you and half your co-workers up as I do just to have a decent team to cheer for. No matter what is happening with this team, you remain true to your tired brand of one-sided “journalism” and are indeed a disgrace to a fan site.

  • TheRealPB

    You’re absolutely right. It’s abundantly clear that the Canucks current placement in the standings have nothing whatsoever to do with Benning acquisitions in the lineup, like Granlund, Baertschi, Sbisa, Sutter, Stetcher, Tryamkin or Miller.

    Hey, will you look at that! I too can make an asinine observation using cherry-picked facts! I’m going to apply for a job at the White House where my talents will come in especially handy. I am assuming you are using these pointless posts to burnish your own suitability for a similar job?

  • TD

    Great job readers! I read this “article” right after it was posted but didn’t time to respond. I love the comments that have been posted. While I follow the site daily, I can’t understand certain writers apparent need to be negative without a purpose. I can’t understand the reason for the article.

    • Bud Poile

      Yeah,last of the big time spenders with a losing position.

      The Canucks have a winning record and have as many or more wins as 13 other NHL clubs.

      Six other clubs lead the Canucks by 4 points or less.

      Canucks are as competitive as 2/3rds of the NHL.

      Whining when we’re winning,whining when we’re losing,whining if the team makes the playoffs.

      You’ve got whining and winning mixed up there,big spender.

      • Dirty30

        Jeez Bud, that was actually a good response!

        My view of this team is a ‘skeptic’ — I simply don’t believe the Sedins can be ridden to the playoffs and then succeed given the change in play that transpires. I don’t think the rookies can be asked to over-achieve every game for 40 more games and turn it up another couple notches to compete in the playoffs.

        There are good elements on this team, and they are being successful in the regular season. But Canucks fans have seen too often that what’s successful in the regular season can be useless in the post-season. Bettman loser points won’t win you a playoff series. Have great goaltending — post two shutouts in a series, but can’t score? Lose the SC.

        This team could win the Presidents Cup, two Harts, an Art Ross, Selke and a Jennings and still lose the Stanley Cup final … that’s why I’m a skeptic.

        But I’d be happy to be wrong. Really, really, really happy to be wrong.

        • Bud Poile

          It’s disheartening as this team never won a cup but that’s life.

          I don’t have a Mercedes,Porsche or expensive wheels but I still enjoy driving.

          This team is not a contender but they are competitive. After six years of negative drafting and development under Gillis it is a miracle this vehicle is even on the road.

        • Silverback

          “This team could win the Presidents Cup, two Harts, an Art Ross, Selke and a Jennings and still lose the Stanley Cup final … that’s why I’m a skeptic.”

          I think you just described 30 NHL teams.

          But the odds are long…

  • DJ_44

    People….petbug trolls….and usually in at least a half-witty way…..give him props for the headline at least.

    The other stuff in this piece is grasping…..at anything really….

    If you are on thin ice…ya may as well dance.

    Personally, I enjoyed this jig.

  • Waffles

    Although these negative articles are a little tiresome, I can live with this kind of content as long as the other (aka “good”) articles continue to come… most of the time.

    Whereas the typical negative articles on this site are mostly just annoying and tiresome, this one goes too far by picking on injured players. I know JD likes to antagonize his readers, but letting an article like this onto CA tarnishes the site.

    Very disappointed in the decision by CA to post this article and in the author for writing it. This one was over the line.

  • Silverback

    I can visualize little petbugs in his mom’s basement, slurping on his mega sized big gulp, giggling as he writes his little article,..looking lovingly at star wars action heroes. Ooohhhh there going to hate this! Tee hee hee!

    Get rid of this little weenie. What a waste of space.

  • LTFan

    I have read the article and quite frankly I won’t be reading this writer in the future. This article is one of the worst I have read on this site and that is saying something.