Help Make Henrik Sedin’s 1,000-Point Night Memorable


Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin – USA TODAY Sports

As most of you already know, Henrik Sedin is set to attain one of the NHL’s highest achievements: the 1000-point milestone. It’s without question that the Canucks will raise he and his brother’s numbers to the rafters of Rogers Arena. When you think of the Canucks, the Sedins are right up there on the list. They have stapled themselves in the organization and have made names for themselves in the community. What makes the two unique is that they’ve both done it humbly and with class.

What Henrik and Daniel have put into this organization and city heavily outweighs what they take back. They don’t ask for much, and they most likely don’t expect much back. As Henrik is literally one play away from making history, there is one thing that would put the icing on the cake: The Viking Clap.

Over the past week, anticipation has only grown. Having spoken to the media multiple times, both Henrik and Daniel were rather quiet and unobtrusive about achieving the milestone. Being the kind individuals they are, there have been many instances in which they’ve hinted that they would rather not have a big celebration. Swift and concise are the words I would use to describe how I imagine they’d prefer it.

A few days ago, Rob Williams over at Daily Hive tweeted an intriguing idea to help celebrate Henrik’s 1000-point achievement.

According to Williams, Henrik Sedin “told a member of the Canucks front office that he would welcome the Viking Clap at Rogers Arena. The conversation was in regards to ways the team could salute their fans, in lieu of the centre ice stick raise the team currently does.”

Regardless of what Henrik’s intention was, it’s still a fantastic idea. The Canucks’ Senior Director of Game Entertainment & Content, Ryan Nicholas, has bought in and it will happen!

The Viking Clap will occur right before puck-drop and will be led by none other than Johnny Canuck on the jumbotron.

Thus, the idea has turned into a possible reality. What’s holding it back? Fans need to buy in.

Listen, there will never be another pair of Sedin twins in the NHL. These two live and breath Vancouver Canucks hockey. Their loyalty to the team and to the city is uncanny; this is the least we can do. 

Not going to the game? Spread the word! Anyone and everyone who is going to the game should know about this beforehand. This is a perfect Scandinavian salute to one of the best – if not the best – Swedish player that this city has had the pleasure of watching.

If Rogers Arena buys in, it would be more than fantastic. An Art Ross Trophy winner, the Hart Memorial Trophy, King Clancy Trophy, a Game 7 Stanley Cup Final appearance, and large amounts of time and money spent on serving the community are just some of the things that Henrik has brought to our city. The Viking Clap is the least we could do for him.