Jordan Subban recalled from Utica


Photo Credit: Kyle Terada – USA TODAY Sports

It’s happened.

Jordan Subban has been recalled from Utica to join the Canucks ahead of their contest against the Florida Panthers on Friday night:

This is great news, simply because everyone is excited to see what Subban can do at the NHL level. However this is something that may need some hesitation.

The Canucks currently have six healthy defenceman, with Philip Larsen making progress to a return. There is no timeline on when Larsen will be back, but it’s possible that he could return in the coming weeks. Thus it’s doubtful that Subban will see any game action unless there is another injury, or Stecher is still not feeling well. Given that they still dressed Stecher on Tuesday, rather than playing Pedan, I wouldn’t hold my breath that Subban gets in for Stecher.

It’s possible, but unlikely.

With that being said, there is a reason why Subban was recalled and Andrey Pedan was assigned back to the AHL. It’s because if Pedan remained on the Canucks NHL roster past 2pm PT (5PM PT) today, he would’ve been required to be placed on waivers to be assigned back to the AHL.

Jeremy Davis outlined this extremely well this morning. It’s clear that this is why this transaction was done, and it’s a smart move from the Canucks to mitigate the risk of possibly losing Pedan on waivers.

For Subban, this is great news. He was named to the AHL All Star game, with 9 goals and 22 points for the Comets.

He is still seeing some of the same defensive issues, that are attributed to his high event play but there is no doubt that he has been extremely effective on powerplay and generating offence. Hopefully some time at the NHL level will help him soak up some of the coaching and tendencies. See what it takes at this level could go a long way for him.

There is reason to be excited about Subban being recalled, as he has earned it. Hopefully he will see some game action, but if he doesn’t, it’s not the end of the world. He has some hurdles to overcome, and is only 21 years old and in the middle of his ELC.

    • Steamer

      Right. Think this is something coming – as noted yesterday: Tryamkin changes everything.
      Canucks D landscape has altered drastically since Sept. with emergence of Stecher & Tryamkin & struggles of Hutton & Gudbranson.
      Edler has no-trade or no-move ( forget which ),
      so likely someone else – could be a ‘spare part’ like Pedan, or could be Hutton or even Tanev, but think that the Canucks are looking at their D with different coloured glasses than even a few months ago.

      • apr

        I would be surprised if there were any moves before the trade deadline. Edmonton has really set the bar for d-men. Crazy. Heard Duffie laugh this morning at apparently Colorodo’s request for a top pairing D, first round pick, AND a young NHL forward for either Duchesne or Landeskog. He was literally laughing.

        For next year: Edler, Stecher, Tanev, Hutton, Tryamkin, Gudbrandson, Juolevi, Sbisa. If Sbisa is not picked up in the expansion draft, 2 D will have to go as they are either too young, too valuable, or make too much money to sit as a 7th d-man like Beiga. Beiga is perfect as a 7th D. Something will have to give. Unlike most people, I am not ready to give up on Gudbrandson or Hutton. Guddy had that wrist injury from the onset; and Hutton is still learning. For me, I’d see if Edmonton would do Puljiarrvi for Juolevi.

        • Steamer

          Like your 6 D & agree it’s too early to judge Guddy. I like Hutton – a lot – watched him through College. No surprise to some struggles & not wanting him to be moved, but your mention of Benning’s comments makes me think that JB is looking at his D a little differently because of Stecher & Tryamkin. Given the Canucks’ brass stated goal of rebuilding ‘on the fly’ & focus on the playoffs + the Vegas card, maybe JB is gonna swing for the fences? As per Juolevi: think they may give him some more early season games next year, then send him back to Junior – don’t believe they want to rush him. Before the season I would have swapped him for Puljajarvi, but now not so certain – they’re all so young, hard to get a good read – up to ’77 ( with a few exceptions like Trottier ), everybody was drafted at 20 – easier to guage their development over a longer Junior career. Colorado’s price may sound outrageous, but for a club on the cusp, it’s just the cost of doing business. Duchene or Landeskog can make quite an impact for a Cup-contender. Lastly, probably wouldn’t deal with Oilers at all ( Div/Conf ) – one more reason I wanted Tkachuk over Juolevi, didn’t want to send him down the road to Cal where we will see him reg season – & more importantly, playoffs – for the next decade+.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    Maybe Desjardins can throw the fans a bone here and throw Jordan in for a game or two. I understand that he’s a guy they’re not rushing because they’re trying to get his defensive awareness to match his offensive prowess, but seeing Subban getting his shot in the NHL has been something Canucks fans have been looking forward to for years. Not to disparage Alex Biega, but the team could live without him at the 6 spot for a game or two.

  • wojohowitz

    There are different perspectives on these type of maneuvers. For the fan it`s; `I`ll buy a ticket – I want to see this kid play`. For the player it`s; `Finally my chance to prove myself`, and management it`s; Let`s reward this guy. He won`t get to play. He`ll spend a week in the press box but we will give him his own stall and let him practice with the team`. Is Subban being rewarded or just fked over.

    How do you think Pedan is feeling right now. Maybe something like this; `If only they would give me a chance to play. I`m sick of this. When we land I won`t leave the airport, instead I`ll book the first flight to Moscow`.

    • DJ_44

      Subban is in the second year of his ELC. Let’s not make like he is owed a start in the NHL.

      It is a big reward to be called up, even if you do not play. For starters, an NHL paycheck. Second, practising and skating with the big club, watching the players that are ahead of you in the depth chart and learning from the coaching staff.

      Smart players understand this and view it as an opportunity. I am sure Subban will as well.

      Pedan also got an NHL paycheck, and now will go back and play big minutes in Utica; cry me a river.

  • wojohowitz

    You don`t see this as another gapping hole in the CBA? I wonder what Frank Corrado thinks about it? What`s it been – two years and two games? Sure he`s a member of the big club and getting a NHL paycheck – as everyone watches his career dribble away and his bargaining position gets worst with every passing day.

    It sounds ridiculous because we are discussing millionaire professional athletes but the terms `exploited worker` does come to mind.

      • If you knew anything about political economy, you’d know that wojohowitz has a valid point. In the context of neoliberal economics / free markets, proponents preach the free flow of capital and labour but in reality, only capital is freely flowing, thanks to powerful and corrupt financial institutions. If labour was truly unrestricted, people could easily travel to better economic opportunities but things like borders, work visas and quotas, and other similar mechanisms prevent that. Accordingly, this allows capitalists to control and exploit workers. Although the wages earned by professional athletes are higher than the norm, the underlying concept is the same. There are barriers that prevent labour (under-utilized hockey players) from having better economic opportunities. This is Political Economy 101.

        101. Get it, Bud? 101???

          • Oh really? Well, what I know is the result of studying intellectuals like Polanyi, Marx and Smith (which is so blatant if you actually understood what I read, it’s quite clear that I merely reproduced their insights) so are you saying that those great thinkers had no idea about poverty or exploitation?

          • What a joke, Bud. You’re saying that you have to be poor to understand poor? No, I’m not poor and I’m damn glad that I’m not. But does that make me a person who doesn’t engage in the community and fight for what’s right? Because that’s exactly what you’re implying.

            “Become a human rights advocate for the downtrodden and oppressed in the third world if you care so much.” BEEN THERE, DONE THAT. Let me ask you this? How many BC Supreme Court victories do *YOU* have helping to defend low income people from being exploited by rich landlords? *I’VE DONE THAT* I gave up over a year of my life, FOR FREE, ON MY OWN TIME, to defend a building of low income tenants against unfair geographic rent increases. I had to negotiate both the Residential Tenancy Branch and the BC Supreme Court system to help people such as immigrant families, a single mom, a WWII veteran who couldn’t walk, a cancer patient, a homosexual couple and numerous other people who were threatened by a landlord who tried to impose illegal, excessive rent increases in a rat-infested hellhole. Against a millionare landlord and his resources, I won and helped out a lot of people who were scared and worse off than me. Yeah, you give up a year of your life for a strangers for nothing, trying to figure out a biased, unjust and discriminatory legal system on your own, studying laws, regulations and Supreme Court rulings at night in a legal field that you know nothing about, paying for every cost out of your own pocket, having to seek out every possible tenants rights resource to help you, begging a community lawyer to take the appeals case for free. Why? Because when people need help, you gotta step up or step off. And I stepped up because I knew that I’m damn fortunate to be in the spot that I’m in, and I’m not rich. Yeah, Bud. I actually do care so much and actually did something about it. Try giving *that* a go and then get back to *me*.

          • It’s a contradiction of capitalism. It’s not so much socialist policies but more about government intervention. Free market advocates claim that markets are truly efficient and that recessions/depressions are the result of obstacles such as government regulation or trade unions. They make absurd claims such as everyone is a rationale decisin maker that always tries to maximize utility, everyone has perfect knowledge of everything so they always make informed choices, lots of ideal/utopian theory. But in reality, we (and they) know that neoliberal ecomonics and the self-regulating markets is a myth. At the end of the day, capitalism is inherently unfair and unstable. When a crisis happens, they manipulate government to prop up the system and maintain their wealth and power. The 2008 financial crisis is a perfect example. Banks fooled uneducated poor people to take on loans that they couldn’t repay. Then they sold off and profited from the bad deal by creating collateral debt obligations (cdo) which allowed these bad loans to spread through the financial system. (So much for educated individuals and rationality.). And what happened to the guys that created the mess? They socialized the debt by getting the US government to buy the bad debt – so they profit from the poor, homeless borrowers, profit from the buyers of the cdo and profit from the taxpayers (by way of the government). And the reason why they benefited is because the government didn’t allow the banks to do what a self-regulating market would have done – let those greedy banks go bankrupt.

          • Bud Poile

            You’re blowing smoke and refuse to accept the reality of the world.

            Here in the third world the military,police and wealthy rule. In the first world the bankers do the dirty for the wealthiest.

            Andrey Pedan has made $800,000.00 USD’s playing AHL hockey while in Russia that equates to over 200 years of average annual salary for a Russian citizen.

            Become a human rights advocate for the downtrodden and oppressed in the third world if you care so much.

            Lots of work and scant little time to think about AHL players making $100k skating around when the average annual salary is just over $600 per YEAR for the people of India,for example.

    • apr

      What the Leafs did with Corrado is a joke. Now after playing 2 games in 2 years, Babcock is finally saying “Ok kid, here is your “big” chance – go replace Morgan Reilly”.

  • TrueBlueGreen

    I cannot wait till Sbisa AND his cap hit is sent to Vegas. Pedantic can do everything Sbisa does (and is still young enough to get those turn-over habits worked out of his game)unlike Sbisa. Tryamkin is turning into a beast of a defenseman. The Nashville game was by far his best game yet. Now we just gotta work on who will be coming in for the forwards and working on this stone cold PP. I’m hoping Subban can get great mentorship from even practicing with Tanev Edler and Biega. This can only make him better and challenge him. Good Luck Subban I’m cheering for you! ??

  • Hockey Warrior

    It really sums up how CLUELESS and accepting of MEDIOCRITY this fanbase is when all the talk is about the likes of Pedan, Tryamkin and Jordan bloody Subban, when an ELITE offensive defenceman is on the trade block NOW that we should be re-morgaging Rogers Arena to get… KEVIN SHATTENKIRK.

    Guys, you ALL need to go watch some other teams and WAKE UP to the fact that we are LIGHT YEARS behind the likes of Chicago, Pittsburgh, Washington, St Louis and yes, even Toronto and Edmonton who are both playoff bound by BUILDING a WINNER the right way!

    Fellas I want a CUP, what the hell do YOU want because these types of players don’t win you CUPS – FACT!!!

      • Hockey Warrior

        Here we go guys – another KNOW NOTHING wannabe who cannot see the forest for the trees.

        Of course you lock a guy of this calibre up first before pulling the trigger brainache.

        YES. ELITE – Shatty is currently FIFTH in NHL scoring for DEFENCEMEN, finishes in the TOP TEN most years, has excellent playoff numbers, averages similar points to the likes of DREW DOUGHTY and DUNCAN KEITH from the backend, runs a PP and is under 30! EVERYTHING this team needs to build a contender again. Are you THAT dumb you can’t see this?

        Wow – just WOW!

    • Fortitude00

      I agree the fan base is rather clueless concerned over filler players. I don’t agree the Canucks should go after Shattenkirk. Trading for a player who turns 28 in few days makes little sense. He’ll be well past his prime when the Canucks youngsters and prospects are good enough to compete for the cup.

  • Orpo

    I’ve got such mixed feelings about this. Jordan Subban is by far my favourite prospect in the Canucks’ system, yet something about this is giving me a bad feeling. If he gets any minutes on this call up I hope he impresses. Go Jordan! You got this ??

  • TheRealPB

    There is no way they run Stecher AND Subban in the lineup together. I agree that I’d rather see him in there than Biega though. To be fair to Biega he’s never seemed out of place any time that he’s hit the ice, though he doesn’t really add that much. I’m also leery of anyone who’s supposed to be improving the PP. In the last few years Weber and Larsen in particular were touted as saviors in that regard but we all saw how that’s played out.

  • Pat Quinn Way

    I will be shocked and extremely p’eed off if Subban isn’t inserted straight into the line up, as he is a direct replacement for Stetcher who i heard had flu.

    Surely it’s time for the GM who drafted the kid to demand that his coach play Jordan and in fact all these call ups after making them travel across the continent just to sit. After all Benning is above Willie in the chain of command so grow a pair and make the call Jimbo.

    The treatment of Pedan in particular has been a disgrace and i’m actually glad waivers has put a stop to that.

    This franchise is more dysfunctional than a Trump family bar-b-que. Time it stopped!

    • DJ_44

      Stecher had the flu; two nights ago. Pretty sure Subban does not get in unless injury or illness (that is why they have 7 defencemen).

      While it would be great to hear Gillis advocate for Subban, I think that one is a long shot.

      Pedan’s treatment was not disgraceful; this is not atom house league. Both will get an NHL salary while here.

      I’d fly around across the country for that cash, let alone the chance to further my professional career. I am pretty sure Jordan is getting on the plane.

  • DJ_44

    “Of course you lock a guy of this calibre up first before pulling the trigger brainache.”

    He is about to be a UFA… you trade additional assets (competing with contenders that want him as a RENTAL) for him……to get what……rights to talk contract while he is a RENTAL?

    If he wants to sign with you because of opportunity or $$$, paying his previous club is not required.

    Wake up.

  • Bud Poile

    Good for you. You used your skills to do something decent in this world.Hopefully it was done out of the goodness of your heart.Still,you are not poor and never will be so get over your self.

    There’s rich folks oppressing the poor all over the world,every single hour of every day.Been that way a while.

    The majority of the world are poor and oppressed AND none of them play in the AHL.