Ben Hutton Out 3-6 Weeks with Hand Injury


Photo Credit: Anne-Marie Sorvin – USA TODAY Sports

On January 6th vs. Calgary, Ben Hutton blocked a shot with his left hand. Having been out of the line-up for the past four games, the extent of his injury was unknown. The Canucks announced today that Hutton will be out three-to-six weeks with a small fracture in his hand.

The Canucks injury list continues to lengthen as they also announced today that Anton Rodin will “Undergo a period of rest” with his knee injury. Navigate here for Ryan Biech’s cover on that story.

News 1130 reported the extent of Hutton’s injury later last week, but the news was not made official until today.

On January 7th, the late notice of Hutton’s scratch prompted questions about the shot he blocked. Jim Benning spoke of Hutton last week but remained relatively discrete because no official announcements were made just yet.

Benning: “Week-to-week. He wasn’t able to hold his stick like he wanted to. We did some more x-rays and stuff. No surgery. I don’t want to comment right now; it’s more than a bruise. It’s at least week-to-week, and it could be longer.”

In the thick of the hunt for the final wild-card spot, the Hutton news is anything but positive. Three weeks would be considered optimistic for his return. In that time span, the Canucks will be playing the likes of Chicago, San Jose, Minnesota, and Boston. Making matters worse, they will also be facing Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Calgary, and San Jose once again in the following few weeks. The timing could not be worse for a team only a few points behind of a playoff spot.

With Erik Gudbranson and Philip Larsen already sidelined with long-term injuries, three out of the six opening-night defensemen are now out of the line-up. Although having slowed down offensively, Hutton still provided a steady defensive presence in the back-end. More pressure will be put on the young Troy Stecher to generate offence from the offensively-struggled blue-line.

Already displayed in the last four games, Alex Biega will continue to fill in for Hutton’s absence. He will also be eligible for exposure for the Expansion Draft in three games.

  • sloth

    Wow, what a surprise! Oh wait, Vanessa speculated that this was probably some sort of fracture in her original post about Hutton missing the Jan 7 game…

    I’m usually quick to defend management, but this is seriously embarrassing, which explains why it’s only coming out now, 10-days later.

    I know we’ve gone on about this ad nauseum… but WHY on EARTH did Hutton travel with the team for the HNIC game in CGY? I can maybe understand a player trying to downplay the extent of the injury because they want to play and they don’t want the bad news, but there’s no excuse for a modern hockey club (with a team of trainers and team doctors) to bring a player with a broken hand to an immensely important game against a divisional rival that is just above them in the standings. Like, they managed to have a look at Tanev and realized he wasn’t going to be good to go so he didn’t even travel with the team. Meanwhile Hutton takes a point-blank 1-timer to the hand, is visibly in pain, and the team doesn’t bother getting x-rays until after he realizes it hurts too much at the pre-game skate the next day…

    This is amateur stuff. Bumbling blunders that put 5 players in a compromised position against a very physical opponent for 60 minutes. We should be immensely thankful that Ferland and Hathaway weren’t able to seriously injure another one on the back end, though it wasn’t for lack of trying (Sbisa hit)…

    • DJ_44

      Enough already. Talk about sensationalism.

      You do not know what occurred after the Friday game and before Hutton took the ice for warm up. Was he x-rayed? I do not know, but I bet he was.

      Read the press release. It is a micro-fracture. The initial x-ray might not have detected it. That means initial assessment had it as a bruise. 24 hours and he will be able to go. He took the ice and it was not right so he was scratched. Micro-fractures (not necessarily the hand) can go undetected for games until the “something is not right” feeling begs for more and more tests.

      To suggest that the defence was put at additional risk is a reach …. to put it mildly, like Calgary would play No body contact had Hutton been dressed.

      San Jose had to go with 5 defence a few days later against the same Flames team in Calgary….. a lineup card mistake……Joe Thornton was heard belly laughing with coaches and teammates on the bench when it occurred

      ….wait a minute……Blake Price, is that you?

  • Steamer

    I like Hutton – was high on him when he was still playing college, but he & Guddy have the worst +/- on the team ( -12/-14 or thereabouts ), so perhaps having them both out isn’t all bad? Personally, think D is even harder than goal, so no surprise when young guys struggle. Hutton better than Guddy, who appears to be over-biting too often. Maybe if Pedan can pinch Chaput’s jersey WD will play him by mistake?


    “Already displayed in the last four games, Alex Biega will continue to fill in for Hutton’s absence. He will also be eligible for exposure for the Expansion Draft in three games.”

    This is a small point but one that generally causes some confusion regarding expansion.

    Biega is already “eligible for exposure” in the expansion draft (if left unprotected) because he isn’t a first or second year professional so he is not exempt.

    When he plays three more games, he becomes eligible to fill one of the Canucks’ mandatory slots for the team’s “minimum exposure requirements” of the expansion draft.

    Players don’t need to have met the “minimum exposure requirements” to be exposed to the draft. They just need to be non-exempt and not protected.

    Teams have to expose 2 forwards, 1 defenseman, and 1 goalie who have met the “minimum exposure requirements” (which is where the games played comes in). These players must be exposed among the full list of exposed players who are non-exempt and left unprotected.

    Assuming the Canucks use a 7/3/1 protection format, they will have 20 non-exempt players exposed to the expansion draft, all of whom will be eligible for expansion (regardless of their number of games played).

  • wojohowitz

    After losing both Edler and now Hutton to factured fingers I have to wonder if this is unusual or not. Are the Canucks defencemen snake bitten. Perhaps a league wide statistical analysis of counting only defencemen in man games lost to injuries would clarify whether the Canucks really are snake bitten.

    I do have the opinion that having some big tough mean players cuts down on injuries to the smaller skill players that win games. Getting thru a game against Calgary is an example where the small skill guys take too much abuse.

    OTOH I have said that giving the young defencemen a week off here and there might help their game. Hutton should be much better and mistake free after some time off. Stecher is another one that needs a week off as his game is showing cracks but Willie will probably give him 20+ minutes and then wonder why Stecher is not the player he was a couple of months ago. Biega is a perfect number seven but after three or four games in a row his game also shows cracks.