Canucks Army Postgame # 45: Zzzzz


The only thing more certain in life than death and taxes is a boring matinee game between the Canucks and Devils. This was low-event hockey at it’s finest, with each team registering just 22 shots apiece. So you just knew it had to go to overtime. 

Even Henrik Sedin didn’t mince words about tonight’s game. 

I think the more passionate among us forget at times that sports are supposed to be fun. They’re primarily an entertainment property. Unfortunately, tonight’s game did not meet the threshold of activity necessary to be described as entertaining. This team has done a lot of losing over the past 18 months. It’s shame they can’t at least do it in an engaging manner.



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  • The Canucks turtle with the lead with alarming regularity. Tonight was no different. After scoring the first of the game at 6:31 of the second period, the team managed just three shots over the remaining 13:29. That’s not a great sign, considering the Devils are one of only eight teams that average more shots against than the Canucks
  • Nikita Tryamkin has played 34 games this season, and looked like a legitimate NHLer far more often than not. There wasn’t much to like about tonight’s game, but it was the type of showing from Tryamkin that teases you with his potential. Tryamkin’s play away from the puck this season has been great, but tonight he looked the most comfortable he’s ever been when the Canucks had possession, even joining the rush at times. He also shrugged Taylor Hall off like an Elephant swatting away a fly. Games like tonight make the Chara comparisons look a little less ridiculous. Tryamkin’s game wasn’t perfect, (he finished -7 in even-strength Corsi,) but still, it’s something you can dream on.
  • Unfortunately, Jayson Megna remains on the Canucks second unit power play, for some reason. He has one career point on the man advantage. Baby steps. 
  • It looked for a moment as though, mercifully, the game might end in regulation when Blake Coleman scored a flukey goal late in the third. The Canucks challenged on the grounds that the play was offside, and won. It seems the only thing more appropriate tonight than a player scoring their first NHL goal against the Canucks was that goal being disallowed on a technicality.
  • With tonight’s overtime loss, the Canucks are now 24th in ROW, but sit just two points back of a wild-card spot. That is the absolute worst place for this team to be in right now. It’s the hockey equivalent of purgatory. Which, in some ways, is actually quite appropriate, given watching tonight’s game is roughly what I’d imagine being in actual purgatory would feel like.
  • KMA

    The say the Canucks have a serious need for some goal scoring is the understatement of the season.

    As an aside, what mental giant thought of using 5 inch monitors for officials to use to review plays?

  • GLM

    The year the Canucks made the playoffs in 2014-15, their PP% + PK% was at a 105.04% and 3rd in the league. It’s a reason why they could beat out the Kings, despite LA having the superior Even Strength Goal Ratio.

    In a league like the NHL, where the difference between being 9th and 25th place is only nine points, it’s special teams that can make all the difference.

    So, that’s why it boggles the mind that Desjardins with the 27th ranked power play can say “It’s a pretty good unit, I think those guys can score. We’re gonna go with it for a while longer.” I mean we’re half way through the season, how much more time does Willie need to figure out the PP isn’t working?

    If they’re serious about making the playoffs; keeping the status quo and playing it safe is just going to land the Canucks a long summer and a mid 1st round pick.

  • Locust

    If you don’t want to or like writing about the Canucks on a Canucks site – you can always go somewhere else.

    I hear AM radio is about ready to take off …..

  • Jabs

    I’m getting annoyed by the post game comments of Willie and some of the Canucks such as Henrik. “watching paint dry” and also Henrik said “ot is like rock paper scissors”.

    This is disrespectful to the fans that shell out huge money to come and watch the games in person. If I wanted to watch rock paper scissors I wouldn’t be paying $150 per seat to do it.

  • Hockey Warrior

    Well, well – I see the usual cretinous deluded windowlickers on here are too SCARED to show up after THAT DEBACLE, the single WORST game in living memory – an utter DISGRACE to the league, city and indeed HOCKEY fans who look to the Canucks as a form of ENTERTAINMENT to escape their humdrum lives!

    Guys, this team, coach and GM combo are the WORST I can ever recall in Vancouver – hell at least the dire to mediocre years under the likes of Harry Neale, Keenan, Burkey/Nonis provided some FUN, EXCITING, ENTERTAINING hockey with plenty of drama on and off the ice. This… this is like watching… PAINT DRY! (copyright Sedin)

    Thank you PAT QUINN and MIKE GILLIS for the glory years! Your success will NOT be seen again for a VERY long time,,, enjoy reaping what you have sewn deluded Benning/Wille D muppets.

    • Silverback

      Ooh, it’s capsman, doing only what capsman can. A blowhard who uses this sight instead of kicking his dog. Good for his dog, but the rest of us, not so good.

  • Steamer

    Skille’s 4 goals = as many goals as Megna, Chaput & Gaunce put together. Once again, WD lets Boucher sit in favour of Chaput (!!!) – wonder how Benning feels? he picks up a player he thinks will help this team & the coach won’t even play him to see what he can offer. Absolutely pathetic coaching; clear to everyone – except WD – that Chaput, Megna, Gaunce are stiffs; clear to everyon- except WD – that the PP is no threat. But hey,why change & disrupt the ‘chemistry’ of that 4th line? Even Linden Vey would be better than Chaput or Megna – or Grenier, or Valk in Utica ( way past time to sign Valk JB! ). Travis Green’s contract up at end of season – gonna let him coach somewhere else so we can keep WD & his obsession with lackluster, ineffectual deployments?

    • JuiceBox

      There is a statistical case for keeping Gaunce in the line-up. He is only one of three Canuck forwards that is better than NHL average at limiting shots and scoring chances against inside home plate which is reflected by his 0.946 on-ice sv%, he is a positive corsi and fenwick player despite starting 76% of his shifts in the defensive and neutral zones, he has the 2nd lowest (behind only Tanev) GA/60 5-on-5 and the best WYWOY GA/60 differential on the team, and he isn’t being sheltered doing it against the oppositions best players on a nightly basis.

      People are quick to say “he shouldn’t be here, he doesn’t score” but he was never projected to be a scorer and it’s not his job to score, it’s his job to protect his net and he is doing a very fine job of that considering he is a 22 year-old rookie in his first full NHL season.

  • Holmes

    I feel for people who actually paid money to watch the game. You can spend $100 for a ticket, $50 for beer and $20 for a sandwich and get way more entertainment value elsewhere in Vancouver.

  • Len

    I agree with Juicebox regarding Gaunce, and I can see the injury issue with Rodin, but keeping Megna and Chaput in and not giving Boucher a chance to show what he can do makes no sense whatsoever. I also agree with Steamer’s assessment of the coaching of WD – it is not up to the NHL standard required for success. Even with a better coach we still need to increase the talent level of the team in order to compete consistently with the better teams in the league, be that through trades, waiver pickups or player development, most preferably a combination of all three.

    • Cageyvet

      I am already on record as being fed up with Willie, but I wanted to weigh in on Gaunce versus Chaput or Megna. Yes, he’s been underwhelming, but he’s a rookie, and more importantly, he actually made the team out of training camp. This is a distinction he shares with Skille.

      Barring an on-ice display to the contrary, Megna and Chaput should be treated as short-term depth, be given very limited roles, and replaced as soon as possible. End of story.

  • krutov

    that was two bad teams both playing their road game.

    canucks need some forwards who can break out and maintain possession.

    the difference between this canuck team and other bad canucks teams is the defence. this team can play for hours hemmed in its own end without panicking or breaking/wearing down nearly as often as it did in the past under shorter bursts of the same kind of pressure. they are not as susceptible to being overwhelmed by a strong push.

    on the other hand they just do not have the horsepower offensively unless they are playing on adrenaline.

  • JuiceBox

    The Canucks rolled 3 lines evenly in minutes with SSE, BHB, and GSM getting fairly-even 5 on 5 minutes. It appears WD is starting to get this whole zone deployment thing. All three lines received even neutral zone deployments, the Sedin line saw mostly offensive zone deployments, the Horvat line saw 50/50 offensive and defensive zone deployments, the Sutter line saw mostly defensive zone deployments.

    Bo Horvat, not only did he lead all forwards in ice time, he (and his line) saw most their minutes against Hall/Henrique/Parenteau (HHP) and handled that match-up with ease controlling over 60% of the shot attempts.

    The Sedin line saw most of their time against Cammalleri/Zajac/Palmieri (CZP) and the results were not good, they lost the corsi battle soundly. They split the rest of their ice-time against Wood/Coleman/Smith-Pelley, and HHP with better results winning both those match-ups handily. This continues the Sedin’s trend of having one very bad match-up every game.

    The Sutter line was excellent last night in a mostly shut-down role with their minutes split between NJ’s top 3 lines. They won the match-up against CZP and Zacha/Josefson/Bennett, but coming out just below 50% against HHP. They did get unlucky though with the goal coming off of a deflection off of Granlunds stick.

    Guance/Chaput/Skille had a rare off-night last night getting hammered in every match-up. It’s been over a month since that line has had a night that bad. Even the game against Calgary on Dec. 22 wasn’t that bad. Overall they have been very good for the Canucks since the beginning of December.

    The Good – Horvat/Burrows/Baertschi – They have established themselves as Vancouver’s 1A line. If they keep this up, they will be the Canucks bonafide #1 line before the end of the season. Who knew Alex Burrows would be a first-line NHL player again?

    The Bad – Gaunce/Skille/Chaput

    The Ugly – The Canucks Powerplay (or lack thereof)

    Shout Out – Edler & Stetcher – They play high-event hockey; every game is an adventure but they sure have been good together. The Dynamic Duo.

    • Bud Poile

      Awesome work,Juicebox.
      Love to read your take as often as possible.

      As KCasey correctly articulates,a lot of fans spew thoughtless comments but the few great posters here make up for the negative nut jobs.

  • KCasey

    Anton Rodin in a nutshell.

    (Canucks Fan): Why isnt Rodin playing?
    (Willie): He is injured.
    (Canucks fan): Why did you bench him?
    (Willie): UUUMM….cause he is clearly still hurt.
    (Canucks Fan): Managment is wasting Rodins skill by not playing him
    (Managament): Rodin is still recovering and needs time to be 100% ready.
    (Canucks fan): I dont understand why Rodin doesnt get ice time.
    (Team doctor): He is still recovering from a career ending injury and deals with constant swelling.
    (Canucks): I still dont understand why Rodin doesnt play at least 20 minutes a night on the first line.
    (Physiatrist): Your delusional.

    There are so many logical forward thinking fans on this site with some real perspective and rational…but there also a small dose of common posters who drive me up the wall with this type of questioning and complaining. Rodin is hurt. He is not a savior. He is only human. Talent? Yes. Available. No