Plays of the Week: January 15th, 2017


After going on a roll last week and winning six straight games, the Canucks got a brief taste of what it’s like to be a playoff team. However, they now see themselves on the outside looking in after losing all three games on their road trip. They collected two of a possible six points but were able to score an out-of-the-ordinary four goals on Thursday. On the bright side, Bo Horvat is an NHL All-Star!

With that said, let’s dive into this week’s activities.

Weekly Features

Canucks Army This Week

Q&A with Anton Rodin: On Not Getting a Shift in Calgary on Saturday Night (Jeff Paterson)

“You want to be on the ice as much as possible. But it’s also up to you to earn that ice time.”

The End of Reebok and the Adidas Takeover (Matthew Henderson)

“You make the Johnny Canuck logo — beloved and longed for by many fans — the shoulder patch, and then you promote the alternate logo to the primary, and finally retire the Orca Bay logo to its rightful place in the rafters, as it hasn’t been relevant to the team for years.”

Jim Benning Speaks: Anton Rodin, The 2017 Draft, and the Plan for the Trade Deadline (Vanessa Jang)

“Rodin’s opportunity in the line-up will obviously come at the expense of another player, but it appears Desjardins is reluctant to disrupt the current line-up with whom he is content and comfortable. His knee injury, without a doubt, has been a setback throughout the off-season and even to present day, so that the entire situation may be more than just Desjardins scratching a healthy player.”

The Canucks Don’t Have Any Excuse Not to Play Reid Boucher (J.D. Burke)

“If Desjardins genuinely hasn’t seen enough Boucher, that’s entirely on him. Boucher’s played, by my estimation, close to 500 televised hockey games at varying leagues and levels. There is game tape on Boucher, and if the coach needs to see him play, the Canucks have access to it.”

2015 Draft Class; Who to Sign? (Ryan Biech)

“The last point that needs to be made is that although these players appear to be worth signing to an entry level contract and having longer looks – does not mean that they are ‘top prospects’ or will be NHL players. It’s just prudent management to ensure that you keep your picks within the organization and within your development system for a few years.” 

Art of the Beaver Tail: Troy Stecher Wants the Puck – and He Wants Everyone to Know It (Jeff Paterson)

“As the season has gone on, I’ve definitely become more vocal,” he says. “I think at first I was kind of timid, just being up here and surrounded by the guys. I think that’s maybe where it (beaver tailing) started. I guess I could be more vocal, but this is just a habit. As the season goes on, maybe I’ll get rid of it. But if people like it, then maybe I’ll keep it.”

Midterm Prospect Rankings: 19-20 and 17-18

The Games

Tuesday, January 10th: VAN 1 – NSH 2

“There aren’t many positive takeaways from tonight. The Canucks had maybe three minutes combined of sustained offensive pressure this evening, and part of that includes three-on-three overtime.”

Thursday, January 12: VAN 4 – PHI 5 (SO)

“Considering the Canucks had eight power play attempts, the loss tonight is disappointing. The Canucks power play has struggled immensely throughout this year and entered the game converting on only 13.7% of their power play opportunities. Tonight the Canucks converted on just 13% of their opportunities, going one for eight with the man advantage.”

Canucks News This Week