Canucks Army Presents VanHac 2017 Information and Tickets


For the second consecutive year, Canucks Army is proud to announce its role as a sponsor and contributing member to producing the Vancouver Hockey Analytics Conference.

That isn’t exactly news, though. We announced our role in this year’s event as recently as October of 2015. What’s changed since is that we can provide dates, times and most importantly a vendor for ticket sales so that those interested can attend the event.


This year’s event will feature a pair of headliners, one of which you’ll likely remember from his time at Canucks Army.

Meghan Chayka, a co-founder of Stathletes, will be the Keynote Speaker for the event. Stathletes, founded in 2010, is an independent source for hockey analytics, with a wealth of experience at both the professional and amateur hockey ranks as a leading voice in the industry. If the Chayka name seems familiar, that’s because John Chayka, her brother, is the Arizona Coyotes General Manager.

Sportsnet’s Dimitri Filipovic and Dan Murphy will grace the event later. You’ll likely remember Filipovic from his time at Canucks Army, where he was a lead contributor to the site, before taking the Managing Editorship in time for the 2013-14 season. It wasn’t until an NHL team came calling that Filipovic left the site, for a year-long consultancy in the big leagues.

In my experience, Murphy’s as approachable and likeable a member of the local beat as I’ve encountered. He covers the Canucks for Sportsnet Pacific, conducting in-game interviews and intermission panels. Murphy’s always had an open mind for progressive thinking in hockey and has played a leading role in bringing analytics to the forefront of Canucks broadcasts.

The two share a column on Sportsnet, titled “Naked Eye vs. Nerdy Guy” where they break down a Canucks related topic with qualitative and quantitative analysis forming the backbone of their opinions. They’ll do a similar segment at VanHac.


Tickets can be purchased on EventBrite using this link, as soon as January 12th (this Thursday). They cost $40.00 each

Tickets sales will help us pay for venue and audio-video related expenses. Included with your tickets is breakfast, snacks, lunch and beverages throughout the day of the conference. Should any profit remain, we will donate any proceeds towards a Vancouver charity.

Ticket sales are limited so get yours ASAP!


A friendly reminder that speaker submissions are due January 10th, for those who’d like to present. We’ll process applications post-haste, and let the accepted speakers know their status as soon as possible. We will grant free admission to accepted speakers. If VanHac approves your presentation after you’ve purchased a ticket, we’ll coordinate a refund with the appropriate authorities.

We look forward to another step forward in the field of hockey analytics. Thanks to all interested in attending and presenting at this year’s conference.