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Holiday Cheers! Holiday Savings!

No more streak to preserve so the Canucks can go back to winning games with zero pressure. Vancouver goes into Nashville a point back of the Kings for 8th and 2 points ahead of the Predators who also aren’t in the playoff picture. This isn’t going to be a game circled on the calendar by either team but who does that anymore, really? 



Chris Tanev skated on Monday and may play tonight. Ben Hutton (hand) is out for awhile so Alex Biega is in and it sounds like Andrey Pedan as well. A healthy Alex Burrows has emerged and wouldn’t you know it, Loui Eriksson is on the top line?

Ryan Miller has rested for long enough and it’s time to unleash the beast.

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James Neal is on the IR until the end of this game and will be re-evaluated. Frederick Gaudreau has been up for a few games and will play tonight. Even though it’s Nashville, somehow I feel like there will be goals tonight… lots… of goals.

Pekka Rinne should be backstopping the Preds this evening.

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  • The Canucks have confirmed they will be playing with six defensemen tonight. As far as I’m concerned, anything is possible now.
  • Bo Horvat is likely an All-Star! He’s the pretty obvious choice for a 3rd-year player that leads the Canucks in scoring at the halfway point and might even get the “C” on his jersey by next October. Things are changing in Vancouver and it feels good… even if we have NO idea what’s going on anymore.
  • Great to see former Kelowna Rocket, Colton Sissons, doing well in Smashville. He had a hat-trick against the Lightning a few games back and it’s great to see yet another Rocket making an immediate impact in the NHL. You might have heard of a few others.
  • It’s the 2nd of 3 games on the road for the Canucks and even though the last 10 games have resulted in a 7-3 record, the team’s road record of 5-13-1 frightens small children. Just an idea, but maybe serve better food on the plane.
  • I know, I know, too much Horvat. It’s just he has 13 points in 13 games (2 scoreless games) and for all the naysayers, critics that said his ceiling was 2nd line centre: You’re wrong. Bo has arrived.


It’s a story until it’s not.


After Nashville was embarrassed by the Blackhawks a few days ago and the Canucks were embarrassed a few days ago (5D), it’s time to get back on the “making the playoffs” train and show the Predators exactly what the Canucks are about now. 

I predict a win and zero power play goals for the Canucks. 


I have been told he does not play here anymore and PK Subban is injured. Thankfully, Yannick Weber IS playing and quite frankly that’s good enough for me.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    So if Benning went out and made a big splash and got a proven star winger in a trade, would Desjardins make him sit out for a month because he “doesn’t know what he has”? If not, then why not play Rodin and Boucher, who aren’t stars, but who have the potential to bring far more to the table than some of the AHL-level guys who are in the there now, so as to “find out what he has”.

  • apr

    If its not Rodin (who is not in game shape with a bum knee) or Bouchard (who has had one practice with the team) not playing or the “incompetence” of just playing with 5D (which is like the FAA lambasting Sully for landing the plane in the Hudson with 100% of the information after the fact) – it sure would be nice to have some notes on how; how the 5 D actually did short-handed; how Sutter is fairing away from twins; impact Biega has on line-up; whose next after Pedan in Utical what do Nucks do about push back with no Dorsett and Guddy – I don’t know – but anything instead of beating the dead Frank Corrado horse again….

  • Len

    Does anyone except WD think that a slightly nicked Rodin and a newby in Boucher wouldn’t be better than Megna and Chaput? The latter two are at best average minor leaguers. This fits in with the other pet peeve of mine where they call up players, sit them out then send them back without even playing a minute. WD says Rodin is lacking in confidence – how can he get any confidence when he’s dressed for a game and doesn’t even get one second of ice time. And if their answer to that is that he was slightly nicked, then call up someone who isn’t (Grenier) and PLAY him!

  • SJ

    Chaput and Megna are actually pretty good minor leaguers. I also think Chaput fits pretty well in the role he’s been in lately, though he doesn’t provide much. Megna definitely looks in over his head playing in the top 6, and he’s not really built for a bottom 6 role.

    I think everyone’s blowing this stuff out of proportion. WD has a system for working guys into the lineup. It’s a slow system, but it seems to have worked fairly well so far, particularly for Tryamkin. Maybe he’s coached a few young guys before? Maybe he knows a thing or two about adapting to a new system?

    Boucher, for one, has had one team practice since he got here, so I totally understand not putting him in yet. I think the fact that they’re taking some time with him just shows that they’re interested in him as more than just an injury fill-in for a few weeks.

    Rodin is months behind everyone AND adapting to the NHL for the first time. Again, totally okay with them taking their time with him. The whole benching thing is blown way out of proportion. No big deal, move on.

  • wojohowitz

    Who won the trade; Johansen for Seth Jones? The other trade; Weber for Subban? Weber in the short term but Subban for the long term. For me Weber carries the Canadiens deep into the playoffs and if the Canadiens lift the Holy Grail – well that`s what it`s all about.

  • TrueBlue

    This team is trying to win games, and they aren’t going to do it on skill alone. The only way they have a shot is by playing a very, very structured game.

    So I understand the concept of not setting up a player like Boucher (or the team) to fail by inserting someone unfamiliar with the system into the line-up.