Canucks Player Power Rankings – January 9th, 2017


The Canucks continued to be hot this week, winning three of four games and looking decent while doing so. They scored dogs for children, found inner peace, and warmed a bench or two. Read on to see how the roster stacks up as they push for that elusive playoff spot.

1. Bo Horvat:

I think that any time a player wins a dog for a child, the player gets to be #1 on these Power Rankings. Horvat might be hotter than even the hottest hot dog these days. He’s confident, he’s a fan favourite, he’s a dog person, he’s inspiring fundraising opportunities, and he’s holding on to his top spot for another week. 

2. Sven Baertschi:

Sven Baertschi has redefined Svengeance. What used to be a word that described Sven scoring a goal against his former team, Svengeance is actually a lot deeper than just goals and points. True Svengeance is inner peace, understanding yourself, and trusting your talents.

Screen Shot 2017-01-09 at 12.29.59 AM


3. Ryan Miller:

Ryan Miller won three games this week! And he did so in style.

4. Alex Edler:

The Canucks are 6-1-0 since Alex Edler’s return to the lineup because he is good and helps this team a lot. He is getting older and was probably very tired after back-to-back games with no Chris Tanev, but he doesn’t seem to care too much.

5. Chris Tanev:

Chris Tanev is great and does so much for this team but the one thing I asked of him last week was to stop getting hurt and look what he went and did! He’s still in the top 5, though, because he’s that useful to this team.

6. Luca Sbisa:

Nobody is (or should be, anyway) suggesting that Luca Sbisa has turned into an all star defenceman, but he has put together a nice season under some difficult circumstances, what with injuries to the blueline and with the Canucks being objectively not a great hockey team. Sbisa has worked hard and done a nice job. Not the best player on the team, nor the best defenseman on the team, but perhaps an unsung hero? Jannik Hansen better watch out.  

7. Loui Eriksson:

For the second time this season, Loui Eriksson scored a strange and unlikely goal when the Flames visited Rogers Arena. This time it worked out a little better for him.

8. Markus Granlund:

This week, Markus Granlund scored two goals against his former flames, the Calgary Flames. This was the original definition of Svengeance, before Baertschi got all introspective.

9. Troy Stecher:

Top pairing defenceman Troy Stecher continues to shine. Also, he owns a weiner dog named Ziggy, who looks exhausted by all of the #HotdogHorvat hype.

10. Nikita Tryamkin:

Nikita had a nice week and put together an especially impressive performance in Calgary after he was injured early in the game but returned to help his blueline pals. Plus, here’s a somewhat mesmerizing gif of him pushing a fallen Brandon Sutter to the bench.

11. Jacob Markstrom:

Markstrom played one game this week and it was a loss, but he’s still doing well.

12. Michael Chaput:

I couldn’t watch Friday night’s game, but apparently Michael Chaput scored! He did it! He finally scored a goal this year. I am so proud of him even though he still probably plays too much.

13. Alex Biega:

I’m just proud of Alex Biega for playing a game in the NHL this week.

14. Alex Burrows:

Hey that’s also his jersey number! Burrows missed two games this week for two totally unrelated reasons. He gets points for being a nice teammate to Anton Rodin, who got a bit of ice time in his absence.

15. Brandon Sutter:

Brandon Sutter had the second coolest goal scored against the Arizona Coyotes this week. Nice job, Brandon.

16. Henrik Sedin:

The captain still hasn’t reached 1000 points and he doesn’t get to be #1 on the Power Rankings until he does that. Sorry Henrik.

17. Daniel Sedin:

Daniel Sedin had fewer goals than Michael Chaput this week. What a world we live in.

18. Ben Hutton:

Ben Hutton was a scratch on Saturday night due to a surprise upper body injury, which will hopefully be nothing serious because he needs to be around to take selfies with children.  

19. Jack Skille:

The only memorable thing Jack Skille did this week was smile. Nice job, Jack.

20. Jayson Megna:

It’s not Jayson Megna’s fault that he played the majority of this week with the Sedins but he did that and I need it to stop.

21. Brendan Gaunce:

Brendan Gaunce still hasn’t scored a goal this season! Hopefully he scores a goal someday soon.

22. Reid Boucher:

Hopefully Reid Boucher plays for the Canucks this week and plays well because based on these tweets, I am worried about him. This account has since been suspended, so maybe it wasn’t him after all, but still.

23. Derek Dorsett and Erik Gudbranson and Jannik Hansen and Philip Larsen:

None of these boys played this week because they are all injured.

24. Anton Rodin:

Maybe one day we will get to watch Anton Rodin play actual minutes in an NHL game but let’s not hold our breaths.

  • Dirty30

    Kudos to the players for effort and a six game win streak.

    But WD has simply lost it. Yes, let him play out the season, but someone needs to step in and explain to this guy that he is officially in Tortsure Territory when it comes to player deployment and strategy on ice.

    Benning needs to realize he has more than three guys on the ice who contribute nothing more than the player who never played.

    Is this management group really this incompetent or simply incapable of making a decision?

    Is there not one trade they can make? Not one free agent they can sign? Not one guy to pick up on waivers that would be an improvement on Megan, Chaput and Skille? Is WD really that in love with his plodders or himself that he can’t see what’s happening to this team?

    Watching Calgary smash players with no intervention from the refs and no one on the team to pushback was sickening. Injuries are going to lead to more injuries and I can’t believe WD is such a tool that he puts his career ahead of his players health and safety.

    • apr

      I think you are being overly dramatic in your assessment. Have you seen other teams making trades or transactions outside picking up scraps in the waiver wire? What about the tire fires in Colorado and Islanders? Huge disappointment in Nashville? You needs two to trade, and no one is trading draft picks.

      To all those people who have been tea bagging Dorsett (and Sbisa). Well, this is what it looks like when you don’t have a “face puncher” in your line-up. No push back. I haven’t heard anyone complaining about Dorsett for a while. And to all those guys who would have held a parade to trade Sbisa for 3rd round draft pick – well, have not heard from those guys either.

      We’re in the middle of a rebuild – year 2 from missing the playoffs twice in 3 years. Year 2. Not year 12, not year 24. Year 2. We have aging hall of famers, not nearly enough talent and size from our forwards, and one of the youngest d-core. But there is no give up in that room, so we don’t create a culture of rolling over. Can management at least get some credit for that?

  • birdie boy

    Willie can stick his stubborn loyalty up his arse are you telling me that megna and chaput are going to find there scoring touch,ok lets put them with the Sedins because they got to help them with there game (anchor)I have a 96 sunfire i use to go to work guess what its always going to be a 96 sunfire.Wake up willie it sucks watching these plugs butcher scoring chances after chances when there are guys that have way more skill, sitting ,freakin guy has to be the worst coach ever.

  • Desjardins: “Boys, I need you to put in 110%. Take one for the team. Be willing to sacrifice if you want to win the Cup!”

    Rodin: “Great coach! Can I play since I’m dressed and in the game roster???”

    Desjardins: “HELLLS NO! I’m not losing my job for you.”

    Update quote from the Rodin interview: “But if he wanted me to play I think I would have been able to go.”

  • apr

    Boeser also has 5 points in 2 games coming back from injury. Its hard not to try and put too much pressure on the kid – but is it too early to not think up a name of the line (outside Killer B’s) once he plays with Bo and Baer?