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Holiday Cheers! Holiday Savings!

These guys, again?

It’s the Canucks turn to go on the road and give the Flames the home ice advantage business in a different barn other than Rogers Arena. Let’s get the obvious stuff out of the way first: Vancouver can extend their win streak to seven this evening by beating the Flames in any fashion.

Things are starting to click everywhere for the Canucks, and there may be some sort of renaissance happening where this team gets “officially” good. Injuries, however, are creeping up on Vancouver and it could spell the end of the Cinderella run.

Canucks/Flames, round two… TONIGHT!






Obviously, the worst has happened: Chris Tanev is injured. He didn’t fly with the Canucks to Calgary, and I doubt there are may departures to Calgary midday. He’s most likely a scratch so look for Alex Biega to potentially get the nod. Alex Burrows is not Michael Jordan and will not have a “flu game” so again, Keyzer Soze Anton Rodin will get to keep his spot for another day. If Burrows miraculously gets better, then he’ll play. Did I really need to state that, though?

Jacob Markstrom will start as Ryan Miller used the rest of his weekly all-world talent last night keeping the Canucks in the game.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of

Not much to change here except for the goalie, I guess. Should be a very similar if not the same lineup tonight.

Chad Johnson will get his chance to try and beat the Canucks after Brian Elliott could not do such things.

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  • Thankfully, I am not the Canucks GM, and I do not run this team in any capacity, or I may have claimed Ty Rattie over the unbeatable Markus Granlund. At 17 points on the campaign, Granlund is closing in on Jannik Hansen territory. He’s being overlooked, and potting goals left, right, and centre. Nevermind, pretty much just left and right; centre came well before Christmas, BUT he did look pretty good yesterday.
  • No Chris Tanev. Everyone, I think the streak is in jeopardy.
  • It’s possible the Canucks go down a goal early again tonight but are you even worried anymore? With help from Canuck’s stat guru, Jeff Paterson, the Canucks are now 11-14-2 when letting in the first goal. Decent odds this season. 
  • Winning is great and all but if the Canucks put up a performance like they did last night, Jacob Markstrom might get nominated for a Vezina based off of one game. It was sloppy and even in a terrible division; that won’t win games for long.
  • Everyone was so giddy for the #HotdogHorvat thing, but on HNIC, Troy Stecher is due for a big coming out game. His shot is getting him noticed by the Canucks faithful, but I could see him notching a two goal performance based on a strong PP showing. Stecher hasn’t logged an official shot on goal since Dec 31, so you could say he’s due.


I say yes to this all day.


Being winners of six straight games is great and all but who have the Canucks really beat? The bottom half of the Western Conference isn’t exactly something to write home about so piling up the wins against bottom feeders isn’t the most amazing feat. Tertiary scoring has risen out of nowhere and is now challenging the leaders of the Canucks.

Do not buy in, do not buy in, do not buy in, do not …

Take #2 – Canucks win the division. I win the Internet.


Yes, but after last night’s owning of the Flames there is a decent chance it doesn’t happen tonight. Let’s be serious people; the Columbus Blue Jackets won 16 straight. I’d say anything is possible this year.

  • Flames are a good team. For some reason Canucks struggle against them. Kind of like the way Sedins own the Oilers. The twins played some of their best hockey against Edmonton, but not so much against Calgary. Brian Burkes favorite word is truculence. That word I think sums up the Flames well.

    For us to make it seven, several things will have to go right. Markstrom will need to be his best. Henrik and Daniel need to make some Sedinery of old. Things just haven’t clicked for these two. Stay out of the penalty box, but play physical. Be conscious of injuries. Pop in a quick goal early. Bring energy. Don’t let the Flames chippy play get under your skin. Did I mention Markstrom has to put on a clinic.

    Our game needs to be fast. Speed can beat the Flames.

  • Chris the Curmudgeon

    “Being winners of six straight games is great and all but who have the Canucks really beat?” Uh, haven’t they beaten the three teams directly above them in the division, plus one that they just passed, during this winning streak? Seems kinda like the teams you want to be winning against. IE: I think your take is a little stupid.

    PS: why is Tanev’s sweater pictured in the lineup. You mention multiple times that he’s not playing. Lazy.

  • Fred-65

    The “X” factor for Vcr is getting the PP going so teams like Calgary, LA and the Ducks will not look to run the team out of the rink. I have no idea who runs the PP amongst the coaching staff but it needs to be better by far. A good PP can carry a team. It sounds so simple but as we can see it isn’t. As much as I like the Sedins they need to slide to the second PP unit continuous possession is nice and entertaining but success is what is needed.

  • Td2funk

    When entering the Canucks zone, Calgary always has this trailer that they drop the puck to and get unobstructed shots. It doesn’t appear the Canucks handle this very well. That and Calgary finishes their checks 90% of the time, everytime. Grinds the Canucks down. What ever happened to Gudbranson??? He fall off a cliff or something? Seems like this is a great game to slot him in.

  • Len

    Off subject, I was checking out Canucks prospects and noticed that Adam Gaudette has 28 points in 18 games for Northeastern. Thought that was pretty good until I saw that he was 3rd in team scoring, with a kid called Zachary Aston-Reese leading the team with 18 goals and 15 assists for 33 points in 19 games. He does not appear to have been drafted at 22 years old, so my question is what’s wrong with him? He should be on someone’s (Canucks?) radar – can you guys check with the Canucks to see if they know of him?

  • Killer Marmot

    The Canucks are at the half way point of the regular season with 43 points.

    They only need 17 more points to achieve the 60-point season the experts so perceptively forecast.

    • detox

      I think the reply from msm will be the Canucks should have been tanking and it is to their detriment they exceeded 60 points… some bs rebuttal anyway.

      JB better continue to draft well, no complaints so far.

      Granlund has been a pleasant surprise and I hope they keep Sutter’s line with Eriksson intact.

      • Bud Poile

        “Granlund has been a pleasant surprise and I hope they keep Sutter’s line with Eriksson intact.”

        Certain CA writers continuing condemnation of Willie and Benning for keeping Eriksson with Sutter and Granlund is looking more petty and amateurish by the game.

        Having three scoring lines is exceptional.
        If Rodin,a returning Hansen or the new kid helps the team create a fourth line that can also score the team may be as well balanced as I can remember.