Babych Please – January 6th, 2017


The Canucks are on a roll. You know what else goes on a roll? A hot dog. If you count a hot dog bun as a roll, which I do. Read on to catch up on the Hotdog Horvat saga, Sven Baertschi’s dancing abilities, and more.

  • Troy Stecher wore a mic when the Colorado Avalanche were in town and used the opportunity to show off his singing voice, as well as how vocal he is on the ice. Alex Edler gives Troy some very soft spoken but sound advice, the team gets to celebrate a few goals, and Troy announces at the end that the “boys are humming”. They are indeed.


  • The Canucks picked up a young man named Reid Boucher on waivers this week. I tried my best to find something fun about him, and all I found was this gif of him talking about deer. 


Sven Baertschi is the latest Canuck to be the star of King of the Rink. Bo Horvat and Brendan Gaunce do fine, but Luca Sbisa’s answers are the best part. He calls Sven creepy! Who knew?

  • While we’re talking about Sven Baertschi, here he is doing a smooth little dance.

  • Now for the good stuff. This Horvat Hotdog thing is the best story the Canucks have been involved in all season and it might stay that way. Cynics will tell you that we should be focusing on more important things, like the fact that this team is objectively not very good, or the fact that the more Horvat scores, the more ominous the contract extension appears. Other cynics will say that it’s weird to gamble your child’s hopes and dreams on an athlete’s success. None of this matters, though, because Bo made good and the kid is getting a wiener dog. And the wiener dog will be named Hotdog Horvat. And the world is good.

Bo is going to get to meet Hotdog Horvat, which is all anyone could ever want out of this season, right?

Screen Shot 2017-01-05 at 3.54.37 PM