Canucks should claim Ty Rattie

Another day, and another player that should be claimed by the Canucks is on waivers.

This time, it’s former second round pick Ty Rattie who was placed on waivers by the St Louis Blues this morning.

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The feature image is intentional – Ty Rattie played for the Portland Winterhawks from 2009 – 2013, where he posted 348 points in 269 regular season games. Portland is where current Canucks winger Sven Baertschi played his WHL days, and the two of them were absolutely dominant together.

The above picture is during the 2011-12 season, where Rattie and Baertschi led the Winterhawks in scoring. Baertschi turned pro the following summer, while Rattie returned to Portland and put up another 110 points. He followed that season up with 36 points in 21 WHL playoff games and then 12 points in 5 Memorial Cup games.

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Rattie has been a productive player in the AHL throughout the duration of his ELC, looking to break through at the NHL level. He has appeared in 30 NHL contests over the past three seasons, where he has 8 points. Not remarkable production, but his point totals last season of 4 goals and 2 assist in 13 NHL contests is encouraging.

Unfortunately, due to his limited NHL action, we don’t have in-depth information on his underlying numbers.

The obvious connection to Sven Baerstchi is a one good reason to place a claim on Rattie. If you think they can recapture their previous chemistry and translate that to the NHL, then Rattie may be able to build up some confidence and use it as a leaping off point.

At this moment, the Canucks have 45 contracts on the books for this season, and Rattie is a pending RFA that is making $650,000. If the Canucks were to claim Rattie, they would be responsible for a $350,278 cap hit for the remainder of the season. They have enough room to take on that salary, and would have the roster space available by placing forward Jannik Hansen on IR. (Derek Dorsett, Erik Gudbranson, and Philip Larsen are currently on IR).

We’ve spoken about this many times, but the Canucks are in a position that making minor improvements in their lineup everywhere is a worthwhile venture. If you can add a player like Ty Rattie for no cost, it is worth looking at. At the very least, it improves the overall depth of the organization going forward.

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Given that he is a pending RFA, if you feel that after seeing him in some games with the club that he isn’t a good long term option, then you would just not tender him a qualifying offer and let him walk as an RFA. But if he can get things going, and based on his WHL and AHL production, that isn’t a crazy thought process, then it’s worth the gamble.

Right now – the Canucks are currently 6th in waiver priority(due to point percentage). Colorado, Arizona (who has 50 contracts), Buffalo, Winnipeg and New Jersey, would have to pass on the young winger for the Canucks to have a chance at adding him.

Rattie is 23 years old, cost controlled, contract controlled and has produced at every level when given a chance. For the Canucks, a team who has admitted to wanting to compete for the playoffs every year while keeping an eye on the future, adding Rattie seems like a no brainer.

  • Spiel

    They can barely get Rodin in the lineup, so claiming a forward seems unlikely.

    On the side of a possible claim, Benning has lived in the Portland area and I’m sure has had a good look at Rattie.

  • wojohowitz

    Sounds like a player with some upside but not a waiver claim as they can`t send him down and he can`t crack the lineup but what`s the downside; Hitch doesn`t like him. Out of shape? bad habits? not fast enough? lack of confidence? If Benning likes him enough then maybe send Subban to St. Louis for him and let TG work with him.

    • monkeyman991

      While I would consider picking up Ty Rattie, I would be strongly against dealing Jordan Subban for him. I think that with some developing on the defensive side of the game, the Canucks can turn Subban into a very good offensive defense man.
      Anyways, I doubt the Canucks take much interest in Rattie. There have been players similar to him who they’ve passed on before.

    • TD

      He would have to clear waivers before we could send him to Utica. If he cleared waivers first with St. Louis then the trade could be made and he could be sent to Utica. I think we should grab and try him. I don’t thinks we would lose much taking Megna, Chaput or Skille out of the line up. St. Louis probably had a hard time fitting him in the line-up because of their depth. If he doesn’t work out, we put him on waivers. If he clears he improves Utica and can work with TG.

      • Dirty30

        Everything except the trade makes sense. Why give up an asset on a long-shot?

        However, what I like about him is he had chemistry with Sven and that might be the spark he needs to be a good player again. It certainly worked with Sven!

        If he has speed then he’s also a good pick-up for a team that doesn’t exactly show a lot of that these days.

        I’m less interested in the ‘win now’ propaganda than a ‘win now and in the future’ scenario where the team is willing to take a chance on a young guy who might just turn out to be an asset without giving up anything to get him.

        A guy like Skille was signed to fill a temporary gap not be the future. If he was doing something amazing out there then he’d be doing that now.

        Team needs to build for the future even if in small increments. This guy could be that increment. If not, put him on waivers. No loss at that point.

        • TD

          I agree completely, my earlier post was in response to the suggestion that we trade Subban for Rattie and let TG work with him. That’s not possible unless he clears waivers somewhere in which case why waste a trade.

  • Rattie is 5’11 – 170lbs, 23 years old and plays right wing, on a Blues team rich in forwards. It would be prudent for management to have a looksie. Not sure where he fits in our lineup though. Another player very similar to what we have.

  • wojohowitz

    Ryan left out a key piece of information. Rattie has played 4 games this season with St Louis along with only 3 games with the Chicago Wolves, so we can assume he is coming off the IR. The question becomes; Knee problems? Surgery? Career ending? Long road to recovery?

    Subban? I`m not seeing upside – this is as good as he gets. Instead I`m seeing Kevin Connauton – good with the puck and lousy without it. Subban will have a ten year career in hockey; 300 games in the NHL but 300 more in the AHL.

    • Not injured, St. Louis just doesn’t know what to do with him. Hitchcock doesn’t want to play him and if he does, just gives him 7 mins per game. Management didn’t want to risk him on waivers so they sent Paajarvi down instead earlier in the season. Rattie’s in limbo but sounds like they’ve decided that they don’t have as much faith in him as before, so they’ll roll the dice on waivers. My question is why they won’t play him in the NHL. Bad attitude, “inconsistency”, poor defense, what’s their real beef with him?

  • tyhee

    Maybe they should, but we have to expect they won’t.

    Earlier in the season I thought they should claim a forward or two so that they could send one or two of their current forwards to play in Utica to help the undermanned Comets. Now that Chaput, Megna and Skille would each require waivers again to be sent down, it is less of an issue. If they claim a forward, the only forward they could send to Utica without waivers would be Gaunce.

  • TrueBlue

    I seem to recall Rattie having some great preseason games as well.. kept expecting him to eventually explode onto the scene. It seems like Fabbri has leapfrogged him in development and on the depth chart, becoming everything Blues fans wanted Rattie to be.

    I’d take a flyer on him. As mentioned, it’s a pretty low-risk maneuver to see if they might be able to catch lightning in a bottle, although it’s tough to imagine Desjardins being excited about breaking up the Horvat line.

    As long as we don’t Corrado him TO-style, then it would be an interesting experiment.

  • dtriemstra

    I’m not very concerned if and when the Canucks pass on Rattie. He is a somewhat small and unproven right winger. While I wouldn’t mind if the Canucks did pick him up, I certainly would not be heartbroken to see them pass on him. Reason being, we have depth at right wing with Hansen, Eriksson, Burrows (last season?), Skille (last season?), Virtanen (next season) and Boeser (next season?) and Rodin who is still on his long-term tryout.

    Canucks don’t have excellent depth at right wing, but it is reasonable. Where they need to improve is the depth at left wing. Unfortunately, we were never able to sign Sam Gagner in the off-season, who would be our leading scorer with 28pts in 34gm. He’s very versatile between centre and left wing. Plus, the Arizona Coyotes claimed Burmistrov before we ever had the chance. Yes he only had 2 assists in 20 games or something similar, but the Canucks are going to draft a potential #1 centre this year which means we will not have reasonable depth at left wing until we sign a “top-end free agent”, or trade/draft someone next season or afterwards.

    Basically, we will not be contending for the cup for another 3-5 years. Not until we replace the Sedins with a legitimate top-end centre/left winger and allow the new team to grow together.

  • Cageyvet

    I don’t know enough about the flaws in Rattie’s game to be certain, but this is one of those times where I think the waiver wire could be worth a shot.

    As for the current lineup, Chaput and Megna are serviceable, but they were always destined for the AHL. It’s only due to the injuries to Hansen and Dorsett that they are in the lineup, let’s not worry about whether they (or PTO signing Skille) might get claimed to make room.

    He’s 23 years old, 6 feet tall and 180-190 lbs, and was drafted 32nd overall in 2011, so was almost a first rounder. That doesn’t mean he’ll pan out, but he is the type of player that’s worth the gamble, far better than the plugs that CA was pushing for all last season. They didn’t even have that “maybe his potential will finally show” factor.

    Doing a quick internet search, I see the comments that he’s got a great release, is a good playmaker, but isn’t too fleet of foot. He needs to improve on his defensive awareness, but that is also probably something that has hampered him from developing offensively at the NHL level – you need to have the trust of the coach and get ice time, and being subpar without the puck doesn’t help.

    This is one player who will not clear waivers. If they get the chance, the Canucks should roll the dice this time. You could be getting a decent asset for nothing. We have the cap space, the contract room, and the lineup spot. If not Ty Rattie, then probably forget the waiver wire altogether. I’m not sure you’ll see anybody better than him appear on the wire halfway through a season.

  • elvis15

    I couldn’t find any solid reviews of his play, so it’s hard to say if his foot speed would be an issue or if he can play defense or if he’d forecheck or whatever. Just like the others, it wouldn’t be a deal breaker if we didn’t claim him, but it’ll depend on if they see anything with him worth taking a shot on.

    I know it was mentioned he played with Baertschi, but was there any overlap to Green’s time coaching there? He might have some insight either way what they could do. We’ll find out soon enough if there is anything they like enough (and while we’ve won 3 in a row as well) to claim him.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    Why not? I understand Megna is doing his best as well as Chaput but the results just aren’t there to ignore a younger player with a higher ceiling. And if the knock on him is skating ability, just remember that was the primary detractor on Horvat when he was coming up…

  • JuiceBox

    The Blues have Tarasenko, Yakupov, Reaves, Jaskin, Upshall, and Rattie all on the right side. After Tarasenko nobody on the right side has more than 9 points. StL has given Rattie a perfect situation to seize a roster spot and he has failed to impress. As it is with almost every waiver wire player, there is a reason they are being sent down – it’s because they are not very good NHL players.

    The Canucks already have a log jam on the right side and Rattie would probably fall below Virtanen on the depth chart but be stuck in the NHL. It makes absolutely no sense for Vancouver to claim him.

    • Dirty30

      Considering Virtanen was sent down before Rattie, your logic suggests the latter is actually better than the former.

      And Jake needs the time in Utica to develop and will ride out the season doing it. Green is likely evaluating Jake and his potential at every level will either make something of him or watch him get traded.

      Meanwhile, the question is not whether Ty is better than his Stl teammates, but is he better than a couple plodders and a PTO currently playing for the Canucks?

      At no cost? That’s a question I’d like to see answered.

      • JuiceBox

        The timing of both players being sent down has nothing to do with how good they are. Rattie should have been sent down in the first month of the season but is waiver eligible so StL had to hold on and hope he panned out. The Canucks had the luxury of being able to send Virtanen down whenever they wanted.

        To answer the question “is he better than a couple plodders and a PTO currently playing for the Canucks?” The answer is likely no, because if he was good enough to hold down NHL minutes he would have gotten more than 28 minutes and 4 games on a StL team with a very weak right side.

        If the Canucks were in a full-on rebuild then putting in a claim on Rattie makes sense as they have some leeway to develop him in the NHL (and it’s likely Virtanen is still here as well) but since the goal is to be competitive and we know that Chaput, Skille, and Megna are capable replacement level players that can handle NHL minutes, something Rattie is not yet capable of; it doesn’t make sense to pull any of those 3 guys out in favor of Rattie.