Canucks assign Andrey Pedan to Utica

It was announced this morning that defenceman Andrey Pedan has been returned to the Utica Comets

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This move was inevitable with Alexander Edler returning to action, and Biega already being the 7th defenceman.

Pedan was recalled on December 16th but did not appear in any game action with the Canucks. Pedan has played 19 games this season for the Utica Comets where he has 2 goals and 1 assist.

  • Due to a lack of comments this morning, here I go again.

    Andrey Pedan is one of my favorite Canucks. In Utica, he’s a top pairing defenseman. He has played on the top pair for two seasons, usually with Alex Biega. His teammates and coching staff love him. He’s a fan favorite in Utica. So, what gives? Why won’t Willie play him?

    Andrey needs to find a way to get on Willies “A” list. Also, Willie needs to re-think his choices. Willie only likes a certain type of player and Pedan is not on his list. Willie has to mix it up a bit. Too much same same.

    • Killer Marmot

      The answer is obvious — the Canucks are particularly deep in young defensemen right now. There just isn’t room.

      Who would you send down instead of Pedan? Tanev and Edler are out of the question. Sbisa, Tryamkin, and Stecher have all earned their spots. Hutton has not played as well as one would hope, but he’s still a badly needed scoring defensemen.

      • Send down no one. Rotate him in and out of the lineup. We just played three games in four nights, so it’s easy to do. Hutton, Sbisa and even Edler could use the odd day off. Less wear and tear. We would finaly see what we have in Pedan. Also, we have enough cap space to carry an extra defenseman. Hansen on IR allows this.

        • Bud Poile

          The team knows what Pedan offers.
          He has been in the Canucks system for five years now and when up with the big club practises with the team daily.
          The coaches have evaluated him both in Utica and in Vancouver.
          He is a depth d-man until injuries occur or an improved skill set dictates a roster spot.

          • Jim Benning traded for Pedan on Nov. 26, 2014, so two years one month ago. He played a few games on the big team last year, but as a forward. You may recall that experiment. Not an ideal situation for Pedan. If you read my comments, you know why I like him.

          • Bud Poile

            I stand corrected.

            100 regulation games between Utica and the Canucks.

            He is a defensive liability at times and so remains a depth d-man.

            He’s been bouncing around the minors for five years now so he will have to improve his cerebral and/or skill set before cracking an NHL roster.

  • Cageyvet

    Definitely an understandable move, but I had hoped he’d get a chance to see a game or two here. I have high hopes for Pedan, and it wouldn’t have been a bad idea to put Hutton on the bench.

    Still, I like Hutton as well, and want him to work through the bumps this year rather than break his confidence. It’s hard to predict what this blue line will look like in 2 years, but I’m hoping that the names Stecher (22 yrs old), Tryamkin (22), Pedan (23), Hutton (23), Gudbranson (24) and Tanev (27) feature prominently.

    I also hope we end up getting something for Edler when we do part ways, and that Sbisa (26)either goes in the expansion draft, protecting our oh-so-limited forward depth, or that he continues to improve. That would ensure we have 7 good defensemen – if you haven’t figured out by now that somebody always goes down on our blueline, catch up with reality.

    If the above lineup is remotely correct, Juolevi will be 20 years old at that point, and will be able to work his way in with a core of defensemen who are led by a not-yet-30 year old veteran in Tanev and a core of 24-26 year olds. That could bode well for the team in general, because we need to work more decent forwards into the lineup and season the ones that are showing potential right now.

    If you’re looking for any real success to begin sooner than the 2019-2020 season, I think you’re being overly optimistic. I’m not going to go through the same exercise with the forwards, and while the obvious/hopeful 2-years-from-now-lineup up front isn’t as easy to determine, I’d suggest the Benning-Linden plan is pretty clear when it comes to the age-group they’re trying to put together.

    Whether it’s successful or not, that’s going to be the start of the window of competition for the group they are working with. Every hope this team has for the future needs time to take the next steps in their development.

  • ned


    Definitely keep Sbisa over Guddy at this point. Guddy has not looked very good for the most this season, while Sbisa leads the team in -/+ with a plus 5. Guddy on the other hand is very deserving of his minus 14.

    • Fred-65

      Any one think Vcr might get a first round pick for Gudbranson at the dead line? Teams going in to the play-offs might just be looking for a big PK specialist. Might be JB chance to cover up another mistake. Biega I believe has a further 5 games to make him eligible as a D for the expansion.

  • birdie boy

    Willie or wont he ever take his blinders off,his deployment of his players or lack of drives me nuts . Lets start with megna the sedins are noticably not as crisp with there passes and there overall game has dropped so put megna there and add to the situation, do you really think that pedan rodin or whoever is such a drop off to megna or skille or chaput ffs lets not forget lebate why wouldnt you give the young guys a chance to grow rather than use AHL plugs who wont be here next year.Dear Mr Benning if you want to make the playoffs is it that farfetched to use guys that have a potential upside ,and mr old school benning were is the freakin team toughness did you see larson on sedin .

    rant over

  • wojohowitz

    It doesn`t seem to occur to Willie that by the end of the season his young defencemen are going to be dragging their aces. The idea that a week off – sitting in the press box – might be good for the youngsters like Stecher, Tryamkin and even Hutton.

    An example of Willie`s tunnel vision is what happened in Edmonton. The third game in four nights and the second half of a back to back. Gaunce gets 6 minutes, Skille gets 5 minutes and Chaput gets 9. If Willie is not going to use his full roster then his whole team will be worn out sooner rather than later.

    Can Pedan play? We might never find out. If he had just played in one game we all might have agreed that his game is inadequate for the NHL but now we are still waiting for a maybe prospect to show us what he`s got.

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    I like Pedan. He brings it all, definitely an imposing physical force with a nice shot and speed as well. I want him to play now but I have a feeling he will get his shot next year. I don’t think Juolevi will be ready nor will I want to rush him to be in the 3rd pairing with able bodies under contract. If Sbisa goes to Vegas which looks like the best bet considering he’s been playing the most steady out of our likely-to-be-exposed players, in a tough position to find no less. If he goes, that will free up a spot. Now Gudbranson may come back along with Tryamkin next to him but then Pedan will cement himself as the #7. Given the amount of injuries we always get on the blue line, I’d figure he gets into a decent amount of games.

    Good luck Andrey, tear up that AHL, I hope to see you up here soon!

  • Len

    I’ve asked it before and I’ll ask it again – why do we lead the league in calling players up, not playing them for a single minute then sending them back down? Seems like an expensive, unproductive and, for the player, a very frustrating experience. Reeks of poor player management and development to me.

  • Whackanuck

    When Tanev, Edler, Larsen and Gudbranson were all out Pedan was needed for depth. Of he stays up for more than 30 days he has to be waived again, so it’s not surprising he was sent down. It doesn’t explain why he didn’t get into even one game but presumably the rest of the D that were available are judged to be better.

    Incidently Hansens salary still counts against the cap until the team salary exceeds the cap and only then does LTIR kick in.

  • TheRealRusty

    Why? Because there seems to be a disconnect between Management and the coaching staff. You would have figured that these 2 groups would be on the same page when it comes to player acquisition, but they are obviously not. How else would you explain acquiring Ericksson “$6 million dollar man” to not play with the Sedins, the playing of Megna over Rodin in a scoring line, the usage of Sutter on the top line as a winger instead of bolstering the Center position etc. Fact, this is a coach who is coaching for his job; win now at all costs instead of developing prospects

    I personally would like to see Sbisa or Gudbranson (preferably) moved at the trade deadline to a contender for a legit forward prospect, since both their values would be at their highest (Sbisa coz he is playing decent and comes at a lower cap hit vs Guddy coz he hasn’t signed his monster $5mill+ contract). That would bolster our forward ranks while maximizing Sbisa as an organizational asset (or risk losing him for nothing to the Vegas expansion).

    I’d be okay with exposing and losing one of Biega, Gaunce or Granlund.