Happy New Years folks!

Your Vancouver Canucks are holders of a 3 game win streak and it feels pretty awesome! It’s evident that there are still plenty of things to fix with this club but they’re getting better results. Tonight, the Colorado Avalanche come to town sporting the worst record in the league.

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This also means the Canucks probably won’t be in on Nolan Patrick this year and with the Avalanche’s season already in the dumps, the rumours of Matt Duchene and Gabriel Landeskog getting traded will once again start heating up.

I suppose Vancouver could use either of those guys.



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Will Anton Rodin be in a Canuck jersey tonight? Is Brendan Gaunce the forgotten son? Why do I still not know Michael Chaput’s number? All questions that could be answered this evening. Changes won’t be drastic tonight as this team is RED HOT (insert fire emoji).

Ryan Miller is the #1 goalie in Vancouver and even though Markstrom was a beast against the Oilers, Miller should start.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of

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It’s a crying shame people want to blow this team up. You spoiled rotten punks. Colorado going with the big guns up front in Gabriel Landeskog and Nathan Mackinnon. Future Canuck, Matt Duchene, heads up the second line and the ghost of Jarome Iginla is wasting away somewhere back there.

The Avalanche failed to steal any orange pylons from the tarmac when they boarded their flight so Calvin Pickard will probably start in their place. I’m trying to be nice but both goalies have been horri-awful (that’s horrible and awful)

Colorado Avalanche lines courtesy of

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  • Canucks are going for 4 wins in a row. My laptop kept trying to correct me but I was able to override it. This is not a typo, do not adjust your screens. Sadly, this is the height of excitement these days.
  • Bo Horvat leads the Canucks in points, awesomeness, and shorthanded goals. Time to hand over the reigns Willie, it’s Bo’s team now.
  • Sven Baertschi has points in back to back games and with the Avalanche dead last in GA/GM at 3.36, that gives the Canucks 9 possible guys points if Colorado stays true to that number. I like Sven’s chances.
  • We’ve had this conversation before but the Canucks meet yet another team that excels in the faceoff circle. Colorado is 2nd in the league in win% while the Canucks sit 6th. You know, acquiring Matt Duchene could boost that number. Just saying.
  • I take back what I said about Jannik Hansen being the best possible linemate for the Sedins; Jayson Megna has taken over that mantle. The numbers are stunning. Combined together at 5v5 they have a GF% of 100. Guys, this is the future RIGHT HERE! (please note: they’ve played just over 38 minutes together at even strength, but who’s counting?)


Imagine a team with all… that… talent and they still want to blow it up. Canucks fans, maybe it’ll be alright. 

OK, sure they’ve won some Cups.


Two points out of a playoff spot, are you kidding me? Normally, the Avalanche would probably make the Canucks pay but Colorado is 2-8 in it’s last 10 games and that’s pretty awful. Both Ryan Miller and Jacob Markstrom have been spectacular as of late and goaltending alone will give the Canucks a very good position to win. 

Combine that with Bo Horvat, Sven Baertschi and Alex Burrows’ game-changing pace and the Canucks could start turning some heads.


The Canucks could equal their run they started the season with at four straight wins if they beat the Avalanche tonight. It seems like such a tall task but after the game against the Oilers, I’d say it’s definitely possible.

If the Canucks are going to make things interesting in 2017 they’ll have to address the speed issue: they don’t have much. The Sedins are pedestrian and they continue to keep Horvat and Co. in a secondary role. Their speed is in the young guys and win or lose, they have to put them in a lot more.

Canucks sneak this out somehow and get the W.

  • Leo Union

    What’s the teams record with Edler and Tanev in the line-up. I think them playing goes a long way to this teams sucess.
    If they could trade Hanson, Hutton and 2nd or 3rd for Jost kiddy-up, Duchane not so much the media and fan base here would eat his spoiled ego alive.

    • detox

      I’d take any youngish top 6 player that can score and produce points.

      It is apparently difficult to even make these deals, especially if you are any Canuck GM over the last 20 years.

  • Lets not take the Avalanche lightly. Play hard, right from the start. Four in a row would be sweet.

    Off topic: As I’m watching the outdoor classic, I have to wonder what gives. Seats are too far from the ice, freezing cold temperature. I don’t get it. How this thing turned into a cash cow is beyond me.

  • JuiceBox

    Last trade rumor I heard was Duchene, Tyutin, and a 2nd to Washington for Johansson, Orlov, Winnik, and a 1st.

    That’s the Vancouver equivalent of Horvat, Baertschi, Edler, and a 1st. No thanks, not for that price.

    For a team that is likely to under-go a tear down for an eye on the future, it’s highly unlikely Jost goes anywhere. Put youself in Sakic’s shoes, would you trade Jost now? Not likely.

    • Dirk22

      Hey Juicebox – remember this from a couple of weeks ago?

      Re: Rasmus Asplund

      JuiceBox: “who the heck is that?????” ( I might have missed a couple exclamation marks)

      Anyways, catch the game today?

      • Freud

        4 assists.

        Benning knew the last draft was deep through the 2nd round, yet still gave that pick away.

        You could make an impressive list of players that could have been taken in that spot.

        This World Jr is a painful to watch.

        • Bud Poile

          He didn’t “give” the pick away.

          It was used to secure a roster player.

          Between the Willie Watch and the Benning Bash this site is painful at times.

          Going for four wins in a row,.500 hockey and in on the wildcard sweepstakes for the rest of us that aren’t whinging or whining.

          • Dirk22

            Going for .500 and the wildcard sweepstakes might be nice if you’re a team stacked with youth and on the rise. Not for a team with 36 year olds as your first-liners.

          • Whackanuck

            I hope Duchene, unlike Virtanen, brought his stuff to the rink after THE trade. It would be a shame if he had to hold the Canucks plane up while he went home for extra socks.

            Injury prone? The guy has missed 0, 11, 0, 6, regular season games in the last 4 seasons. Compare that to Tanev the Fragile.

          • Bud Poile

            When Benning took over the Canucks were the second oldest team in the league at 28.8 years of age.

            We now hear they have the youngest d-corps in the league,but with Edler and Tanev back,I’m not sure if that is still true.

            Still,Hutton,Stetcher and Tryamkin brings the average way down.

            The Canucks rank #14 now,just 2.5 years after Benning arrived,that’s with older Sedins,Burrows,Miller and now Eriksson on the roster.

          • Dirk22

            Watch out for post-truth Bud. You saying their average age is only high because of the Sedins, Miller, Burrows and Eriksson is like the Trump supporters saying he only lost the popular vote because of California and New York……uh yeah.

            They actually rank 15th but that doesn’t really mean anything when you consider who their top scorers are apart from #53 and #47.

            Quick, Bud, name the top 6 Canuck forwards 24 and under – You can include prospects in any league.

            Horvat, Baertschi, Boeser, Virtanen, Granlund…and Gaunce? Am I missing anyone?

        • TheRealPB

          It’s not exactly a surprise that Asplund has done well this year – he also excelled at the last WJC. He was projected anywhere from late first to early second which is where he went.

          The continued bashing of Benning’s trade for Gudbranson will of course go on (and I am increasingly not a fan of him having seen him play for half a season) but in this case shouldn’t it be Florida and not Vancouver who are feeling the regret since they are the ones who ultimately gave up the #33 pick and Kulikov in order to land Pysyk (and Mascherin and Nassen)? You can certainly regret Mascherin, Ang and McCann but once you start down the could-should-woulda road of the people you might have taken with a given pick that’s tricky business.

          There’s also a reason that Asplund despite his WJC success (and 3 years of playing as a teenager in a men’s pro league) dropped on draft day — it’s because of serious concerns that his size will be a problem to translate over to the NHL. I think that’s an oversold concern but it remains one nonetheless.

      • JuiceBox

        It’s great how you use one game to try and prove your point. 1g and 2a in 4 games leading up to last night. He has been playing against men the last two seasons; playing against boys in the WJC he should be dominating. Even with a 4 assist game he has performed well below expectations.

        Last 1.5 seasons in the SHL – 4g/8a in 46 games, 3g/8a in 25 games this year. 8th on his own team in scoring, barely top 100 in the SHL. Billed as a two-way player but doesn’t stand out on offense or defence, oh yeah and he is 5’10” 176lbs. His speed is his only asset which will be neutralized once he plays against bigger faster players on small ice.

  • wojohowitz

    Burrows out and Rodin skates with Bo and Baer. That`s nothing but media speculation. With Willie running the bench I doubt it. Look for Rodin to get 7 minutes just like his only game so far and that`s on the fourth line. First Chaput gets his shot then Skille gets his. Welcome to Willie`s world where logic has no place. Prove me wrong Willie.

  • Locust

    “Canucks are going for 4 wins in a row. My laptop kept trying to correct me but I was able to override it. This is not a typo, do not adjust your screens. Sadly, this is the height of excitement these days.”

    So sorry that you, JD and a few others have had the start of 2017 ruined by the good play and three wins in a row by the Canucks.

    The only fan site in the universe that trolls its own readers……