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The Oilers and Canucks will close out 2016 with a New Year’s Eve affair and we’ve asked writers from both OilersNation and CanucksArmy to give us their take on tonight’s matchup. We’ve also put together a few quick stats to get you ready for the last Nation battle of the year. 


Saturday, December 31st, 2016 – Rogers Place (Edmonton) – 8pm (MST) or 7pm (PST) on CBC/Sportsnet

Edmonton Oilers Vancouver Canucks
19-12-6 (2nd in the Pacific)  16-18-3 (6th in the Pacific) 
5-2-3 in their last 10 4-5-1 in their last 10
Power Play (PP%): 21.7% (8th)  Power Play (PP%): 14.0% (27th) 
Penalty Kill (PK%): 82.3% (12th) Penalty Kill (PK%): 80.4% (21st)
OilersNation_white CanucksArmy_white

Last Meeting:

When these two teams last met on October 28th, the Oilers walked away with a 2-0 victory in a game that was much closer than the score might lead you to believe. Since that last meeting, the Oilers have cooled from their 7-1 start and the Canucks will look to take advantage of a team that still struggles with consistency. 

Points Leaders:

Connor McDavid (EDM) – 13G, 29A = 42 points

Leon Draisaitl (EDM) – 14G, 18A = 32 points

Milan Lucic (EDM) – 10G, 15A = 25 points

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Henrik Sedin (VAN) – 9G, 15A = 24 points

Bo Horvat (VAN) – 10G, 13A = 23 points

Daniel Sedin (VAN) – 10G, 12A = 22 points



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Player GP GS W L OT SA GA GAA S Sv% SO Mins
Cam Talbot  33 33 18 10 5 997 81 2.47 916 .919 3 1,969
Jonas Gustavsson 6 4 1 2 1 122 13 2.90 109 .893 0 270


Player GP GS W L OT SA GA GAA S Sv% SO Mins
Jacob Markstrom 19 16 7 8 2 482 44 2.65 438 .909 0 996
Ryan Miller 21 21 9 10 1 637 58 2.81 579 .909 0 1,240


Why is your team going to win or why will your enemy lose?

Baggedmilk (OilersNation):

Easy. The Sedins are 3000 years old and aside from those two there is no one to worry about? Brandon Sutter? Loui Ericksson? Pfft… get outta here. 

J.D. Burke (CanucksArmy):

Well, it’s quite simple, you see. We have this player, Sven Baertschi, and he’s pretty great. We’re quite fond of him at Canucks Army. He’s no McDavid, but we don’t have a lot to hang onto, so let us have him. Baertschi’s going to have a big night. Just you wait and see.

Who’s hot? Who’s not?


Connor McDavid is hot fire right now and there’s nothing the Canucks will be able to do about it. Same can’t be said for Jesse Puljujarvi, though. I think the kid could use a Red Bull because his goal scoring wings have been lacking.

J.D. Burke:

Loui Eriksson has goals in back-to-back games, so I would imagine he qualifies. Though his counting numbers haven’t been great, he’s been a defensive force all season. I’m glad to see it all starting to come together now.

Why should people watch this game?


It’s important for Canucks fans to watch a team that’s on the rise. It will make their plummet into obscurity that much more painful. Thank you. 

J.D. Burke:

Because that’s the only way to really capture the value of Kris Russell. Don’t just be an arrogant ‘Corsi Guy’ and look at his stats. You’re going to want to see just why exactly Peter Chiarelli is going to sign him to a contract that will make Erik Gudbranson’s extension look good.

Say something nice about your opponent.


I bet the Sedins save a tonne of money on suits since they’re able to share. Adorable. I also love the work Jim Benning is doing for your team. 

J.D. Burke:

Well, Jim Benning learned from the best. Remember when Pete Chiarelli traded Blake Wheeler? Or Tyler Seguin? Or Taylor Hall? Pepperidge Farms remembers.

Any last words?


Feel free to jump ship, Canucks fans. We have Connor McDavid steering the ship plenty of room on the bandwagon. It’s only a matter of time before the Canucks suck bad enough for you to bail on them anyway.

J.D. Burke:

I’m so very happy to see your ten-year rebuild finally end(?). 


Join in the conversation on Twitter at @OilersNation and @CanucksArmy to give us your thoughts on the game. Social media not your thing? Keep the battle going in the game day articles at OilersNation and CanucksArmy.

    • Ragnarok Ouroboros

      Canucks have beat the Oilers 22 out of the last 35 games, a 2 to 1 ratio. It’s only taken 10 years of getting top 3 draft picks every year to finally be competitive.

      If Oilers didn’t have McDavid they would be at the bottom of the heap still. so congrats on being lucky at the draft.

      • Dwayne Roloson 35

        Its not the 10 years of drafting that’s made us competitive. It’s the 2 years of having a competent coach and a competent GM.

        You’d think our city would have rioted by now…I guess citys only riot if their team gets bent over in the cup finals.

        • Dirty30

          Hard to riot when it’s -40 below in a snowstorm in June.

          There’s a saying “It’s better to be lucky than good” and your team has had neither for a decade. The draft picks were a Godsend but Kevin Lowe et al. were spawned by the Devil and no one deserved that.

          Thankfully you had a plethora of virgins to sacrifice to the hockey Gods (there being no women in Edmonton) and things are finally turning around for you.

          Have a great game and Happy New Year!

        • Kanucked

          I think MCDavid would make a lot of coaches and GMs look competent.

          Do we really need to revisit the last two years of competence? Lottery picks, bad trades (Reinhart anyone?), over priced free agents (Lucic…)

          When was the last time this team made the playoffs? Imagine how obnoxious you guys will be if that changes. You will be = Leafs fans.

        • Bud Poile

          Oilers 2001-2016 : Did not have playoff hockey 13 times/13 years.

          Canucks 2001-2016 : Did not qualify for playoffs four times.

          Edmonton is a lot like Russia. Vodka and ice 9 months of every year ensures the wee folks are kept in their place.

        • RIP

          So funny when Oilers fans bring up cup count. So Montreal has 23 and if you believe cup count to be the bottom line then I guess you should give up now. Also amusing when people bring up the riots like it bugs Canucks fans. Most of the riot wasn’t even the fans. Also it just got a tonn more publicity as it is a world class city and it was not expected. I was in Deadmonton for the blue mile and let me tell you it was a gong show. But it’s just a blue collar dump where that behaviour was expected.

          Anyway, happy new year everybody.

        • Bud Poile

          Salary cap era:

          Oilers: 0 cups because 0 playoffs

          Canucks: 7 playoffs. 2 President’s. 1 Cup finals.

          Try not to get too pissed tonight. Freezing to death in a snow bank is not a happy new year.

  • If Lucic could do things over, I bet he would re-sign in LA, or move back to Van. Now he is stuck in the frozen north of Alberta, for only a few dollars more.

    Here are some tips to help Milan adjust. That funny looking cord sticking out of your Chevy’s grill is an engine block heater. Yes, you need to plug this in, or your pickup truck won’t start. When you get tired of cold hands scraping ice and snow off your windshield, local hardware stores sell mitts with ice scrapers attached on the ends. Yes, you may look like a dork wearing these, but at least your hands stay warm. Cold hands are a no no for hockey players. Also, stop saying surf’s up dude. This is a West Coast thing and OIlers just don’t get it.

    • 24% body fat

      To Sven, while adjusting to life in Vancouver.

      1. Yes you will notice a lot of the nights there seems to be less hippies in the crowd. That is because when the team is bad, and they always have been with the exception of like 7 years in their 40+ years of history those fairweather fans are no where to be seen. Thats because Vancouver is the biggest bandwagon city in the league.

      2. No, when the Sedins brush each others hair it is not natural.

      3. Pipelines are bad, if you live in Vancouver, and you don’t realize where all of Canadas money comes from.

      3. In Edmonton we have liquor stores everywhere and they are always open, and they have a bunch of Beer that is brewed in Vancouver but you cant buy it there. What is that all about.

      4. In vancouver you have this extra tax called PST. it doesnt mean pacific standard time.

      5. You are 100 percent right Sven, the ocean is nice. But Vancouver-burnaby-surrey is one big piece of concrete, maybe a park system and grass would be nice.

    • not so daily doug

      Remember you are Canadian on the left coast. You get a 1/4″ of snow and the whole lower mainland comes to a standstill. All that medical marijuana is getting to the brain as the residents stand around with their mouths open trying to figure out why the white stuff is coming out of the sky and making things slide around.

  • The Rookie

    OMG, yes the Oil sucked balls for ten years. What did the Canucks accomplish in that time? The finals- once. Ok so in 11 years we have each gone there once. Now where exactly are the Canucks heading? What did the Sedins give you other than confusion about your sexuality? So while the Oilers were basement dwellers, and had to endure 10 years of suffering the Canucks were not able to do squat. Zip. Zilch. And now you can sit there for another 10 years as McDavid destroys the league and the Oilers dominate, wasting no time or opportunity to win.

    It will be great next year when Canucks get to be the first team in the league to finish 31st over all.

    Suck it ladies. You had your chance.

    • RIP

      Actually, we got to watch competitive hockey for years on end. That’s the point right? Watching good hockey. You guys got 10 years of watching a thrashing night after night. You only have 2 years or so by the way. You will be signing McDavid for no less than $11m per year min 8 years. He will not give the home team discount as he does not even want to be in Edmonton. Not sure if you saw his draft reaction. Good luck over the next 2 then get ready for another 10 of misery. Also keep up the Lucic type signings and Reinhert type trades. There awesome.

      • The Rookie

        Holy crap, I didn’t realize u know McDavid personally. I suppose now you’re going to tell me he will sign in Vancouver.

        Hey guys remember when the rest of the world said he would Lindros and refuse to play in edmonton.

        Whatever you tools have to tell yourself to get to sleep at night

    • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

      Those kinds of Sedin jokes just classless man. The kind of pros you always want on your team. One a former Hart trophy winner and another Art Ross. Direct your sexual confusion and inadequacies elsewhere because this is about the on-ice product. Oilers are flying high, much better than the Canucks and the tables have seemingly turned. Oilers are going to compete for many years now like the Canucks 10 years ago and the Canucks are going through a rebuilding core with several years of mediocrity coming. Keep this civil without the weak insults eh? Or does your brain not process trash talk with people over the age of 16?

        • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

          You want some sexual chirping. I’d say that Kevin Lowe is a full fledged pedophile tanking all those years to stock up on young players so he could smack their asses on draft day. Mark Messier never got married because he’s in the closet, Connor McDavid his latest sexual partner. You saw those commercials last year? Yeesh not hard to believe the kind of eyes wide shut parties at Rogers Place with Kevin Lowe surveying it all. Hell Taylor Hall was traded because he was caught giving hand jobs to Peter Pocklington…

          Those chirps get you moist enough?

          • Reg Dunlop

            Wow. Terrific insight on a gameday blog. No wonder canuck fans are respected league wide. Any idea when Vancouver will retire their 1st jersey? Will it be Snepsts or Ververgaert? What a rich tradition, you must be SO proud.

          • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

            I was merely reciprocating the type of dialogue offered by that specific commenter. Of course I don’t believe what I’ve said but the sad thing is that Oilers fan may in fact believe what he said which is sad. I know most Oilers fans represent themselves much better than that. All teams have good fans and bad fans. It is what it is. I’d love to talk about the game and this Speaking with the Enemy idea is great but this first game has resorted to silly ad hominems. If you’d like to talk about the actual game on the ice I’d love to.

            P.S. the Canucks do in fact have retired jerseys

          • The Rookie

            Give it a rest sparky. I merely made a reference to the on going many jokes labeled to the Sedin Sisters aka Swedish twins. That in no way is the same as pedophilia. Your “chirp” has no meaning. So keep telling us about the “class” of Vancouver fans.

          • Jay (not J)

            Of course they do. They retire jerseys in Vancouver for fans as door prizes. The ‘Ring of Honour’ is the easiest club in hockey to get into. It’s disgusting. You guys have nothing to celebrate at all but want to do it so badly that you just lower the bar for what is worthy of celebration. Sure, retire Linden. He was an OK hockey player so what the hell? Beg Bure to come back and go to the Hall as a ‘nuck, why not, he didn’t do anything anywhere else either- it’s not like New York would take him, so sure retire that number too. It’s so desperate it’s comic. Gino Odjic? Good fighter -though I’m not sure if it really counts if you’re blitzed all the time, but whatever get him up there too. It’s good stuff. My cousin’s going to his 300th game next month and he’s already talking to Linden about a date next year for his retirement ceremony.

          • Randaman

            As an Oiler fan and human being, I want to apologize for the idiotic comment about Gino.

            @ Jay, you sir have no class! Substance abuse or alcoholism is nothing to laugh at.

            Be better. I’m sure Kassian would agree!

          • Jay (not J)

            You sir have no class!

            Whatever that even means. Who’s laughing? I’m just saying that it’s easier to fight high than sober and that this is something that Odjic knew. Save your self righteous, condescension . There’s no points for reminding everyone yet again how well you’ve absorbed your political indoctrination.

  • Larionov18

    Bagged Milk was very funny when the Oilers were sucking. I am pretty happy with our young dcore. Hopefully we can snag a great scoring forward this draft.

  • Jay (not J)

    I hate the Canucks. More than Calgary, if I’m being honest (by a blonde). Win tonight, look good doing it. Looch can reacquaint with Miller, Connor can reacquaint with the scoring lead and they can hit the road ready to burst CBJ’s bubble.

    What’s Chiarelli getting us for new year’s?

  • vetinari

    Well, these comments went south fast. To ring in the new year, I want to remember the night of Ryan Smyth’s last game and at the end, the Canucks players came out like it was the playoffs, lined up and shook his hand. Class acts all led by the Sedins.

    Three wishes for tonight: hope the copper n’ blue crush the orcas on the ice tonight; hope Vancouver won’t have to suffer a rebuild as long as ours; and I hope everyone gets a safe ride home to their loved ones tonight.

    Cheers and happy new year to ON and CA fans everywhere.

  • Justino

    I like how resistant Canucks fans are to the reality that they are now the bottom feeders and this will soon be McDavid’s league. So we’ve had bad trades (how’s your goalie situation looking after all those trades for mediocre talent?) and we’ve had our years in the basement with incompetent management and coaching but the truth is in the here and now we are a much better team on the rise. Now your going to be praying to win the lottery draft to get Nolan or else your rebuild is gonna be just like ours after you give away the Sedins for nothing. Cheers! Boo Calgary.

  • Namudi

    Good game, good play from Vancouver with that god aweful roster wow that hurts the eyes to look at. Markstrom is a hell of a goalie.

    Good point for the boys

  • Friendly Neighbourhood Canucks fan

    Good game y’all. McDavid is easily a top 3 player in the league already. I got him at #2, not long before he’s the best. Great leader who isn’t selfish at all. Nugent-Hopkins is also crazy good. Both goalies kept this game close, I hope despite Canucks troubling future we can still play some great games like this. Happy New Year folks!

  • Bud Poile

    Looks like Baertschi showed up for the Canucks.
    Shame you choose not to.

    J.D. Burke (CanucksArmy):

    Well, it’s quite simple, you see. We have this player, Sven Baertschi, and he’s pretty great. We’re quite fond of him at Canucks Army. He’s no McDavid, but we don’t have a lot to hang onto, so let us have him. Baertschi’s going to have a big night. Just you wait and see.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    On June 26, 2014, Odjick revealed that he was diagnosed with the rare terminal disease AL amyloidosis. He received the Indspire Award in the sports category in 2015.

    Canucks fans love Gino because of the way he loved the game. He is one of only a handful of First Nations people to play at the NHL level. He had spirit and enthusiasm and complete loyalty to his team mates and friends. Shame on Oilers fans for crapping on a wonderful person.

  • Ragnarok Ouroboros

    Just to clarify, I didn’t mean all Oilers fans. Just the loser who posted the disparaging comments. Cheers to the Oilers fans who outright rejected those comments.