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Quick turn around and the Canucks are in Calgary to play the Flames this evening. They probably won’t even book a hotel today, just win and go home. Jannik Hansen stayed in Vancouver after taking a pretty ugly knee on knee hit against the Jets. Anton Rodin is making his much anticipated Canucks return. The Flames haven’t played since Tuesday, so they’ve been looking for some game action.

The Canucks might be willing to live up to that type of play. 

Merry Christmas






Rodin is back in a Canucks uniform and Hansen (knee) is out. That obviously changes the PP1 unit but you have to believe Brandon Sutter just slots back in.

You know who’s starting in net tonight? JACOB MARKSTROM. You know why? Because Willie Desjardins in his infinite wisdom decided Ryan Miller made more sense YESTERDAY. I don’t even know anymore.

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Defensive Pairings
Ben Hutton 
Ben Hutton
Chris Tanev 
Chris Tanev
Luca Sbisa 
Luca Sbisa
Troy Stecher 
Troy Stecher
Nikita Tryamkin 
Nikita Tryamkin
Alex Biega 
Alex Biega

Garnet Hathaway (not Anne’s brother) is back in the lineup after watching Tuesday’s tilt vs. the Sharks in the press box. He’s a spark plug. I’m sure we’ll be introduced to him and the rest of the 4th line again.

Chad Johnson gets the nod. Willie, take note.

Calgary Flames lines courtesy of


  • Rodin is back. Putting him with either the Sedin line or the Horvat line would make the most sense, He’ll probably get Jack Skille and Michael Chaput. Yep, can’t figure anything out anymore.
  • Michael Granlund has had himself a good month, 2G and 3A up until now in December is pretty good considering where he plays and the players that should be scoring. Tertiary scoring seems to be king so “All Hail King Granlund”. I’m probably going to be fired after that.
  • Eriksson on the Shelf – basically Willie is playing some sick game where he poses Loui Eriksson in every possible situation but the first powerplay unit and the first line. I get it, he’s making a lot of money and he wants to show the rest of the team that just because you make a lot of money, doesn’t mean things are just given to you. THAT’S EXACTLY WHAT IT MEANS! Wow, I got loud there, really sorry. Eriksson hasn’t scored since the Minny game at the end of November. He’s assisted on 5 goals this month. Oh man, it’s bad.
  • Since October 2014, the Sedins have feasted on the Flames at 5v5. Their CF% is 55.0 respectively. They also have 6 GF in that same time and because this team has been sagging towards ultimate awful, this is pretty good.
  • Time to get real for this last one: I’m worried Jack Skille might get re-signed and he ends up being the player the Canucks build around. He’s done some pretty cool things in the last few weeks and it worries me. Maybe Vegas takes him? Nope, Benning has a contract lined up I’m sure of it.


This really isn’t even about what goalie should be starting on a nightly basis, it’s about not having a clue about what’s going on with the organization. There was a tweet mentioning the Canucks could currently be icing a line of Horvat-Ehlers-Tkachuk. That should infuriate you. If you want to know why the Canucks are losing games they probably should be winning, look at the decision they made against the Jets to play Miller. 

It’s stupid.


Playing yet another back to back and now away from home, the Canucks are in tough. Sure, Markstrom is in net and played great against the Jets this week but no Hansen and who knows what Rodin will do. I wouldn’t be surprised if the Flames took it to the Canucks but then again, Vancouver does some messed up cool stuff sometimes.


Well, it won’t be a new GM, owner or President. A new coach might be a stretch unless he forgets where the team plays and delivers him early January. I honestly hope Santa brings clarity to the Canucks for Christmas. Just let us know what’s going on so we can buy in and PUT ERIKSSON ON THE POWER PLAY!

  • JuiceBox

    First you blast the coach for not playing Eriksson on the powerplay and the 1st line then immediately follow that up with “hasn’t scored since the Minny game at the end of November. He’s assisted on 5 goals this month. Oh man, it’s bad.”


    Eriksson is playing like arse, and you sit there and blast the coach for not handing him better minutes Since when does contract dollars dictate playing time? My gosh folks…..

  • Locust

    “There was a tweet mentioning the Canucks could currently be icing a line of Horvat-Ehlers-Tkachuk. That should infuriate you.”

    …and if my aunt had balls she’d be my uncle … so wtf is wrong with you people …. you cant change history. Get over yourself.

    “Oh….if only I played ‘those’ 649 numbers … I’d be rich….”


  • Pat Quinn Way

    This should be an interesting match up tonight and i expect a feisty affair. I will also go out on a limb by predicting a pre-Xmas stuffing for us by the Flames. It won’t be pretty.

    Watch out for a kid called Tkachuk too. Wonder if our guy Juolevi will shut him down… oh wait…

    Happy Ho Ho fellas :-p

  • Big D, little d

    I remember when Always90four started here. He always had a positive attitude and was excited that the Canucks would have a chance to win. What happened to you, Always?

    I’m pretty sure there’s something in the water at CanucksArmy world headquarters. It’s all part of JD’s evil plan.

  • On game day, the pre game article should stay at the top of page, until the post game article. Why does CA keep pushing these down to the bottom? Someone may want to comment during the game. Why push it down with filler, when it’s all about the game.

    Let me correct that, it’s all about winning.

    Happy Festivus! May you live long and prosper.(But not Oilers or Flames, or anyone who wants to build a pipeline in BC.)

    • Whackanuck

      The pipeline is going to be built. Do you like those oil filled rail tankers rolling by Grandma’s house? Get over yourself Lower Mainland -you’re not a friggin’ sovereign nation. (Hey, don’t flame this, servant at the Canucks’ consulate in Calgary here!)

      NHL GMs as a whole appear frozen with fear. No trades, certainly no meaningful ones. Really? The players you have are all the best in the NHL? Benning should be going after quality, not quantity. How many bottom 6 forwards and 5-8th defencemen does Vancouver need? Does Tanev really make the Canucks a playoff contender? If hospitals gave out Air Miles, Tanev would forever fly for free.

      Anybody notice Vancouver’s goaltenders now rank 29th and 36th in save percentage? Sixty-four players have more points than the Canucks leading scorer. Including Sam Gagner, a player barely anyone wanted for free. This isn’t meant to knock Canucks management overall but really, wouldn’t at least ONE significant trade make sense, whether one supports a teardown or a rebuild on the fly? What are you hoping will happen with the existing roster? When even changing the coach is widely seen as not being an improvement in the making?

  • Freud

    TSN just came out with a ranking of team’s top 4 players under 24. They ranked in consultation with 12 different front offices in the NHL.

    Vancouver ranked 21st – so much for the Benning rebuild apologists.

    Virtanen didn’t even make Vancouver’s top 4 – so much for the Virtanen just needs time apologists.

    Four divisional teams rank above Vancouver.

    Nine western teams rank above Vancouver.

    Twelve teams that rank above Vancouver don’t even have GMs who played in the NHL!

    But we’re being too negative, right?

    Merry Christmas!