Canucks Army Podcast – Episode 5 – 2016-2017

Linden and benning

Welcome to the 5th episode of this season’s Canucks Army podcast where J.D. Burke and myself delve into a number of Canucks issues, starting with GM Jim Benning and President Trevor Linden doubling down on the current direction the Canucks have undertaken.

We also get into some of the criticism Ben Hutton has received and discuss whether we’re being patient enough when it comes to the young players on this team. 

One other issue that’s a hot topic is the expansion draft with the Golden Knights being welcomed to the NHL and we debate which players the Canucks should protect and we discuss whether it’s prudent to make a trade or two to get ahead of this summer’s expansion draft.

There’s plenty of more, so have a listen and enjoy!

  • tyhee

    Either someone used some loose wording xposeor doesn’t understand the expansion rules.

    It was stated Rodin needed 40 games to be exposed, so maybe the Canucks wouldn’t even need to expose him.

    If Rodin isn’t protected, he’s exposed. It’s that simple.

    Each team must expose 2 forward s that have played either 40 NHL games in 2016-17. In addition, though, every forward that has played more than 2 pro seasons that isn’t on the protected list is exposed for Vegas to take if they choose.

    The minimum rules are to ensure Vegas gets experienced players to select from, not to determine whether a player is exposed to Vegas in the draft.