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The Canucks look to end their losing ways short of the double-digit mark. The last time they reached that painful milestone was in the Tom Renney era. I’d practically forgotten that was a thing.

Losers of the nine straight, the Canucks take their injured, downtrodden squad to Madison Square Gardens for a tilt with the New York Rangers. The Rangers, meanwhile, are taking the league by storm with their human wave offensive attack.

It’s always a fun game at MSG and the Canucks have played some beauties in this building. Hopefully, there’s another one in store. 






Henrik and Daniel Sedin are back with Loui Eriksson which is Willie Desjardins’ way of saying “I’m sorry everyone”. There’s a chance he does score finally and on such a stage too! Michael Chaput is still here wearing the 4-5 and it ain’t to play games with you.

Jacob Markstrom is your goalie for tonight, ensuring ourselves an ALL Swedish goaltending matchup.

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of

Hey look, Jimmy Vesey is on the top line of the New York Rangers! Pretty impressive stuff. Should have been long time ago Canuck, Rick Nash, is also on said top line. Michael Grabner is somehow on the Rangers and also not on the Canucks. This is discouraging.

Henrik Lundqvist is a good goaltender and the Rangers agree, so he’ll play the Canucks tonight.

New York Rangers lines courtesy of


  • Somehow, Troy Stecher and Jake Virtanen were healthy scratched against the Islanders. Maybe we’ll be fed a line about limiting ice time and off-day workouts, blah, blah, blah. We all know this season is going to be trying most of the time. These kids need to play. Work on line chemistry, maybe even focus every line on getting Loui Eriksson the puck so he can score?
  • Here’s a stat that is pretty scary, like Donald Trump might be the President scary:
  • Jim Benning is running the Canucks like Donald Trump thinks he’ll be President (notice a trend here): Trump thinks the polls favor him, Benning thinks the Canucks are in good shape. Basically, they’re both wrong.

  • Are we on Willie Watch day 6 or day 7? I’m open for debate.


Even Dan Murphy has essentially checked out. It’s November. To be fair, those hallways have to be confusing, he may as well been by the Skoda car.


The goals seem to be coming again which is great so the more important things can be focused on now like, you know, wins. Putting a lineup together of a few overpaid nobodies along with a few goalless somebodies and Troy Stecher, disaster is the new norm. Me I gotta plug “Read Canucks Army every day,” if Benning paying Sbisa… we’re all paying for it unfortunately. No rhyme there.


Not just a moral victory but an ACTUAL victory. That is what is going to happen. You heard it here first! I promise, I haven’t gone mad.

  • Donald's Hat Trick

    It’s reasonable to think that a win is due if only because opponents start viewing games as a night off, and backups are put in goal.

    Trade talk is picking up around the league, with the Wild interested in Kane and SJ needing a backup. But for moves to be made both teams need to unload salary. An astute GM of a middling team would have been ready for this day, ready to swoop in flaunting his abundant cap space, ready to be the facilitator for the right price. Instead, Benning tries to work the phones while wearing shiny handcuffs.

  • SJ

    Sedin – Sedin – Eriksson
    Granlund – Sutter – Burrows
    Baertschi – Horvat – Dorsett
    Chaput – Gaunce – Skille

    Edler – Stecher
    Hutton – Gudbranson
    Sbisa – Tryamkin

    Markstrom starts

  • Bud Poile

    Nice to see Tryamkin given an opportunity here.

    With one of the league’s premier defensive d -men in Tanev on the shelf he gets instant trial by fire.

    Hutton,Tryamkin,Larsen and Sbisa all in the top six is not exactly ideal.

  • Big D, little d

    Canucks GDT – powered by Liquor Depot. This becomes more apt with each passing game.

    Although I think their tag line should be: “Liquor Depot. You know you’re going to need to be drunk to watch this.”

  • cthulhu

    I am aching for even the simplest kick in the ass for this team. Just fire Willie and bring up Travis Green once this game is over no matter the result.
    Also, please stop it with the Liquor Depot ads. They’re gross.

    • detox

      If you were Travis Green, would you want to coach the Canucks right now?

      I’d guess if WD is fired, whoever replaces him will have the “interim” tacked onto their title.

      Travis Green is an interesting prospect as head coach, but I’d hope they would wait for the offseason to hire an experienced coach. and there would likely be more candidates to choose from.

      • cthulhu

        Of course I would! More money, a chance to coach in the NHL. Aside from the team being this year’s Canucks I’m pretty sure he would jump at the chance. At least he might inject some sort of life into a team that looks slow and discombobulated.

  • cthulhu

    On a totally different note, Canucks fans please stop responding to suzycue123 and others like it and they will go away. Trolls feed off the energy we give them when we get sucked into their twisted commentaries. I should know. I’m an ancient god who lives at the bottom of the ocean and I feed off of the world’s bad energy like that slime in Ghostbusters 2.

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Be careful what you wish for. Canning Willie probably results in an interim appointment of someone like Bob Hartley (Tortorella light) or Ron Wilson. Who else would take the job?

  • Billy Pilgrim

    Regarding trolls: I like to think of CA as a version of a pub discussion. You can always expect some inflamatory BS. As long as it doesn’t get personal, who the hell really cares. I kinda get a kick out of Oilers fans trolling CA (really, after the last decade, they think they can troll anyone else?). I also get a kick out of the knee jerk responses of some Canucks fans as they rise to the bait (really, we do kinda suck right now and likely will for a few years). For the most part, it is just fans being fans. Requiring registration should get rid of the worst trolls. Suzycue and her/his ilk are really just providing additional entertainment value.

    • Suzycue123

      Amen. Finally someone smart enough to get it.

      I’m just having fun guys and it’s so easy to get some of u all wild up!!

      But today is willie D DAY.

      GDP: 6-1.

      Where’s sutter whom linbenning calls a “foundational center piece player”?

  • Marvin101

    Does anyone know Willy’s contract and how much money it will cost Aquilini to fire him?

    Willy seems like a cool dude so I hope he gets a very large chunk of cash.

  • Desjardins: “It’s not that I don’t think Jake is a good player, he’s not consistent enough. Until he gives you that he can’t play.”

    Great. So until Jake plays better, he sits. But since he’s sitting, he can’t play better. Can you see why I want Desjardins replaced???

    • Bud Poile

      Desjardins” It’s not that Jake isn’t a good player,he’s not yet defensively reliable and hasn’t done as we expected but we can’t send him down until Rodin is healthy.”

      So,until his shoulder mends and/or Jake starts performing both offensively and defensively he is a bench-warmer with limited minutes.

      Love the way Willie handles himself,especially given the fact that Virtanen has massively under performed while Willie can hardly afford yet another wannabe on his roster right now.

        • Bud Poile

          Come on. Rodin is a skilled,scoring right winger that has been highly touted as Jake’s replacement.

          Chaput and Megna is your comparitive argument,huh? Neither one are right wingers.None of these guys you mention are full-time NHL players,let alone a replacement for what Virtanen should be bringing.

          • Lol. I enjoy reading your replies because I can’t tell if you’re misreading my posts and answering incorrectly intentionally because you are witty or just dumb. There is no need to wait for Rodin to come off IR and keep Virtanen. Virtanen can go down right down rather than sit in the press box. But based on your answer, you prefer to see Jake not play in the NHL rather than play in the AHL. Ok, that’s your prerogative.

            And the references to Chaput and Megna is that the Canucks have players to bring up for injuries. They were already called up and one is already on IR, why did you think I’d day call them up again? Meanwhile, all of those other Conets are wingers who could play a fourth line role.

            I love your clumsy attempts to strawman and misrepresent what I write. Good job, keep up the good work!

  • Edler: “We believe we have a good system and if we execute it, we will get wins.”

    10 losses in a row. Do you blame the players for every loss or do you blame the coach who keeps playing the same “system” even though it has proven that it doesn’t work?

    • Donald's Hat Trick

      And Edler can’t trash the system in public anyway.

      Elliotte Friedman claims that the Canucks aren’t playing Loui with the Sedins because all 3 of them play “down low” and they need the 3rd forward to play up high to protect against odd man rushes. You’d think that someone would have thought of this before inking Loui for 6 years…

      • Bud Poile

        Acceptable when Tanev mans their point.

        Have to have a top-notch defender playing with them.Premier teams first lines are eating Hutton alive,Stetcher is a raw rookie and Tryamkin is not playing that role yet,especially saddled with Sbisa.

        Edler-Tanev works fine.

      • There is a difference between a scapegoat and the root cause of a problem. I embrace the retool on the fly approach and I am totally against the tank strategy. But I can see where the problems are and every player is playing far below their potential. Unless you really think that the Sedins are only good for 40 pts per year. Is Eriksson only good for 25 points per year or is there a reason why he suddenly started to suck after the Sedins and Eriksson left Team Sweden in the WCOH? If the entire team is failing, then it’s the coach that’s the problem.

          • Explain why the Canucks were dead last when I checked the standings THIS MORNING. Psst, that’s not two years ago but today. And as I asked in the past thread, relevance? Oh, and they were 26th last season too without Sutter, Gudbranson and Eriksson. They managed to get worse with them in the roster.

            Oh, by the way, so you blame the players, not the coach. Because the coach is only as good as his roster. Ok, it’s your right to say that too.