Canucks Army Postgame #10: Inherent Price

The Canucks embarked on what will be their longest road trip of the year, heading to the Bell Centre to take on a Habs team that was undefeated in regulation. The Canucks played a strong game, mounting shot after shot against the Canadiens, but they simply couldn’t beat Carey Price, who stopped all 42 shots he faced. The effort was there, but after two quick goals in the second period from Phillip Danault and Torrey Mitchell, you couldn’t help but sense that the bounces just weren’t going to go their way. 


chart (6)

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– If the Canucks play this game against almost any other goaltender in the NHL, they probably win 10 times out of 10, and handily at that. Not a single Canucks player was below 50% Corsi For, and the team dominated shots and scoring chances through all three frames. Things look bad right now, but the team simply isn’t going to keep shooting at 5% at even strength this season, and the Sedins, Sven Baertschi, and Loui Eriksson are capable of much more offensively than they’ve shown through 10 games. 

-That having been said, offense is still a legitimate concern. Nowhere is this more apparent than on their powerplay, which went 0/5 tonight. They are currently sitting at 26th in the league on the PP, with 10.6%. Considering how anaemic the Canucks are offensively, they really need to get things clicking with the man advantage. 

– Poor Loui Eriksson. He’s been hit-or-miss through his brief stint in Vancouver, but he deserved better luck tonight. He had a team-high 5 shots and had a glorious chance at a one-timer in the third period only to see his stick break. He should probably invest in a rabbit’s foot, or something. 

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– Jannik Hansen was back with the Sedin twins tonight, where he should probably remain for the time being. Tonight was the most dangerous the twins have looked over the past few games, and Hansen had an especially strong game, launching three shots on net in the first period.

– Sometimes I think Willie Desjardins is intentionally messing with Canucks Twitter. The starting lineup for tonight’s game featured a line of Bo Horvat, Alex Burrows, and Derek Dorsett. That line did not make another appearance all night. 

– Tonight’s game gave us this .gif of Henrik Sedin dancing on the bench, so I think it can firmly be classified as a “moral victory”. 

  • Killer Marmot

    Any game now the floodgates are going to open, and Canucks goals will rain down upon the arena like manna from heaven. Twill be beautiful to behold.

    Any game now.

  • Cageyvet

    I was unable to watch the game tonight, due to travel, and had to settle for listening while watching the World Series. Probably a blessing in disguise. The baseball game was crazy, and the hockey game sounded like pure frustration.

    Surely it will get better. Pro hockey players can’t continue to fail to score at this rate. We could ice 4 lines featuring Derek Dorsett at every position and expect a goal a game to go in off somebody’s ankle…it’s unreal.

    The silver lining? We’re lining up for another high draft pick. Embrace it, when the fancy stats favour you and you still suck, it’s just meant to be. Maybe we’ll find our number 1 centre after all.

  • wojohowitz

    Longest road trip of the season; six games in nine days and Willie shortens his bench to 7 forwards. They`ve shot their wad in game one and will be dragging their asses home when its over.

      • Dirty30

        Isn’t it the Coach’s job to get the best out of the players? Learn their strengths and weaknesses, give them training and strategies to help them improve, and deploy them in situations where they are most likely to succeed?

        I don’t agree with the fire Willie crowd because a new Coach would just blur what’s wrong with this team one more time.

      • Because we haven’t heard any criticisms about the coach such as inconsistent line combinations, bad line changes resulting in TMM penalties, failing to take advantage of face-off mismatches (just roll Dorsett anyways!), coaching deficiencies (i.e. hiring Jarvis and Malhotra), impotent power play…after 3 years, this is what we get. A team that can’t even score a single goal. The players are being polite and keeping their mouth shut but we can clearly see on the ice that they are dying under bad coaches. Tortorella *and* Desjardins.

  • Roy

    Isn’t the power play the real issue? What is it at now, single digits? It is horrendous. Even a 20% conversion would have the team noticeably more competitive, or am I getting the numbers wrong (currently on an extended Euro trip)?

    The power play has been abysmal for 2+ seasons. To me, this is an even bigger issue than the non-goal scorers. Slumps are normal but the tire fire that is the man advantage is such an obvious white elephant. It reminds me of all those points we missed out on 3-3 OT and shootouts last year.

  • EddyC

    Did you not read the article? If the Canucks play the way they played this game they would normally win 10 out of 10. The lines are finally where they should be and we just happened to run into Carey Price(the best player in the NHL) playing at his best. Don’t give up hope people because if you do after that game you really aren’t fans of the team.

  • Rodeobill

    Ironically. this was probably their best game this year. Go figure. If they played like that each game they would at least be a playoff team for sure. I dont know if it is just that they have the right systems and team to play against Montreal, but ill suited against big teams, but tonight was an excellent game. Sedins still looked winded even after a break. That’s worrisome. Im not ready for them to be has beens yet. Pass after pass you get excited and a little more outta your seat, and then fizzle.

    I really prefer the 2 johns on sportsnet doing the play by play as opposed to the national feed. Feels like they really don’t know the team that well.

    Hutton gambled and pinched on the second goal and we payed for it, but I hope he isn’t shy to keep doing that, I think in most cases it will help more than hurt (when not playing against Price). I thought Burrows and even Dorsett had better games than I’ve seen this season so far.

    Thought that we didn’t see much of Virtanen, but he looked good when on. What’s up with that!? I think he should have a spot on the 2nd PP (which is a pigstye of a mess).

  • Michael Cinco

    I know they probably won’t keep scoring at this pace but somehow I hope they do over the next two years, the Sedins barring a trade have always been the biggest stumbling block to a true rebuild. If they get muzzled by puck luck then it’s for the best.

  • Hockey Warrior

    Hello darkness my old friend…

    Well, ten games in my fickle fairweather friends and 3-6-1 is VERY close to my astute insider observation of this dreadful Canuck teams losing record (six straight losses and counting).

    However, rather than dissect the Montreal game that once and for all KICKS ANALYTICS into the cr*pper where it belongs, (the only stat that matters is PUCKS IN THE NET), let’s look at another angle… the TEAM Vancouver COULD be icing over this current shower who are sinking quicker than the Canadian peso on Wall Street.

    Schneider (Luongo) (Lack)

    Bieksa (c)

    (?take your pick of available top line centres?)




    As i’m sure ALL TRUE CANUCKS FANS will agree, ALL of the above Canucks cast offs (or players that WERE available) offer a hell of a lot MORE as a TEAM with IDENTITY than Bennings current failed crop..

    … and under the guidance of a PROVEN GRITTY NHL coach like BOB HARTLEY (Stanley Cup, Jack Adams) a winning record would ensue. Surely even YOU blinkered armchair GMs can see that we have been sold FAULTY GOODS in comparison… can’t you?

    • crofton

      Sometimes I wonder about you. The players you trot out and say “better than Vancouver is currently”? OK
      Schneider and/or Luongo vs. Miller/Markstrom? Miller and Schneider are about even statistically and Luongo and Markstrom are as well. Lack ? ROFLMAO
      Hamhuis Bieksa? not so much any more, plus at some point you need to get younger and we did by getting rid of them. Connauton? mmmm a maybe, at best. Forsling? Haven’t seen him play (I think kind of a Larsen, soft that is, maybe better skills, but yes, lots of upside. Corrado is just taking up a roster spot again, sitting in the press box, and Clendenning has made his way thru 3 or 4 teams and let go/waived/whatever.
      Lucic? pass…what he demanded in salary would be a waste in 3 years max.
      Vrbata? another reclamation project that plays soft, gives up the puck to avoid hits.
      Grabner Bonino Kassian? Maybe Grabner, he can score. Not really for Bonino, his playoff run etc would never be duplicated in Vancouver. Kassian. Seriously? Looked pretty stupid against Gudbranson.
      Tkachuk, likely a good player but still I’d pass….but he does fit in with Bob Hartley’s knuckle draggers, I’ll give you that. Matthias? Not much there, most if not all of our young players are better. Richardson? again, seriously? In whose place? Yeah OK face offs. Shinkaruk? Not even in the NHL so far, and Calgary is still worse than Vancouver.
      Raymond just got released. Glass? LOL! McCann? maybe down the road, not yet. Etem? Waived and waived and waived. No one wanted him. Your cast off theory ? Well, how to put this nicely. I can’t> It sucks.