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It’s the beginning of a pretty important road trip and the Vancouver Canucks might need to embrace the “team bonding” mentality if things are going to improve.  The Canucks went 1-1 with the Canadiens last year and both home teams emerged victorious after 60 minutes. Tough to gauge what this Canucks team is right now, but it’s safe to say the rough patch they’ve hit might not be over. 

But hey, Chris Tanev is back!


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Unless you somehow got amnesia within the last 25 seconds, you saw Chris Tanev is back in the lineup. He was missed in spirit but Troy Stecher gave us hope that the defense could rest after the first pairing. It looks like Alex Burrows should be back in but with this team, I wouldn’t be surprised if the pre-game skate revealed something new for Burrows.

We all finally got what we wanted with Jannik Hansen starting on the Sedin line (seriously, what took so long?). This makes way too much sense and hopefully, it kick starts something positive. Bo Horvat gets to keep his wingers (Sven Baertschi and Jake Virtanen) a bit longer and for Virtanen’s sake, I hope there’s a spark. 

No Stecher as Tanev slots back in so I guess Philip Larsen wins the day for now.

Ryan Miller is in the net tonight. Goaltending has been the least of their worries.

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This is the first time the Canucks will see Shea Weber live in a Canadiens uniform and there are so many emotions right now (mostly, why did the Canucks never land him?) It’s a lot of the same Montreal team so the Canucks should be ready.

Carey Price gets a chance to put up his sixth straight win which is pretty impressive because he’s only played five games so far this year. 

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  • Tonight seems like a game Bo Horvat can break out. he leads the Canucks in goals, he’s 3rd on the team in points and for a guy who is down the depth chart slightly, he looks like a star on most shifts. I feel like I’ve said this before?
  • It’s no surprise that Jannik Hansen on the Sedin line is happening again. The stats don’t lie. Since Sept 2010 up until the start of this season, these 3 gentlemen have combined for a 103.2 PDO, 55.7 CF% and a GF% of 63.4. I’m impressed, are you impressed, because I’m impressed. If you read into this AT ALL, they’re good together.
  • Montreal has won seven straight games, we’ve heard this before. The Canucks are pretty good at being the spoiler and this game should be no different. OK, Jared McCann and Derek Dorsett are not in the lineup for different reasons so the exact result won’t be replicated. That would set the table for Jack Skille or Brendan Gaunce to be the guys that shock everyone with big games. I’m not holding my breath quite yet.
  • Loui Eriksson is goalless thus far but it’s fine, it’s not that hard to score when you just believe in yourself. STOP thinking and START doing. The NHL is supposed to be fun. Just do your Swedish goal scoring thing and you know, score goals. I was never a great motivator but this should do the trick. Let the comment section loose!
  • Don’t bother watching the Cubs try to win a World Series. If you’re reading this, you are still a Canucks fan and that hurt is too much. Stay here and see the future. Don’t go over to FOX or whatever channel Sportsnet has it on, it can only end horribly.


Like, the VANCOUVER Canucks? Alright, I guess they are dangerous… ly close to another top 5 pick.d


There’s a chance Nikita Tryamkin plays tonight or so the rumours say, and even if it means we’re a game away from Tanev or that Stecher sits, we need to know what the Canucks have with the big guy. Up front, Hansen finally gets his shot with the Twins and who knows, maybe Loui Eriksson lights a spark with Brandon Sutter. The Canucks and Canadiens usually lives up to the hype so this should be no different.


This might be repetitive but YES, the Canucks win tonight. There are no real reasons for this but something about streaks and history give me belief that the Canucks pull it off.

  • This road trip could be like a breath of fresh air. Team bonding and friendship building kind of stuff. Get away from the public eye and concentrate on playing hockey. Having said that, today is a good day to beat those pesky Habs. Who do they think they are leading the NHL. Same hot start they had last year.

    A win tonight would be a big step in the right direction. Go Nucks Go.

  • Rodeobill

    Didn’t Montreal have a 10 game win streak we broke at the beginning of last season?

    You’d think Tryamkin would be better suited ti start against big hitting teams rather than speedsters, but hey, what do I know! Maybe he will shine and we will all have someone new to gush over.

  • Suzycue123


    Maybe stop predicting WINS like its baby’s milk and do a proper prediction. The fact that u ALWAYS predict a win is ridiculous. Like do a proper write up and stop doing the easy thing and try to manufacture wins by simply writing the word w-I-n.

    Like its ok to go against the grain and maybe ppl will take ur gdp more seriously.