(John Shorthouse voice) In the FINAL game of the Canucks preseason, Vancouver heads to Edmonton, to the newly minted Rogers Place to take on the Oilers. Although the results haven’t changed from last year, the players fighting to make the Canucks have. Troy Stecher has taken the mantle from Ben Hutton as this year’s surprising standout on defense (actually anywhere) while Jack Skille and Tuomo Ruutu have made the most of their PTOs. 

The regular season starts for the Canucks next weekend so this is the final tune up to see who’s ready.

Its the Canucks….and the Oilers….NEXT! 


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  • Our first glimpse of Loui Eriksson was pretty good. He scored…twice. Maybe the World Cup of Hockey WAS a good thing? The Sedins seemed to benefit from playing with their new linemate right away. Sure, he’s no Radim Vrbata but he’ll do. I sense somehow Jannik Hansen is a sad puppy now that his spot with the Twins is gone. Its ok Jannik, you’ll heal.
  • Troy Stecher is probably going to be a Canuck opening night, he just has to. Its pretty rare to see a standout two years in a row come out of pretty much nowhere (as far as mainstream coverage goes). Imagine what Brock Boeser will do when he debuts? Jeez, that’ll be fun. Stecher has been a bright star this preseason and with the addition of Erik Gudbranson, the Canucks defense might actually be ok…..crap forgot Sbisa is still here.
  • Jake Virtanen needs a big game tonight. Although his spot may not be in jeopardy, he needs to be our Milan Lucic, our big bear, our brute. Is Milan Lucic any of those things, I really don’t know. Big Country has potential to do great things in a Canucks jersey but he has to show us its coming. Go for broke in the preseason and stand out. 
  • So Nail Yakupov is gone and Kris Russell is an Oiler…I’m not even mad, I’m impressed. You do you Oilers, you do you. (wow….yeesh….zoinks…..haha their awful….ran out of things here)
  • If you don’t want this game tonight, your cable company will scan your viewing choices and deem you don’t care about hockey and immediately blackout the 2017 NHL season on your TV. I’d take this pretty serious, it happened to me in 2012/13. 


I was just going to post the entire Oilers Nation timeline on Twitter but I figure you’ve laughed enough already. Now, how does Sbisa work into all of this?


Unless something catastrophic happens, the team has been decided. I can’t see Loui Eriksson losing his job so I guess we’re waiting to see about Skille and Ruutu. I think they make it. It’s not going to hurt the team further to bring them along and it motivates Burrows and a few others to keep their game in check. This isn’t the best Canucks team ever, its not the worst but its interesting and the difference from last year is I care a heck of a lot more with this lineup.


We need to believe they do, so yes. A MILLION TIMES YES!

  • RIP

    I’m not stavvy with the numbers of the new Canucks yet… So is my interpretation of the lines correct?


    Can they have 28 players dressed !?!

  • I’d like to see Virtanen and Stecher start in Utica for the start of the year. They should be back up if there’s an injury or after the deadline (Canucks hopefully deal some vets). Skille and Ruutu have looked solid and one, maybe both, should get a contract.

    Gaunce is on the bubble again but has looked better than Etem. I don’t know if Etem will ever get it but he might have to be waived and sent to Utica as well.

    This team isn’t winning now so fans should think long term. This includes developing the prospects properly and taking it slow.

    Opening night might be:










  • VvV

    You know you’re a bad blogger when you don’t even talk about the opposition other than a tweet regarding a trade of a player who want even going to make the roster.

  • wojohowitz

    Who makes the final cuts? Gaunce-Yes. Ruutu-Yes. Skille-No. Etem-No. Vitanen-No. Stecher-No.

    Rodin should play one game a week until his knee heals and Ruutu slots in.

    A couple of months in the AHL won`t hurt any of the young guys.

    Sbisa, Larsen and Tryamkin can all get a chance at being the sixth defenceman.

  • Clutch

    Listen here Always90four – if that’s your real name – you just shut your mouth! No more Oiler bashing! We may have had a bit of a bumpy road the last little while *reflects on past 10 seasons* but but now we have a shiny new McDavid!…..HA!

    *smothers face in pillow and hopes everything will be better in the morning*

    • Clutch

      Uh, the Coilers have not been that good for like 20 years +. A couple of good seasons and a run to the finals. They haven’t given fans much to cheer about.

      Yes, I am one of those odd guys who puts a lot of weight on regular seasons. You know, the 82 games and bulk of the hockey a fan would watch.

      • Clutch

        Like I said “bumpy road the last little while” – I’ll be the first to agree the Oilers haven’t done anything the last 10 years but I am a true fan since they joined the NHL in ’79 – I’ve supported them through the good years and the bad. The difference is, throughout the Oilers history they have delivered more for their fans than the Canucks, Flames and Jets combined (if you need me to spell it out that’s a total of 1 cup [Flames], even a training bra has two cups)….Oilers are the superior franchise…..Ma-Ha!

        • defenceman factory

          By your logic the leafs are a far superior franchise to the Oilers.

          Yes yes the Oilers were once a great team.

          Connor McDavid’s dad was still in short pants when that happened. Spain used to have an empire and Greece once ruled most of the world.

          Its been a long time since you could expect the Oilers to be entertaining. I empathize with the loyal and enthusiastic fan base long betrayed by some of the inept management ever witnessed.

          If Oiler fans directed as much energy as they do on trolling Canucks and Flames toward finally curing the cancer that is Kevin Lowe maybe there would be hope for the future.

          • Clutch

            ……and since Spain was an empire the Canucks have done what? ….. the leafs – if you want to compare the Oilers to an Original 6 team (who has a 100 year history advantage) then the Canucks look that much worse …just saying’…..and it’s 2-1 Oilers

          • Clutch

            Crotch, I can appreciate you being loyal to your team. That’s great. However, your team has been a tire fire for almost my entire life. Fight for your team but try and stick to the facts otherwise you come out being a bigger idiot than you appear to be.

            McDoofus may resurrect your team and make the Coil something decent. He looks amazing. It’s unfortunate he landed with the Coil but what can you do. After all of the high picks the Coil picked and eventually ruined, I hope they don’t ruin 97.

            And yes, the Coil just finished doing what they do best: losing. It’s pre-season so don’t worry too much.

            Anyway, I am sure the Coil will be good one day but you never know. I wouldn’t be shocked if they end up with yet another high pick in June.

          • Clutch

            Crotch, McDoofus, Coil…..really? The most lethal weapon available to Canucks Army is name-calling? Come on Ted put a little effort into it.

            *waits patiently for the Trash button to over-heat*

          • defenceman factory

            No denying the illustrious history of the oilers but it’s just that history.

            The Oilers have been so bad now for so long they had to create the draft lottery just to reduce the odds of Oilers management destroying every 1st round pick for the rest of time.

            BTW how did you enjoy that third period?

          • Clutch

            Yes the Oilers do have a history unfortunately the Canucks do not…

            Correction: the Draft Lottery was created because of Ottawa not the Oilers

            Enjoyed the third, looking forward to the regular season and icing a complete team


  • Clutch

    Do not ever refer to Jake as Big Country again. Ever.

    Since when did Bartkowski become in charge of nicknames. Just offensive in its lack of originality. Bartkowski Is gone, so is the weak nickname.

  • Clutch

    All this Hockey History talk — Vancouver fans probably remember when the Pacific Coast Hockey League Champions — the Vancouver Millionaires defeated the Ottawa Senators in 3 straight games to win the Stanley Cup.The Millionaires were coached by. Frank Patrick.(From Hockey’s Greatest Family) and led on the ice by “Cyclone” Taylor.That was

    1915 — 101 years ago for the one and only Vancouver Stanley Cup.

    In 2016/17 it maybe news if a Canadian Team makes the Playoffs!

  • Clutch

    I love it when Baertschi scores on the Flames.

    This was a talented young player who the Flames mismanaged egregiously. May their incompetence come back to haunt them repeatedly.

  • the second period was the best the oilers have played in decades but i thought the canucks actually stood up to it ok. probably not the best idea to dress biega/larsen/stecher on the right side in a real game.

    mcdavid is real this year and can inspire his guys to a hurricane intensity. but i wonder if good teams are going to ropeadope that kind of onslaught until he gets tired. when the adrenaline petered out the oilers were pretty horrible at a normal pace. and they still cheat constantly in their own zone.

    amazing to me to see nugent hopkins and draisatl immediately regress when they put an oilers uniform back on. even pulljujarvi looks like the has lost his way already. as good as mcdavid is it’s 50/50 whether he remediates that toxic wasteland of ruined talent. there is a decent chance he will be demanding a trade in the next two years.

  • Not having Tanev and Gudbranson in the lineup exposed their true value. Especially Chris Tanev. We need him.

    Hope Rodin returns soon.

    Having Biega in the lineup full time will take some getting used to. Not that he is bad, but this is not what I had in mind when I suggested we run with eight defensemen.

    Oilers really turned it on in the 2nd. Markstrom made some nice saves. Granlund is turning into something good, as predicted by Jim Benning. I recall him saying Granlunds skill set is undervalued. He plays an understated game.

    Good hustle in the 3rd to get the win. It was nice to see us rebound after that 2nd period push by Edmonton.

  • Clutch

    Was a good game played by Canucks if Oilers dominate teams like they did in second period and don’t score and lose games they will soon lose confidence and by trading some of the talent they have without the return they will be down and out fairly quick.
    We at least expect the Canucks will have a tough time while the Oilers fans are expecting a Stanley Cup in October the last few years and this year isn’t any different.
    With Canucks success will be a bonus we think they will make the playoffs, but if injuries hit top players that will soon fade away we need to have all our good players to have good years and play the full season.