Canucks place Alexandre Grenier on waivers

The Canucks continue to trim down their training camp roster today, as Mark Spector from Sportsnet was the first to report that the Canucks have placed forward Alexandre Grenier on waivers:

This move comes as no surprise, as Grenier had not done enough in pre-season to avoid this move. The Laval, Quebec native played a team low 8:13 last night, where he had 2 PIM and 1 shot on goal. He posted a CF% of 50% last night. 

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He also appeared in the first pre-season game against San Jose, where he was limited to one shot on goal in 14:28 of ice time.

Grenier just turned 25 in early September, and at this point, what you see is what you get. He may prove to be a depth call up at some point in the season, but he is a player that just doesn’t utilize his skill set to the fullest. He has the size and speed to be an effective depth player, but lacks consistency and intensity.

At this point, Joseph Labate, Borna Rendulic, Jack Skille and Tuomo Ruutu have shown more this pre-season that Grenier quickly fell down the depth chart. 

At times last year in Utica, Grenier looked to be on track to finally breaking through to the NHL but looking at the underlying numbers, it was clear he was benefitting from playing with Hunter Shinkaruk and Brendan Gaunce. Once Shinkaruk was traded, and Gaunce saw some time in the NHL, Grenier quickly disappeared.

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It’s safe to assume that Grenier will clear waivers because of two factors. The first being his own performance, which isn’t enough for another team to use a contract spot and secondly, teams haven’t seen attrition in their current assets at this point in camp to take the ‘warm body’.

If Grenier clears, he will be assigned to Utica.

  • TrueBlue

    Smart time to put someone through waivers if it has to be done, though it’s hard to say if other teams would be jumping at Grenier for anything other than AHL depth.

  • TrueBlue

    I was cheering for Grenier but he really doesn’t deserve to make the team. Like the written statement notes: he has been passed by many. Grenier didn’t do a thing to stand out and just seemed to go through the motions. For a guy his size, he didn’t stand out.

  • I see former Canuck Ryan Stanton made the list.

    Grenier has become the next invisible man. Last year it was Nicklas Jensen. Emerson Etem may be next. I like both players, but …

    I doubt Grenier gets claimed. Another year in Utica.

  • Not sure why so many people assume Etem is going on waivers. Dude was likely told to battle on the boards, drive the net, and be tough to play against like a 4th liner should be and that’s exactly what he did vs Edmonton. He had a noticeable impact on play and that was with Granlund & Dorsett. Granlund got to play a game with Baertschi and Rodin and still couldn’t capitalize. If Canucks are set on keeping Gaunce and Etem or Granlund are the only 2 options to cut, I won’t be surprised if they keep the big speedy winger over the small centre who has a lot of flash but no finish. They already had one of those in Vey.

    • TrueBlue

      Granlund was terrible with those 2. Unless the got a shot in off the rush, they were just boxed out the whole game. That line needs some grit or size. Also doesn’t help all 3 of them are left hand shots. Do Canucks really need 2 of their top 3 lines being full left handed guys? Won’t take long for opposition to clue in they’ve only gotta denied half the ice with a full effort.

      • DJ_44

        We must not have watched the same game. Granlund was good last night in 5v5 the pk and the pp. they had lots of scoring chances including some posts.

        That said, Gauce has been good as well, and may be better suited on the 4C depending on linemates. Did he always have that quick release on his wrist shot? That made the largest impression on me (thinking of the Edm game specically).

  • TheRealPB

    i think we basically know the roster now.

    etem has looked weaker than any other regular other than burrows so far and he has a very waivable contract so i think speculation was reasonable if you take the team at face value when they say jobs are open.

    they are also boxed in on sbisa for now. with team europe going so far and him getting no minutes they will barely be able to evaluate him, and neither tryamkin nor pedan seems ready to steal his job. there is no way he does not start unless they trade him.

    larsen is doing exactly what they asked him to come here to do when they signed him and we’d be raving about the guy if not for stecher appearing out of nowhere. he is entitled to a chance.

    so i think the roster is getting close to set at this point except for virtanen or gaunce fading or an injury. something like this.





    maybe stecher is so good from here onward he is the extra dman but i think tryamkin has shown enough and they want to avoid contract drama, plus he can play both sides. i suppose they also might send virtanen down and keep stecher up.

    one last option is buying out burrows.

  • Whackanuck

    Tryamkin makes the team. Too big and mobile to not see the benefit of him over Sbisa. You don’t need any further evaluation of Sbisa. He’s horrid. We’ve seen it for two years now. Team Europe figured it out pretty quick (not even sure why he made the team tbh). Edler/Tanev Hutton/Gudbranson Tryamkin/Larsen extra Stetcher.

    I know a lot of people will disagree with sending Sbisa down, but this needs to move on from him. And from the Kesler trade in general.

  • TrueBlue

    Notice that Christian Erhoff was playing at the WCoH and Sbisa was scratched. And commenters here have said that Vegas would claim him in the expansion draft…. lol.

    Before training camp I thought that Burrows, Granlund and Dorsett would be the opening night 4th line, with Gaunce in Utica and Etem as the 13th forward. Now I think that Gaunce will be the 4th line centre, Granlund scratched as the 13th forward, and Etem will go on waivers.

  • Larionov18

    Ryan Stanton’s decline is a bit surprising. He was very serviceable dman the first few months as a Canuck and then the broken foot came and his game fell of a cliff when he came back. Too bad.

    • TheRealPB

      Stanton is Corrado from a few years ago — an originally low-ranked prospect (undrafted as opposed to Corrado’s 5th round selection) who became one of Chicago’s best young D in Rockford (along with a glut of other young good defensemen they mostly traded away for their Cup runs) and who became victim of the numbers game when we got him. You’re right before the injury he was a pleasant surprise — good positionally, reasonably tough (or at least stood up for teammates), and reliable. But he was always going to be a fringe player as shown by his time in the AHL last year and now getting waived down to the minors. It’s one of the reasons I never understood all the bellyaching about Corrado. He’s a perfectly serviceable depth defenseman at the NHL level but won’t be more than that. These kinds of transactions happen all the time — if there isn’t a hue and cry about the waiving of a former 13th overall pick (Gormley) I’ve never understood why there’s so much fuss over Corrado, who this year will be in tough to make the Leafs roster given the fact that Carrick clearly has more upside and has passed him on the depth chart with others coming up. I hope Stanton can continue to carve out a pro career as he seemed like a really decent guy; it’s already impressive that an undrafted player has had 120 NHL games to his name.

  • Steampuck

    Depending on things shake down, Granlund provides remarkable flexibility on the roster. I wouldn’t be surprised to see a rehash of the Sutter with the Sedins experiment at some point, since it looks as though Granlund and Gaunce can hold down 3C and 4C. Not for any extended period of time, but this squad looks like it could roll out a lot more different looks than they could last year.

  • Out of all the PTO contracts, I’m really hoping Skille gets on the team. He’s shown us fans and coaches that he does what he can to help the team. He’s playing great. Labate has lots of potential but I could see him k the team in 2-3 YRS. I’ll be happy with whatever happens. Not worried who makes the team or not or gets traded etc…. I’m gonna be a fan np matter what. Even they go 0-82. Lol