Can the Canucks carry their high-flying offence with them against the Flames tonight? Can Troy Stetcher continue to be lights out awesome? Probably not, but don’t let that get in the way of the hype train. The Richmond, B.C. native put on an electric performance, after all.

Then there’s Thatcher Demko’s debut in a Canucks uniform. Oh, let’s not forget Ben Hutton and Erik Gudbranson.

So, tonight Calgary welcomes Vancouver, and we’ll watch with intent, because there isn’t any filler hockey tournament taking away valuable TV time anymore.




PUCK DROP: 6PM (Stupid daylight savings time!)



  • Jake Virtanen normally would have slotted into this game had he not been dinged up but there’s a good chance we don’t see him until closer to the end of preseason, just a hunch. Bo Horvat, Sven Baertschi, Brendan Gaunce and maybe Alex Burrows will headline. It’s not the big club but it works for me.
  • The enigma that is Jayson Megna hopefully slots back in. He was a Hartford Wolfpack regular last season getting 6 games with the Rangers and even scoring a goal. It’s nice to have warm bodies so these games don’t seem completely boring so maybe he gets a chance to dazzle a bit. He was NWO elite in Hartford with 15 G and 29 assists as a centre. Might help the Comets do some damage this year.
  • Brandon Sutter should make an appearance to get his career year started. He needs as much game action as possible if he’s gonna put up 29 points this year. If he’s healthy this season it gives the Canucks some much-needed depth up the middle and give Horvat the time and space to become the true heir to the 2nd line throne.
  • It’s in Calgary and it’s on early, that’s a deal breaker for a lot of people. But a year ago I was so skeptical about the pre-season and everything it stood for and I stand here today, asking you to watch this game. Plus, you need to get ready for Henrik and Daniel Sedin to come back and it will just be all weird and stuff if you don’t know who’s playing with them…that isn’t name Loui or Jannik.


Might as well do it early, the rest of those bums are just wasting popcorn and good wifi


Considering the Flames have basically been playing with house money for two seasons now, their preseason probably goes swimmingly until the real stuff begins. As the person in charge of the most IMPORTANT GDT on the Canucks interwebs, I predict with 67% confidence the Canucks will skate away victors. 

  • pheenster

    I like your enthusiasm. But I feel compelled to point out that games in Calgary will continue to start at 6PM Pacific even after daylight savings time ends.

  • Me

    Does anybody look at these before they’re published? Stecher isn’t playing. Demko has already made his debut in a Canucks uniform. Horvat isn’t playing. Megna isn’t playing. Sutter isn’t playing. Seriously.

  • I don’t think Stecher is playing tonight. Same with Baertschi and Horvat. I love what Stecher did, but lets not get carried away. Let him play a few more games.

    Hutton and Gudbranson on the 1st pairing. Brisebois and Tanev on the 2nd, and Tryamkin and Larsen on the 3rd. Tryamkin and Larsen seemed out of balance in San Jose, so maybe things go better tonight. I want to see Larsen make an impact. Seems like Canucks want him and Tryamkin to develop chemistry. This could be our 3rd pairing going forward.

    I saw on Flamesnation Shinkruk and Higgins are playing tonight. Look forward to seeing Hunter, even though he’s on the wrong team.

  • Not Dressed For Tonight's Game

    Wow, just wow! Why even bother posting this article? Incorrect information throughout! Doesn’t anyone proof read anything before it goes up? Isn’t there supposed to be an editor to try and maintain some quality?

    If you want a real article on tonight’s game check out Carol’s article on Hockey Buzz

  • wojohowitz

    “But a year ago I was so skeptical about the pre-season and everything it stood for and I stand here today, asking you to watch this game.” I find it odd when people covering teams find it a chore to watch pre-season games. You’d think they’d be geeked to do it cuz it’s kinda part of your job to report on Canucks stuff….right? Maybe I’m wrong. I just hope the bloggers here don’t start going to the Big Fat David Pratt style of reporting – complete ignorance and oblivious of the facts but will be adamant he is correct. That style certainly is annoying and the main reason I don’t listen to BFD Pratt.

    Ah well. I am into this pre-season stuff!

  • wojohowitz

    I find myself going else where lately for correct and responsible journalism. I know its free, but so are other places. I won’t mention names but two young ladies stand out in the blogs recently.

    Otherwise it should be another interesting preseason game, after looking at the correct lineup.

  • wojohowitz

    Guys to watch for; Shinkaruk, Tkachuk, Higgins, Ferland, Brouwer.

    How does Gulutzan see the Canucks; Small, soft, easy to intimidate. Play them tough for the first five minutes and they will fold. That`s the way all teams see the Canucks until proven otherwise. It`s a good start to see the Canucks take the initiative and go after them.

    • Bob Long

      Ferland is incredibly over-rated in the Vancouver media. If we had GudBranson junior would have got a licking and that would have been that. He’s actually not that good a player.

    • Not Dressed For Tonight's Game

      That may be the way the regular lineup will look but I think this year’s Canuck team will have more toughness. Specifically: Gudbranson, Tryamkin and Pedan (hopefully the latter two make the regular lineup).

      I think Sbisa helps in this area even if his defence is incredibly inconsistent. Sbisa may be an OK #6 D man and the only reason fans are upset with him is his ridiculous contract. I really don’t know how Benning justified a $700 000 overpayment. Not the worst contract in the world but shouldn’t have been given a penny over his qualifying offer. However, the Canucks farm system was so bare, I can’t really get too upset when Benning tried to keep as many young players as he could (Sbisa was a 1st round pick and young when Benning landed him).

      The forwards could use some more thump and maybe one day Virtanen, Boeser, Gaunce, Grenier, Labate, Horvat, Sutter etc will be the guys who will be mainstays here and play with a bit of edge.

      • Me

        Blows me away that people still are hung up on Sbisa being overpaid by $700K, when the leafs are paying $15 million (Horton, Lupal, Robidas, Cowan) not to play for them….and the Oilers paying $10 million (Nikitin, Faye, Ference)..Then again, Leafs and Oilers…

        • wojohowitz

          Oh I know. Sadly there’s a small crevice of CanuckNation that contains Canucks WhinerNation. These are the same idiots who go on about Dorsett being overpaid to a degree where you’d think he’s getting $6 mill/year. Give me a break. I guess if these ass-cracks had their savior, Gillis, in place then Dorsett could’ve been paid $2.25 mill/year and also given a NTC.

          Hey, why not get a 30 year old goalie, give him a 12 year contract and a NTC?! It’ll be a hell of a deal!

          • Dirty30

            Your membership card and t-shirt for Whine Nation is in the mail. It will likely be late, the t-shirt will be the wrong size and we will have spelled your name wrong,

            Oh, and we elected you President!

  • Bob Long

    Maybe if we ask for a pGPS analysis we’d get the right lineup. Oh well at least they didn’t say they were looking forward to the Gaudreau – Demko battles.

    I think the way Hutton-Gudranson seems to get gelling is what I’m most happy about so far. If they can make this work the way it looks, the Canucks have a legit top 4 D that are going to be tough to play against.

  • wojohowitz

    I totally agree Ferland is not a very good player but what he is is a shat disturber – a guy who will go after the twins, a guy who will run Edler or Stecher into the end boards, a guy who becomes the center of attention by the way he plays. In the pre-game the other teams say; watch out for Ferland.

  • Scary Gary

    I’m 67% sure this lineup would struggle with a WHL team:








    •Bachman / Demo


  • Me

    What’s with the Flames pre-season roster. Vey, Higgins, Shink… Aren’t the Leafs the ones we usually pawn off our over-the-hill or just not quite good enough players to? Now they’ve got Auston Matthews they’re suddenly too good for our leftovers?