Flame Out: Canucks Young Stars Fall to Flames 4-3 In OT

The Canucks closed out the 2016 Young Stars Classic in a spirited affair against their Western Canadian rivals, the Calgary Flames. Calgary had been the team to beat this weekend, featuring the most well-rounded roster of the tournament.

The Flames came on strong, and Vancouver struggled against their attack for most of the game. Luckily, a few timely goals from Michael Carcone, Jordan Subban, and Yan-Pavel LaPlante, as well as the inspired play of goaltenders Thatcher Demko and Michael Garteig was enough to push the game to extra time.

Karma caught up with them eventually, however, when Ashton Sautner blew a tire at Calgary’s blue line. Ryan Lomberg was left all alone on the breakaway and he made no mistake, sealing the game 4-3 in overtime.


  • Don’t let the score fool you, this was not a good performance by the Canucks youngsters. They struggled to get out of their own zone for most of the night, and couldn’t get much zone time at the Flames’ end when they did. If not for Thatcher Demko, the game could have been out of hand by early in the second period. Demko also stopped Mark Jankowski on a penalty shot, looking thoroughly unconcerned as he knocked away Jankowski’s wrister with an easy pad save.
  • Jordan Subban was an adventure tonight, to say the least. He was making crisp passes for most of the night, but missed the mark on a feed to MacKenze Stewart at his own blue line. Stewart bobbled the puck, and it ended up on Lomberg’s stick, who put it past Demko to tie the game at 1. Subban also took a pair of undisciplined penalties that could have come back to bite him very hard. Subban’s night wasn’t all bad, however. He looked dynamic at times, and scored a beautiful goal straight out of the penalty box off a nice feed from Michael Carcone. 

  • Speaking of Carcone, he was the Canucks’ best forward tonight, using his speed to draw a tripping penalty, and picking up two points on the night. 
  • Carl Neill got the assist on Carcone’s goal, and I thought he quietly had a good game tonight after a fairly unremarkable performance in his first game. Neill’s passes were all connecting and he set up a couple of rebounds for his teammates on the power play. He struggled at times with his in-zone defensive play, but overall, I liked what I saw from the young defender.
  • Cole Candella was certainly not what I expected. Despite being among the OHL’s top defensemen in terms of points-per-game, he didn’t get many opportunities to showcase his offensive instincts. He looked nervous and confused for most of the game, and his skating looked labored. Perhaps he struggled with the tournament’s lack of structure, but even still, I was hoping for more from him.
  • Marc-Olivier Roy was a standout in the first two games, but it was another Quebecer, Yan-Pavel LaPlante, that stole the show tonight. LaPlante completed the illustrious Gordie Howe hat-trick, fighting Ryan Lomberg (who was all over the ice tonight), and tipping in a shot from Roy in the second period.
  • This concludes our coverage of the 2016 Young Stars Classic. It was a tremendously fun experience for all involved. Jim Benning has said that most of the players at this tournament will get an invite to main camp, so we’ll keep you updated as that situation unfolds. I’d imagine Marc-Olivier Roy in particular has earned himself a long look, and may be able to compete for a spot on the Comets’ roster this fall.

  • LTFan

    It’s worth mentioning that Garteig also played very well coming in cold and that the Young Canucks power play was seriously atrocious (0-for-8 if I recall and the OT winner may have been a shorthanded goal against).

    Subban is certainly not the answer to the big club’s power play woes.

    All-in-all, I’d suggest that Stecher’s stock improved the most over the full course of this tournament – probably at the expense of Subban.

  • chinook

    Agree with all your points. Carcone was impressive in this and the previous game, look forward to seeing how he does against NHL’ers in exhibition games. The Roy-Daoust-LaPlante line looked good. Cassells improved his stock. Subban was erratic, both mentally and in his play – disappointing.

  • LTFan

    IMO none of the players from this tournament will be on the Canucks on opening night. A few will be up during the season when someone on the Canucks is injured.
    The Canucks will be sending players to Utica (AHL)and also to the Alaska Aces (ECHL) based in Anchorage.

    I was hoping someone would step up and really standout but no one did. The best player was probably Troy Stetcher with honourable mention to Michael Carcone and Marc-Olivier Roy.

    We will see what happens when they all get to the main camp.

  • chinook

    Thanks for the post Mr. Perogy. I’d have to agree with you on pretty much everything and I honestly don’t know if I’ve ever seen a game where a team fails on so many power plays. They looked pretty bad tonight, but I think they may have come away with the “W” if some of the other D-men had’ve been in the lineup, namely Stecher, Juolevi and even Brisebois. Tate Olsen is definitely not ready for the next level unless he’s playing hurt or something and yes Carcone is looking like a real steal for old Jimbo.
    Well that’s my 2 bits. I honestly can’t think of anything else right now, except Utica should be really good this season.

  • wojohowitz

    It`s not about making the Canucks but about getting a contract. For some of these players their careers ended today.

    Subban was probably unsettled by watching Strecher play and pass him on the depth chart. Besides being similar in style the two also appear to be similar in stature at 5`9 and 180 and the reviews on Stecher are glowing.

    The one definite takeaway was Joe Labate will be pushing for a roster spot with the Canucks. He has Green on his side, letting him play on the PP in front of the net in the third period, throwing hits and fighting, something Gaunce should do – get in a fight and stake a claim.

    • LTFan

      I agree with most of your comment except the part about Gaunce getting into a fight. What he needs to do, IMO, is to use his size to win puck battles and score some goals.

  • TheRealPB

    I thought Cassels looked pretty good, got a few hits in, made good plays with the puck and back checked, skated well. Really liked Carcone, even when he got knocked over popped back up, great pass on that Subban goal, great shot on his. The defense looked terrible. The two Lomberg goals were just awful. I’m not sure how much I blame Subban on that pass — what the hell was Stewart thinking? And why on earth do the Canucks think they have a player in him, whether F or D?

    As someone else mentioned, Garteig has looked really good. I guess it’s too much to go into the season with two NCAA graduates as your Utica stoppers so he’ll start in the ECHL but I really like the combo of him and Demko.

    I know Kylington gets all the press but for my money I think Anderson is the better of the two Flames D Swedish prospects. Great with the puck, tough and much better positionally (doesn’t have to skate back into the play as much). And as much as I like the Baertschi trade I think that of all the 2nd round picks we’ve given away, this is the one that will likely be the highest cost in terms of the player (though I guess McKeown’s pretty decent — but that cost is on LA not us for their dumb rental of Sekera)

  • TheRealPB

    That’s the first game I saw Subban, and I can see now what all the coaches are saying about him having great offensive instincts but not paying enough attention to details on the defensive side of things. There is absolutely nothing wrong with him spending another year or two in the AHL to figure it out. I believe he is still younger than Stecher, whose game appears to be much more polished (from what I have read). That’s the first Young Stars game I have seen and it was just “chicken head cut off hockey”. Gartieg and Demko were definitely the highlights for me.

  • wojohowitz

    The Comets will have a pretty good group of offensive defense men with Strecher and Subban. It will be Stecher who will be the one who impresses and Subban will have to work harder on his overall game.
    With Strecher getting the limelight Subban will have to suck it up and improve or he will never be noticed again.
    If he has value I would say trade him now as an add in on a trade.

  • Bob Long

    The tournament has highlighted the one remaining issue we all know about, that lack of top 6 prospect depth.

    If Boeser was playing he’d probably be the difference maker for more wins but its OK to see how the grinders we have can make out.

  • Bob Long

    Disagree with the blogger when he said the Canucks were hemmed in most of the game and the score flattered them. I thought it was more towards and even looking game and the score is fair. Canucks had their moments.

    I am liking Valk and Carcone. They were solid. Subban was pretty decent but not perfect.

  • Young stars was fun. I hope the tournament stays in beautiful Penticton BC. I recall Brian Burke wanting an alternate location, Red Deer Alberta.

    Stecher, Garteig, and Carcone stood out in a positive way. I think for others, it was a bit of an eye opener.

    Tate Olson had a target on his back. Cross check, late hit, and a knee on knee. What has he done to deserve this special attention.

  • TheRealPB

    Subban is 5’7 … what part are you surprised about?

    Maybe someone can think about why he’s been on the cover of the province newspaper, and every Canucks advertisment for the last 3 years

  • I think with stetcher as opposed to subban is he looks solid defensively in spite of his size, he is always hounding the opposition, good positionally, disrupting play, and poke checks galore. Probably be good for subban to play with him in utica and learn a few of those tricks from him.

    I really liked Valk too, and thought he deserved a little more notice. Much like Carcone, smaller and dynamic. I want to see him in Utica next year for sure.

    Looked like our Defense seemed confused alot of times with the systems and that is perhaps to be expected with no experience working together, but I thought our forward group cycled really well and got to the net alot.

    also Tkachuk looked good but not blue chip good, so I think we drafted right with juolevi.