Canucks sign Michael Carcone to three year entry level contract

It was reported last week by our own JD Burke, that the Canucks had signed development camp invitee Michael Carcone to an three year entry level contract. That became official today, as the Canucks announced that they had agreed to terms with the 20 year old undrafted forward:

Carcone had been invited to the Florida Panthers development camp this past week, but was removed from the invite list on Sunday.

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As mentioned in J.D.’s post and in my development camp preview, about 15.2% of comparable players to Carcone went onto being NHL regulars. Which is a very good percentage for a player that cost nothing to the Canucks other than a contract spot and money.

Carcone set career highs in goals (47), assists (42), points (89), and PIM (80) this previous season with Drummondville. He will likely head to Utica this upcoming season, where he could rise through the ranks quickly as the team will be in need of some offensive punch next season.

Carcone scored a nice goal during the scrimmage at Canucks development camp:

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Carcone is a little smaller, measuring in at 5’10 and around 170 lbs – he does play a skilled game but isn’t afraid to mix it up and play the gritty side. He will be a player to watch for the Canucks at the Young Stars tournament this September.

Although I liked D’Aoust more personally, Carcone looks like he is a decent gamble for the Canucks. He can play the up tempo game, shown some offensive flair and isn’t afraid to get into battles to create chances.

With Carcone signed, the Canucks currently have 44 contracts, with Alexandre Grenier and Andrey Pedan left to get deals done with.

  • Me

    I know he’s a few years older, so not directly comparable, but Dubois got his 99 points playing for an offensive powerhouse with 281 goals. Carcone got 89 points playing for one of the bottom teams with 189 goals.


    1) He can drive offense, at least at that level, since he was in on nearly half of all the goals his team scored.

    2) He performs well without quality teammates surrounding him. There was one other guy on the team with 89 points. The next two players on his team had half seasons with the Voltigeurs and only got 21 and 13 points. (this is all based off the EliteProspects page, but AFAIK it’s accurate)

    I don’t know if the CA model looks just at the statline, or there’s some way it compensates for the quality of teammates. If it doesn’t compensate, then I suspect his chance of success is much higher than 15% and he could turn out to be a major steal.

  • Me

    Always on the look out for diamonds in the rough could be a major steal way to go Canucks scouting staff like will turn out better than the 2nd round pick Florida got from us, so good that he ditched their prospect camp and came out Canucks

  • Fred-65

    These are the types of players JB is great at identifying…

    CA folks balk at finding NHL players in the late rounds or as undrafted FA, but they are the stuff 3/4th lines are made of and as part of trades. Teams watch a UFA tearing it up in Utica. That player could be the extra asset that turns a maybe into a yes.

    • Me

      Since when does CA balk at finding NHL players in the late rounds? They literally just did a series on draft steals in the later rounds.

      I think you’re confusing disagreement with Benning over his picks with “balk[ing] at the idea of finding NHL players in the late rounds”.

      As for undrafted FA…

      Again, when have they balked at the prospect that NHL players might exist among undrafted FA?

      They literally just wrote a piece about how they think it’s a good signing that could turn into an NHL player.

      Are you high? Be honest.

  • Fred-65

    Likely this seasons version of Curtis Valk. I don’t know if it always obvious why, but some small players seem to be able to overcome their size other not so much. lets hope Carcone can be a Brendan Gallagher and not a Curtis Valk. Long odds for sure

  • Fred-65

    @MAC 10

    Yes Stecher was another great catch and being a UFA he could have gone anywhere as Canucks were not the only team looking to sign him.
    If these guys turn in to viable players that play in the NHL he can trade all the second rounders he wants as they are worth much more for trade bait than players you develop.
    I think players who had been lost and forgotten and you show them some faith and they make the team they will always be pushing themselves as they are aware how fast you can be replaced and overlooked. Look at Burrows he is a prime example he is forever grateful to the Canucks for giving him the chance to make it.
    Players like that can dig deeper in pressure situations as they have been there before.

  • Me

    If tiny little johnny gaudreau can make it, its definitely possible for Carcone, particularly if he plays a tougher game. He doesn’t have jonny’s offensive potential but he could be a good depth call-up.

  • Me

    For every Gaudreau there are eight and a half other broken husks of midgets bleeding out in a dumpster somewhere.

    The Canucks went small last season. It failed. As it did for Calgary. As it did for Carolina.

    The definition of insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting different results.