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Leafs changing course with signings, where do the Canucks go from here, Ken Holland’s unfinished business in Detroit, Brouwer expensive for the Flames, all Lucic in Edmonton, the AHL cracks down on fighting, why free agents continue to get overpaid and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Violent Gentlemen.

In the Roundup we go around the Nation Network and give you some of the best articles of the last couple weeks. Every once in a while it’s good to know what other teams are doing, or maybe you find an interesting article you wouldn’t have found otherwise. 

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I’m not quite sure what the Leafs are doing and I’m curious to find out

Do the Leafs recent signings reflect the overall mentality?

12 things to consider about Matt Martin

Leafs: Why a Matt Martin buyout with never happen

One small mistake is not a big deal, several small mistakes can be

A rebound of percentages could lead to a quick turnaround for Leafs


Canucks make a sound bet on Eriksson

Top 10 Dan Hamhuis moments as a Canuck

What’s next for the Vancouver Canucks?


The Red Wings are just a shadow of their former selves

Ken Holland’s promise for change has not been filled

James Wisniewski could be the Wings best pick up this off-season


How much better will the Flames goaltending be?

Could Monahan and Gaudreau sign bridge deals?

What’s left on GM’s “To do list”

The Troy Brouwer signing looks bad for Flames

Let’s talk Troy Brouwer


Milan Lucic is an Edmonton Oiler

Milan Lucic first impressions

Is Lucic worth it?

Lucic ready to lead

What happened last week? What’s next?

Why didn’t the Oilers sign Jason Demers?

5 ways to get over the Taylor Hall trade – Scrap of the week

The AHL cracks down on fighting

More from around the Network…

Why NHL keeps overpaying free agents

Vesey looking to explore free agent options

The Eric Lindros trade chain

Jets: Thoughts from development camp

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    • OilBlood

      It’s almost as if there’s some conspiracy not to write anything about Larsson on this site other than that he’s not terrible but not good enough for Hall as a way to voice all the writers displeasure over the trade

      • Hemmercules

        Nice. Looking forward to it.

        I figured Willis would already have an article comparing him to some other defensemen of his age or even some of the guys that were in the rumours (Harmonic, Barrie, Fowler, etc.)

        I assume Gregor will be interviewing him sometime in the near future??

      • ubermiguel

        Hoping you have some video links showing him play. I haven’t had time to surf the internets for video of him and am hoping the Nations will help me out.

  • OilBlood

    Nothing to do with this article buttttt


    That would be nice

    • madjam

      I tried twice but they will not put it up , so here is some sites you might want to try on your own for some insight . Under Adam Larsson Bust , a few in depth articles on Adam early years and last year . Hockey Writers , Hockey News , (good article ), and Fourth period . Be warned they are not koolaid type articles . Who knows what we got ?

  • Realist1

    I just read an article that said Garth Snow declined Hall for Hamonic. Does this put the true worth of a top 2 RD into better perspective?

    And yes please – let’s have a Larsson write up that doesn’t mention Hall once!

    • herb

      In many ways this isn’t surprising, I’ve wanted Hall traded for a D-man going back more than two years and I’ve always stated that people here will be shocked to learn how little Hall will be traded for.

      In no way am I suggesting that Larsson isn’t a fantastic addition because I think he is and wrote the day of the trade that the Oil won the trade.

      Hall isn’t what many here think he is! Time will show that.

      • MGD

        So, you’re saying that just because Hall was the best looking of an ugly bunch doesn’t really mean he’s hot, eh?

        While, I tend to agree with that logic most of the time, Hall’s scoring puts him in a group with some REAL hotties; and compared to them, he ain’t too bad.

    • supra steve

      You are correct, value of quality NHL D-men is through the roof. Makes Treliving’s acquisition of Dougie Hamilton for three 2015 draft picks (#15, 45, 52) look like sorcery. Then he still grabs two blue chip D-men in the late second round of that same draft, Rasmus Andersson (LD) and Oliver Kylington (RD). That was a good days work.

    • FireScorpion

      Or caves under the pressure and becomes the latest in a long proud tradition of Edmonton defensive whipping boys . Petry Gilbert Nikitin Schultz Larsson.

  • Kybb79

    Wow the way Oiler fans are talking about Lucic on ON he must be undefeated in his fights lol Youtube when he got Ko’d in Columbus lol or gave up against Colton Orr just to name a couple!

  • RyanCoke

    1 article yesterday and no real articles today. You guys are not providing my reading material the last couple days. What am I supposed to do on the throne now?

  • Mitch92

    This is totally off topic but I think that with the way England’s luck has been going lately it would be a safe bet that Canadian Milos Raonic will beat England’s Andy Murray for the Wimbledon Men’s title on Sunday.

  • Hockeyfan

    For months i was telling oil fans that a severe overpay was coming. Seeing Larson’s reaction to being traded make s me wonder if he is refusing to report. never know, he didn’t seem thrilled at the trade news. Now that would be funny.
    What are the oil gonna do for more d? or scoring? maybe if your lucky nugget and eggshell will get plucked in expansion. Tough winter coming again oil fans.

  • Gary Empey

    I don’t think there could be any reasonable argument that major changes needed to be made.

    Could the key to this trade be the unexpected availability of Puljulvarvi at 4th overall?

    Then the knowledge that another winger Lucic was about to sign, had to changed the whole situation.

    There were rumors of higher rated defencemen available. The same rumors all mentioned they wanted Leon Draisaitl to make the deal.

    I suggest Oiler fans wait till October and look at the big picture. At a quick glance you appear to be much stronger on the wing. Stronger on the back end. You were always strong down the middle. Goaltending is better than this time last year. I suspect most fans would be happy with that result on July 8.