WWYDW: With the Fifth Overall Pick…


The draft has come and passed and wouldn’t you know it, the Vancouver Canucks took home six new prospects. At the top of the order, Olli Juolevi, taken fifth overall.

There’s the answer to a question that’s been on the minds of Canucks fans since April 29th. Of course, it just as easily could have gone any number of different ways. The thing about that pick was that it was definitely open to scout’s interpretation. That is, you could justify any number of players with the fifth overall selection.

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So, I’m asking you, knowing full well how the first four selections shook out — Auston Matthews, Patrik Laine, Pierre-Luc Dubois and Jesse Puljujarvi — how you would’ve handled the fifth overall selection. Get creative. You can trade down, or even trade the pick. Or you can use it on any other player you prefer.

Last week I asked: Sweet nothing. I totally forgot about What Would You Do Wednesday.

  • LTFan

    I know this is hard for CA bloggers to handle, but Benning did the right thing. The franchise needs top D talent and that only comes from the draft. He saw OJ as the best and took his shot.

    Speaking of which, if you guys are ever looking to put a positive spin on the Canucks, how about an article explaining why OJ is such a good fit and how it may have actually been a stroke of GOOD luck that he fell to us rather than Dubois?

    It’s easy to write, let me start a few points.

    1) Dubois may not pan out at centre. If he’s a winger, we’re better off with a top D-man.

    2) OJ (like Dubois) was one of the youngest at the draft. He played at the U20s and was arguable the best D-man there in spite of most of his competition being 2 years older. Unlike Dubois, he’s a D, which normally takes longer to develop. If that’s the case, his trajectory could carry him to be one of the top in the league.

    3) Interesting note, at the combine, OJ said he was intimidated by the bench press because it’s not a normal part of his training. Possible implication, he hasn’t had a really strict strength training regimen in his life and if that’s so he made it as #1 D in the draft in spite of being nearly the youngest AND not maximizing his physical abilities. Wait ’till Roger Takahashi gets a hold of him, he could be something really special when he puts on on some muscle.

  • Peachy

    I would have traded down 1 spot (with CGY in exchange for a second round pick, which they could have spared), and gambled that OJ would still be there at 6 (a very high probability I think), and if not, been very happy with Tkachuk.

    • Riley Miner

      That’s assuming Calgary thought it was worth it to trade up, giving a second. Apparently they were pretty happy with Juolevi at 6 so what’s the pressure? They knew the Canucks had a need at D, it’s not a secret. I doubt they would have done that deal.

  • Riley Miner

    Tidbit about the bench press; apparently it doesn’t translate to ice hockey, thus a lot of players don’t do it.
    I wanted Dubois, as did most people, but seeing how high he went, it’s obvious that perhaps we were hoping for a guy that wasn’t going to fall to us anyway.
    Juolevi was the right pick if he becomes a top pairing defenseman, heck, even if he becomes a bonafide #3 defenseman. In terms of the trade market, there’s simply better value for a top-3 defenseman than a top-6 forward like Tkachuk. I’m happy with it, I would have done the same thing as Benning. If you see a top-2 dman, why in the world would you trade down, risking losing him?

  • Bud Poile

    Trade pick #5 for any of pick #6-#8 and their 2nd/3rd round pick.

    Draft OJ or Sergachev at #6-8

    Draft a forward in the 2nd/3rd round with a high ceiling potential – swing for the fences!

    • pheenster

      Yes and no. I’m still not happy with the Gudbranson trade, and sure, some people are saying “that’s the market for top 4 RHD.” But this market was partially made by two top execs who thought trading Seguin was a good idea.

      But ya, at least Benning didn’t trade Horvat or Boeser. It’s hard to believe that Chiarelli couldn’t do better with Taylor Hall. Heck, Ryan Johansen netted Seth Jones.

      And I can’t help but wonder why the Canadiens and the Oilers didn’t connect on a Hall for Subban deal. Probably better than what either one got.

  • Rolland

    I would have managed assets better over the past two season and avoided bad contracts.

    I would have used the extra assets pissed away plus the ample cap space to swap into Columbus’ 3rd spot, taking Hartnell off their hands at the same time to make it more enticing.

    But, that’s being too negative, right?

  • Riley Miner

    Draft the best player available, Matthew Tkachuk, and get a good night’s sleep knowing that Daniel Sedin has a successor.

    Update: Trade 5th for Adam Larsson and the 12th pick. Then trade Larsson for Taylor Hall and draft Jakob Chychrun. Get a good night’s sleep knowing that you drafted a top-2 defence prospect, have a 1st line LW and not feel so bad about the Gudbranson trade.

    • detox

      Yep, I just traded an elite top-5 NHL Forward, for an underproducing defenceman with some potential.

      Did you have any doubts as to how Jim Benning learned to do trades?

      • Peachy

        Just because Chiarelli made another insanely stupid trade doesn’t mean that Benning can be excused for his trades. In the context of today’s trades, yes, it appears that Benning managed to get ahead of the pack and get Gudbranson for less then than he would have now. But, looking at that trade on its own merits, I still question whether Gudbranson was worth McCann and the draft picks, especially since we didn’t draft a first line prospect in Dubois or Tkachuk. (I project McCann to be the next Patrice Bergeron.)

  • Rolland

    I would have flipped pick 5 with CBJ for pick 3. CBJ did say they were not asking for much when they were asked about trading down. So, maybe you offer to take on one of CBJ’s undesirable contracts (Tyutin?).

    I would have put Edler in play as well and seen if Edm would’ve traded pick 4, Oilers 2nd round pick + Draisaitl for Edler and our 2017 1st round pick.

    That would have let us walk away with Puljujarvi and OJ or PLD plus Drai and whatever the 2nd would have yielded (Tyler Benson?).

    • JuiceBox

      “I would have flipped pick 5 with CBJ for pick 3. CBJ did say they were not asking for much when they were asked about trading down. So, maybe you offer to take on one of CBJ’s undesirable contracts (Tyutin?)”

      – JB told the media that he explored the #3 pick and the price was way too high and that there is no way he was going for it.

      “I would have put Edler in play as well and seen if Edm would’ve traded pick 4, Oilers 2nd round pick + Draisaitl for Edler and our 2017 1st round pick.”

      – Edler has said OVER AND OVER AND OVER that he is NOT WAIVING HIS NTC.

      Do you not pay attention to anything that goes on around here?

      • detox

        “Do you not pay attention to anything that goes on around here?”

        regarding Edler’s NTC, Bieksa said he wasn’t willing to waive and eventually did…

        But, I have a feeling when the Sedins contract is up, and if they retire, Edler might go home too.

    • pheenster

      I don’t know why I’m even wasting the time to post here, but it really annoys me when I see drivel like this!

      Let’s start with CBJ. They just bought out Tyutin, so offering to take him off their hands (or Hartnell for that matter) would not have been even close to what CBJ was looking for to trade down to 5. Additionally, this is a complete fabrication–“CBJ did say they were not asking for much when they asked about trading down.”

      Second, if any EDM general manager were to have made your proposed EDM trade, they would be chased out of town with torches and pitchforks.

      Edler (a guy a couple of years into his downward slide) +
      1st round pick (2017)–you don’t know which pick it will be overall.

      1st round pick (2016)–4th overall +
      2nd round pick (2016)–high 2nd-rounder + (!)
      Leon Draisatl (top three pick of a couple of years ago, who was demonstrated the ability to be a 1st-line centre.

      So, let’s call the 1st-round picks a wash (they aren’t because of the uncertainty of where the Canucks draft next year), and you get

      Edler for a high 2nd and Draisaitl? Does that sound at all plausible to you?

      • detox

        This, a thousand times. I love how the armchair quarterbacking is always all about “well I could have made a better trade by getting all these great picks and prospects for all of our crap”.

        Of course based on the trade that Chiarelli made today maybe…

      • Riley Miner

        I posted an opinion. Just because you disagree doesn’t make it less fun to speculate. You may find this hard to believe but your word is not gospel…even if your mom says it is and says you’re special. You’re ‘special’ alright…I think you’re an idiot. That is all.

    • crofton

      Assuming Columbus was willing you mean….plus get it through your head…Edler has a NTC! And way too many “ifs” …Gm’s don’t exist in a vacuum – would you make this trade if you were on the Edmonton side of the ledger? I kinda doubt it.

  • Riley Miner

    Benning was smart to be early to acquire a right D Gudbranson, and in such a favourable trade. Seeing what Edmonton had to give up for Adam Larsson. Now, if his is right that OJ is far and away the best D in the 2016 draft, Higher potential value than Tkachuk. Vancouver’s future on defence is looking very good. Building for the future.

    • LTFan

      I agree 100%. I watched the News Conference with Marc Bergevin about the trade. He was asked about the timeline at the draft and said that “someone” from Nashville asked him about Subban. It proceeded from there until today when the deal was finalized. I simply do not believe him. All GM’s should watch this guy – he is not credible.

  • detox

    if larsson = hall

    then juolevi = pulljojarvi

    so i would trade our fifth pick with chiarelli straight across for their fourth.

    also, if subban = weber then i trade burrows and higgins for two dudes 4 years younger and better who make less dough.

  • TrueBlue

    Well I would have drafted Tkachuk, but I might also be stupid. Looking at the cost of defensemen on the market right now, this is a clear win if Juolevi develops into a legitimate top pairing, #2 defenseman.

    Juolevi isn’t the hero we wanted, but he’s probably the hero we need.

    Honestly, if I was actually part of this mgmt team, I would have given serious consideration to taking Tkachuk just to deflect some of the negative press and feedback over the last few months.

    So no matter what, props to those guys for doing what they believe is the best move for the franchise.

  • LTFan

    Is the question what would I do in the real (albeit hypothetical) world or in an EA fantasy one where I have the AI switched to dumbest? Because all the assumptions inherent in the idea that we could have had blah blah blah prospects other picks bad contracts etc is all fine except none of it actually happened or was even close to happening. Given the world we actually live in I’d take whoever came to me at 5 of Juolevi or Tkachuk as I don’t think we can go wrong with either.

    All the brilliant plans of all the great rebuilds are looking fantastic today huh? What happened to Stamkos of course joining the good ship Stanley in Toronto? Seth Jones OBVIOUSLY won’t get resigned by CBJ. And the Oilers are finally on the right track – oh…right…

    What would I do at 5? I’d draft the best player available instead of trying to think I could be cute and get all kinds of fantasy extras. Oh sorry, I’d trade down, take on forty terrible contracts and get every single pick from 5-10.

  • Shakenbakes

    I think that it was a good decision to choose a d-man with the fifth pick.

    It makes sense when you think about be a use unless we luck out, the Canucks are going to be trash again this season.

    This means we have a chance at another high pick again next season, and since d-man tend to take longer to develop, next year’s draft we might be able to draft an impact forward, who may be able to hit his peak around the same time as Olli.

    We have no choice but to wait and see.

  • detox


    I’d still run the #5 pick in the draft just as it fell out, but now I’d like to add something.

    In light of the Hall –> NJ for a #2/3 defender which severely depletes NJ’s defensive core, may I suggest Sbisa –> NJ for McLeod? That way they get a solid addition to a weak defense and can compete next year, we get a future centreman who might be good enough to replace Henrik one day, or may just be a solid bottom 6 guy, depending on the next few years. That sure would take a lot of the sting of missing out on Dubois away.

  • Rolland

    I don’t know why I’m bothering with this, bbq is almost done so I’ll be brief. At the time My pick was Tkachuk and I had no interest of trading down and screwing up.
    Now after seeing what even average D-men are going for I would do what JB did, because he is now a genius compared to what other GMs are doing.