Canucks qualify Pedan, Grenier and Zalewski; Vey expecting to not receive one

Earlier today it was reported by News 1130 that the Canucks have qualified pending restricted free agents Andrey Pedan, Alexandre Grenier, and Mike Zalewski.

If they had not provided an qualifying offer to these players before June 27th, they would’ve become unrestricted free agents. The players have until July 15th to accept the offer, during which time they can negotiate different contract. If they decline the qualifying offer, the Canucks still retain their rights.

For Pedan, his agent already admitted that they will may not accept the qualifying offer:

As mentioned, Pedan requires waivers next year to be assigned to Utica. Things could change throughout the next couple of weeks, but at the moment Pedan looks to be in the mix for the 7, 8 or 9 defenceman on the Canucks. Given the Canucks traded a 3rd round pick to acquire Pedan, it’s fair to believe they don’t want to risk exposing him to waivers. He may clear, but it’s still a risk to lose him as Pedan is currently amongst the prospects with the highest pGPS within the Canucks organization.

Grenier will also be subject to waivers next season and looks to come into camp and secure a depth role. The forward ranks are a little crowded at the moment but things can change quickly and Grenier could certainly be in the mix for the 13th forward spot. Grenier will also not accept his qualifying offer:

Zalewski is an interesting case, as Canucks management did not qualify him last summer and he ended up signing an AHL only deal with Utica. He played so well that he earned an NHL contract in the middle of the season and saw a couple of games. He will require waivers next season to be assigned to the AHL, but would likely clear. If he comes to terms on a new contract, he will be an option for the fourth line when injuries occur.

Last piece of business this morning was that Linden Vey and Emerson Etem have not received a qualifying offer at this time.

The Canucks have until June 27th to provide the offer to retain their rights, and I would expect a new deal with Etem before then or the Canucks will qualify him prior to then. According to his agent, the Canucks will speak with them at the draft.

Linden Vey is another story, as his representation does not expect a qualifying offer:

Like the other players, things could change but if it’s a possibility that the Canucks will not qualify Vey and thus he will become a UFA. In his two years with the Canucks, Vey just never seemed to seize the opportunity. He looked good at times, and then at other times appeared to struggle, which given the news of his family situation can be understandable as he had many other things on his mind.

I would suggest qualifying Vey, signing him a two way contract and then if he isn’t able to secure a spot, he would be placed on waivers and then likely assigned to Utica. That would give the Canucks another viable option to recall when injuries happen.

It is unfortunate that it may not work out, as the Canucks paid a 2nd round pick to acquire Vey. However in the long run they were giving up a long term question mark for a smaller question mark in Vey and sometimes it just doesn’t work out.

Given that they also traded a 2nd round pick for Sven Baertschi, and that has worked out quite well – hitting 50% on those two trades is much better odds than using those picks.

  • Dirty30

    I hope the team comes to terms with Etem — they gave up a potentially decent (not great) prospect for him, and he shows some upside with his size, speed and skill … he does need to get his head into the game better and sooner.

    Not sad if they let Vey go … he might have better success with an Eastern team that’s looking for a utility guy that brings some speed and could pot a few goals.

    Vey should take a hard look at what Hansen does and follow suit. Right now Linden is too much like Mason Raymond in trying to use ‘fancy moves’ and score from the periphery. More Honey Badger, less Ice Capades.

  • piscera.infada

    Benning should qualify Vey on a two-way contract and then send him to Utica. If he gets picked up, no harm. If he makes it, at least the team gets a proven 1st line AHL centre. Hensick was only on loan last year. Once again, Benning fails to understand asset management.

    • piscera.infada

      I also think that the Canucks should qualify Vey mainly because I think he’s gotten a bad rap and we did give up a 2nd for him. That said qualifying him is going to cost over a million and I’m guessing it’s going to be cheaper to resign him on a 2-way contract (given the way he made it through waivers last year not sure there’s a lot of interest out there in him). I also don’t know that he’s a first-line AHL center. I would imagine he could be resigned at the NHL level for $850k without being qualified.

      • piscera.infada

        Qualifying will cost over a million only if he plays in the NHL. On a two way contract, he’d likely end up in the $100k range because he has AHL/NHL experience. If he finds his game, then it’s easy to call him up. I still he think he can be a good NHL roster player, at least a third line scoring center/winger.

        • Ryan Biech

          I don’t think you can sign an RFA to a two-way contract through a QO, only if you actually negotiate a deal. At least according to his last contract which was for a million, there was no AHL equivalent to his deal so he (I suppose) got paid the full value of it down in Utica (unlike his ELC and his first contract in Vancouver which both had $67,500 AHL salaries)

  • Dirty30

    No big loss if we lose Vey but Like PB says we sign him for less than QO. He is a 15th forward at best. Etem would be nice to resign but I wonder if Benning has plans to have a replacement for him through free-agency?

    I believe Pedan is now on the trading block as We have a fair amount of defensemen that fill the role he has been groomed for. He may get us a decent return back.

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    • “I believe Pedan is now on the trading block.” No, no, no. This cannot happen. Pedan is our #7 defenseman, and moves up to #5 next year. Must keep Pedan.

      Etem not getting a qualifying offer is interesting, I wonder what Jim Benning is up to.

      The Linden Vey experiment is coming to an end after two painful years. There was some talk of Vey playing in Europe. He could hone his skills, Canucks retain his rights, and he could return later similar to Rodin. Vey has a skill set. Canucks invested two years in him, so there is something there.

      • Ya I am not a fan of losing him either, but with the inevitable expansion draft we will have to expose him next year anyways. Just saying that maybe Benning has him penciled in as part of a package for assets/picks.

        We will have to give up something to get something and he may be our best exchange that we can send out the other way. Unless of course we are unrealistic and think we can get a good return for Higgins, Vey, or Burrows etc.

        • To the best of my knowledge Pedan would be protected at the expansion draft, due to him being a second year pro as these are exempt. Sbisa is the most likely to be claimed.

          As to your second point, I agree Higgins and Vey have little trade value as both cleared waivers, and could have been claimed for free.

  • TrueBlue

    I think we should qualify Vey and give him another shot at training camp. If he doesn’t pan out, we waive him and send hi to the AHL where he’s had a few good years and will have a chance to rebuild his game.

    And if we lose him on waivers, we were going to lose him anyway.

  • I wonder why they wouldn’t qualify Etem? I understand he’s not a perfect player, but with his speed and size you can at least get a 4th liner out of him. Alternatively, who are they going to play in that spot?

    It’s preliminary, but the Canucks look like they will go with a combo of Gaunce, Higgins, Burrows and Granlund for the 4th line. That’s fine for a season that shapes up to be another one we miss the playoffs. But beyond that, we don’t really have the speed and size combo that Etem could ostensibly bring.

    Again, he’s not irreplaceable by any measure. I would just like to know what the Canucks plans are for the 4th line heading in to next season.

  • Ryan Biech

    they haven’t qualified etem because they are still negotiating to sign him.

    vey is likely looking at taking a pay cut or no raise to re-sign. he is unlikely to see the grass greener elsewhere so i suspect he will take it.

    the other unknown is how his dad’s trial and conviction has played out. if vey handled it badly behind the scenes with the team, they may be very polite in public but make him no offer at all.

  • Ryan Biech

    Good article, thanks for the info. Especially appreciated the balanced approach in the last two paragraphs i.e. that trading a second round pick does not in fact mean the future is doomed.