Noah Gregor is a hard-working, two-way centre playing for the Moose Jaw Warriors. 

Gregor is one of those prospects that is projected to go in the mid second round, but could drop because he is not as well known as other prospects projecting to be drafted in the mid second round. He heads into the draft with only one full season of WHL action under his belt, giving us a smaller sample size to use.


  • Age: 17, 1998-07-28
  • Birthplace: Edmonton, AB, CAN
  • Frame: 6’0″ 176 lbs.
  • Position: C
  • Handedness: L
  • Draft Year Team: Moose Jaw Warriors
  • Accomplishments/Awards: 2015/16 CHL Top Prospects Game


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108 39 36.11   0.5381 0.1943


NHL CSS ISS Future Considerations Hockey Prospect McKeen’s Button
45 (NA) N/A N/A N/A N/A 44

NHL Central Scouting had this to say about Gregor:

“Solid two way center with skill and smarts – excellent on the penalty kill; never gives up on a play while back checking and is responsible to stay with his check – battles hard in all areas, strong skater that does a lot of the hard work for line mates.”

Head coach Tim Hunter said this about his centre:

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“If you compare the ice time that Howden had compared to him – and Howden was at the U18 world championships, at the Ivan Hlinka tournament, so lots of hockey – and Gregor missed almost a whole year and to be caught up and have had a real good year is impressive,” said Hunter. “And that’s a testament to him putting a lot of time in when he was hurt and then when he was healthy more time and hard work all summer.”


Noah Gregor could be a second round steal. He is playing on a Moose Jaw Warriors team with more well known prospects Brett Howden and Zach Sawchenko. Injuries derailed his WHL rookie year, which is why he has quietly entered the top sixty. Not a lot is said about Gregor, but he could be someone to watch.

What we can take from the information we do have is Gregor is a quick player and has good offensive zone instincts. He is billed as a two-way centre who is highly skilled. Gregor has been utilized on the power play in his first full WHL season and has passing skills to be a pretty good playmaker. He had 28 goals and 45 assists with the Warriors during the 2015-16 season.

Statistically, Gregor has just over a 1 in 3 chance of graduating to the NHL with a 36.11% pGPS percentage. As well, there are 108 statistical matches with other players who have graduated to the NHL.

At times, he can be caught puck watching. However, this can be attributed to the collarbone injury that limited his rookie season in 2014-15 to 10 games. Gregor also needs to put muscle on his frame to succeed in the next level. He is currently listed as 6 foot and 176 pounds.

All in all, Noah Gregor will be an interesting prospect to watch. He has climbed the draft rankings, while going mostly unnoticed. Gregor actually outscored his better-known 2016 draft eligible teammate, Brett Howden, by 9 points despite having less WHL experience. 

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Gregor has the tool set, an alright statistical edge, but is in need of experience to really determine if he can make it to the NHL. We’ll find out on the weekend of June 24-25 where he will be called by the team he is drafted by.


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  • Cageyvet

    We could have drafted this guy with pick we would have got for Dan Hamphuis. But our management group much rather feed their egos than to acquire assets. Trevor Linden and company are making Mike Gillis era look like gold (whatta freagin joke)..