Canucks trade Dane Fox to Carolina Hurricanes

The Canucks made a trade!

It was announced earlier that Vancouver has traded forward Dane Fox to the Carolina Hurricanes for future considerations. 

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At this time, there are no details on what the future considerations are.

As part of the AHL trading deadline today, the Canucks also assigned Blair Jones to Charlotte, and TJ Hensick was assigned to Utica by Carolina.

Just to clarify first, although the NHL trading deadline has passed, teams are still able to make trades. Earlier this week Boston traded Zach Phillips to St Louis, and then there is this transaction. It just means that the players moved are unable to participate in the NHL playoffs. However, these players are able to appear in the remainder of the AHL regular season and playoffs.

With the trade, Dane Fox was also recalled to Carolina’s AHL affiliate in Charlotte. Which is great news for him personally, as he had only appeared in one AHL game this season for Utica. He has done well in the ECHL this season with 50 points (26-24-50) in 53 games, which includes a four goal game this weekend. His biggest weakness is his skating and he may never be able to improve it enough to be an NHL player, but being an AHL regular isn’t out of the question. When looking at comparable players, only 3.14% went onto become NHL regulars. So the odds were heavily stacked against him.

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On the positive side he has shown the ability to be a good scorer at the OHL & ECHL levels, and he shoots a lot, which is generally a good sign. I think the ‘Dane Fox Hype Train’ got a little out of control at times:

Obviously former GM Mike Gillis like Fox, as he was the one who signed him. But Fox saw a explosion in offence in 2013-14, when he was playing with some guy named McDavid and was an overage player. 

It was clear that GM Jim Benning wasn’t impressed with Fox and given that he was a pending RFA, it was only a matter of time before they cut ties.

From the Canucks perspective, the move makes sense as it opens up another contract spot for them. With the NCAA UFA season beginning soon, and the CHL seasons concluding within the coming weeks, it’s a safe assumption that the Canucks hope to be active. Given that, at least the Canucks give themselves the option of another contract going forward, let’s hope they don’t use it for another Dane Fox.

    • Vanoxy

      It means we get nothing and that this will be considered next time the teams work a deal, but may still count for nothing.

      Meh, we already have their seventh rounder this year and the contract spot is probably more valuable to us than anything. 6 spots free with Tryamkin, Rodin and Demko all to be signed in the next few weeks – allows us to target 3 instead of 2 from NCAA/CHL free agency.

  • Vanoxy

    Horvat will we traded within 2 years
    Gaunce, maybe as well
    Rodin, if he’s NHL-ready will be traded asap
    Gots to make room for Benning’s choices

    McCann, wait and see. He can hang if scores at a top 6 rate, might need a year in the AHL getting strength+faceoffs up so that he has more time with the puck in the NHL

    Everyone is a center, but none are even close to Henrik Sedin.

  • Chungus

    we traded Fox?? OMG like wtf is Benning doing. I cant believe this happened.

    the horror, the absolute horror!!!

    like how stupid is this management group?? Fox was going to be an all-star, like all-world or something.

    he is so small but hes so big, like 50 goal scorer big. I cant believe this!! I hate this team now. what are they thinking??

    another mistake after the series of other mistakes.

    I had dreams of Fox to Hunter and back to Fox for the goal….I hate you Jim Benning, I hate you!!

    • Dirty30

      Dramatic much?

      Like you, Dane Fox was never going to amount to anything and future considerations are more than we could hope for a such a player.

      And weren’t you just blathering about offing yourself over some other minor inconvenience and yet here you are stinking up the place ad nauseum.

      Your routine is getting stale — it’s not amusing, unique or remotely original.

      Please follow through on something in your life — make a commitment, complete a task, or solicit a volunteer to hold the pillow, tie the noose, load the gun, stir the Kool-Aid, or buy you a bus ticket to Edmonton with the dude that likes decapitating fellow passengers.

      The possibilities are endless, please choose one and follow through.

      If you can’t be creative, at least be quiet … I’m watching Dexter …

      • Dirty30

        did my attempt at sarcasm rub the great Dirty30 the wrong way?

        did my over extreme sarcasm make you feel like an idiot as you were just about to complain that we traded away our ECHL superstar?

        oh Dirty dirty dirty….such a tool you are.

        take your own advice, if I can say that to you? can I ? cause your the great Dirty30…. master poster, god of deciding what should or could or can be posted.

        yes the possibilities are endless yes and If I had my choice I would start with the great Dirty30.

        I here bye commit to you Dirty. I will run all of my posts by you first to make sure your ok with them.

    • Dirty30

      When you peel away the sarcasm, your point is still suffering from the composition fallacy. In other words, you’re plainly trying to disparage those who would criticize Benning’s overall trading record by implying that those people would also jump on this individual trade as more evidence that Benning is incompetent. Then you are taking for granted that people will agree that Fox is a low end prospect, and using that to then cover other, poor trades for much better prospects, thus lumping Shinkaruk and Corrado in with Fox and equating the criticisms of those personnel moves in order to dismiss them. Sorry bud, your argument is logically unsound.

  • Dirty30

    this just in…….(out of my delusional mind)……

    so I heard from my sources from the diner down the street from whatever arena the comets play in say that at the last team lunch at a different restaurant than his that Fox didn’t leave a tip on a $5 meal. my backdoor sources confirmed this Saturday night in my bedroom to me.

    the backdoor legend has it the Francisco went ape sh_t. he immediately called Dane pretending to be a Pro Trump campaign supporter and ultimately found out that Dane isn’t even aloud to vote as he is Canadian. well Francisco lost his sh_t for a second time in 2 minutes and immediately called GM Mike Gillis only to realize that he had fired Gillis in a rage of anger over his remarks about his mama’s spaghetti.

    legend has it he than remembered that he hired Trev and forced Trev to trade him immediately. again this is the stuff of back door legends in these parts. my sources from North Korea and China have all confirmed this new as well as that my ass is of backdoor legend too.

    stay tuned for more made up BS cause I have nothing else to report expect lies and theories out of my head that will make people read my stuff. I am an idiot.

      • Dirty30

        that’s what they would have you and want you to think…

        its a big conspiracy, trust me i know the sources and i know about the backdoor legend.

        he was supposed to be in kalamazoo however he was in Utica at a team lunch and yada yada yada he is gone now.

        read into that what you will.

  • Dirty30

    Canucks centers:

    Henrik Sedin.
    Brandon Sutter.
    Markus Granlund.
    Linden Vey.
    Brendan Gaunce.
    Bo Horvat.
    Jared McCann.
    Andrew Cassels.

    Look at the trades Benning’s made. Gillis guys going out. Middle-6 centers coming in. Horvat’s had a terrible year at faceoffs and away from the puck because he feels the pressure to chase goals with the roster changes. Horvat’s going to get squeezed out, he’s not the best at either scoring or checking. A draft pick or trade will replace him.

    There is a chance that Horvat comes back next season and has improved to be #1 or #2 at certain roles, like he was in his rookie season, but as a young C he doesn’t stand out and Benning doesn’t have time for redundant players. It makes more sense to trade Horvat than to try converting him to wing.

  • Chungus

    i changed my name to better reflect what myself and many others here think of me.

    if all posters could email me first at [email protected]

    and i will approve or disapprove what i don’t like seeing, reading or just don’t like the tone of it and all will be good.

    thumbs up if you approve that i am a tool

    thumbs down if you approve that i am still a tool


  • Vanoxy

    My biggest concern here is that they acquired Future Considerations. The guy must be getting old, and seems to have an attitude problem or something. He gets traded like twice a year, every year, for as long as I’ve been a sports fan.


  • Dirty30

    OMG.. I cant believe the Canucks traded away Fox, Jim Benning is the newest reason i scrapped my season tickets. Fox wasn’t even given a chance though he out scored everyone else at his level in the minors incl McDavid. Until Jim Benning is fired i and my friends will no longer watch or follow the Canucks.