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Is anything more fun than playing the role of Armchair General Manager? Of course not. Don’t be silly. It’s why I go straight for “Be a GM Mode” when I’m suckered into spending 70-plus dollars on the “newest” version of the EA Sports NHL game, every year like clockwork.

In case you were wondering, every first season I’m #TeamTank and it makes it so much more fun. Jim Benning could learn a thing or two from yours truly, but I digress.

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The most fun anyone has when #rosterbating is concocting trade ideas. Hell, look at how much time and space I’ve dedicated to a deal that has almost no chance of materializing… It’s too much fun to pass up on! Enough with my ideas, though. It’s your turn.

Check in on the others side of the jump for a chance to win a $50.00 gift card to Violent Gentlemen.

How to Play!

We’re just less than a month away from the February 29th trade deadline, which means the hour of reckoning is nigh upon us. A lot has been made of the Canucks plan – or lack thereof – heading into this formative home stretch. Who to trade, who to keep… We’re just scratching the surface here.

If you think you can do better than Jim Benning, or us for that matter, we want to hear what you would do in the Canucks shoes. Send us your best trade suggestions by the comment section, email or Twitter. Think realistic. No, the Canucks aren’t landing Evgeni Malkin for Mason Raymond, Keith Ballard and a third.

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Whichever ten trade suggestions are deemed the best and most realistic will be put into up to a vote. The readers will select the best trade and the winner will be awarded a $50.00 gift card to Violent Gentlemen. You could get an awful lot of swag for $50.00 and it wouldn’t cost you a cent to try, either. 

  • Feuerbach11

    While this lacks some of the ambition of other proposals, I’d like to see the Canucks buy low on either Jared Cowan or Patrick Wiercioch from the Senators. Both are perennially in the dog-house in Ottawa, but were high draft picks and are still relatively young. Wiercioch especially has been a fancy stats darling over the years.

    Given our current lack of depth on D, taking a flyer on one of these guys seems like a smart, low cost gamble. I can’t imagine it would cost more than a mid-round pick/ second tier prospect.

    Further, the Sens have been desperate to off-load Colin Greening’s salary, this year and next. If ownership were willing to take Greening and pay him $3 million to play in Utica next year the Sens might throw in a defencemen for free (or an Alex Friesen).

    • Andy

      Agreed that Cowen or Wiercioch are good trade targets.

      Hopeful trade

      To VAN:
      Patrick Wiercioch –
      OTT 4th round pick

      To OTT:
      Chris Higgins (max. salary retained) –
      Adam Cracknell
      – VAN 3rd Round Pick

      ‘Realistic’ trade (based on GMJB’s history)

      To VAN
      Jared Cowen –
      OTT 5th round pick

      To OTT:
      Ronalds Kenins or Linden Vey –
      Alex Grenier –
      VAN 3rd round pick

  • Feuerbach11

    Hamhuis to Washington for a 1st, Vrbata and Vey to Minnesota for Dumba and a 3rd, Edler and Bartkowski to the Islanders for Hamonic then sign Eriksson in the off season.

  • Feuerbach11

    Hamhuis to Washington for 2nd plus Bowey or 1st plus Siegenthaler or Galiev. Vrbata to Montreal for 2nd and 3rd. Prust plus the Torts second to Columbus for 2017 first.

  • Feuerbach11

    I like the sound of Hamhuis for Bowey. We’d probably have to give up the 2nd we get from Columbus as part of the deal, or some other similar asset.

    Vrbs to MTL, salary retained, also makes sense. Juulsen is about 2-3 years away from being a full-time player in the NHL, so that seems fairly reasonable. Dude needs to add 20 lbs to his frame if he wants to play the way he does in the WHL. God knows, the Habs are weak on the R wing, and it would be Vrbs best shot at top-unit deployment–and therefore the last good payday of his career.

    Weber could probably net us a 5th round pick, if someone loses their 2nd unit PP guy between now & Feb 29th.

  • Andy

    Benning’s not going to get as much as expected for Vrbata. He’s had a bad year and his playoff record is not very good; nonetheless, it’s time to move him for a pick – probably a second.
    Hamhuis might fetch a late first. Anaheim could probably use him and he might not mind going to the Canucks south.
    Weber, Bartkowski, and Prust should go to anyone for anything. Three bags of pucks would be ample for those three.
    Burrows could be worth a second from the Habs.
    Hansen is the real bargaining chip though. If they trade him they can definitely get a first for him. He’s the best asset they have to move right now.

    I’d prefer that Benning trade these guys for picks, if possible. Otherwise, nobody over 25 in a deal.

  • Feuerbach11

    I am big time on the Vrbata for Juulsen bandwagon – really like the kid, I think it would be reasonable value on both sides and while the kid’s a project I think he’ll be one that pays off in the long run.

    I’ve done some thinking on the trade I noted in this week’s WWYDW and thought I’d change it up a bit for this submission – how about:

    Alex Edler (5m) , Chris Higgins ( 2.5m) and Jannik Hansen (2.5m)


    Travis Hamonic (3.9m) and Kyle Okposo (2.8m UFA)

  • Feuerbach11

    I’m not sure why people think McPhee will give up Bowey (and more) for a rental. It’s like saying we’ll give up Boeser to rent a player. Bowey is one of their best prospects.

    • Feuerbach11

      No, that’s really a poor comparison.

      Boeser is an 18-year old still in college. We have 3-4 years to sign him, and a minimum of 160 games/2 pro seasons before he is no longer waiver exempt after that point. Conceivably, we could hold onto the rights to Boesner, without affecting his waiver status, until 2020/21.

      Bowey has 1 year or 84 games (assuming he plays out the full AHL season) as a 20-year old. Bowey is currently behind Orlov (who has basically claimed an NHL roster spot) and Carrick (top RD prospect in the system, and one year older) in the RD spot. Matt Niskanen needs to move/retire, and either Carlson or Orlov to flop, for Bowey to have a full-time job in the NHL with Washington. Vancouver’s RD depth chart is a different matter, of course; once he’s shown that he can play a full pro season with Hershey, he’d rocket up our depth to #2 behind Tanev.

      So the idea of them moving him for depth at another position is somewhere within the ‘logical’ circle in a Venn diagram, as is the idea that JB might pursue him in a trade with Washington, as another example of getting an NHL-ready player who is hampered by another team’s depth at a position. Whether Washington’s move should be adding Hamhuis is a different question; the answer to that is how willing the owner of the Caps is willing to go all in while Ovie is still an elite point producer. If he is, then Hammer is a logical target, given his relationship with Washington’s head coach, and the Caps’ weakness on the LD side (especially with Orpik out).

      The hitch, of course, is that if we traded for Bowey, we would want to pair him with Hammer for his rookie season, as he learns the ropes…

  • TheNitsguy

    To Chicago- Adam Cracknell
    To Vancouver 7th Rd pick
    If Chicago makes playoffs becomes a 6th rd pick
    if Chicago wins 1st rd in playoffs it becomes a 5th rd pick.
    if chi. wins 2nd rd playoffs becomes 4th rd pick
    if chi. wins 3rd playoff becomes 3rd rd. pick
    if chi. wins 3rd playoff becomes 2nd rd pick
    When Chicago wins the Cup it becomes a 1st rd pick
    Vancouver gets a 1st round pick for Cracknell
    Chicago gets another Cup. Fair trade.

    Please donate my winning submission to a charity of your choice.

  • Game of Zones

    Trade #1:

    To TBL: Radim Vrbata

    To VAN: TBL 2nd Round Pick

    Trade #1 Justification: Tampa Bay gets help with scoring (all right, the potential for scoring) and they have a two second round selections.

    Trade #2:

    To NJD: Dan Hamhuis

    To VAN: NJD 3rd Round Pick

    Trade #2 Justification: New Jersey has four (!) third round selections in this upcoming draft. New Jersey gets a veteran defenseman to help mentor their young D core (most of whom are in their mid-20’s).

    Trade #3:

    To MTL: Alex Burrows + Jordan Subban

    To VAN: MTL 2nd Round Pick

    Trade #3 Justification: Montreal gets a depth forward for a playoff push and the Subban brothers connection. Montreal gives up a spare second round pick.