Everyone is writing about the return of Taco Tuesday himself, Eddie Lack. Sure, he’s back and playing pretty well, but what you don’t know is that he’s sad inside. The only team that ever loved him SHIPPED him off to the evil Metropolis that is Raleigh to suffer behind Cam Ward. Serious question, is Cam Ward still playing? Anyways, Its the first of two meetings this year against the Canes and the “Eddie, Eddie” chants will be booming. 

As for the Canucks, this will be anything but guaranteed win night.

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Despite losing many a tooth, Daniel Sedin only missed a few shifts last game after being hit in the mouth. Daniel’s all kinds of awesome and he’s more tough than Don Cherry would give him credit for. Sven Baertschi is back after missing a few games, a welcome sight to Bo Horvat no doubt. Brandon Prust is good to go as well which means Ronalds Kenins and Alexandre Grenier were sent back to Utica to clear space. 

Jacob Markstrom will once again start but the word is Miller could start this weekend. Good luck Marky!

Vancouver Canucks lines courtesy of

Doesn’t seem like that long ago, Jeff Skinner was the talk of the NHL. We don’t get to see much of this guy obviously so we’ll find out if he still has that magic. Dman Justin Faulk is having a good year on the back end, 14G and 16A is pretty decent; we’d take that any day out here. Brock McGinn has been recalled and may see action tonight.

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Your favourite and mine, Eddie Lack, will be starting in goal for the swirly logo’d ones.

Carolina Hurricanes lines courtesy of


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  • Taco trucks everywhere will be making some pretty heavy coin tonight when Lack gets his first start against his old team. I love tacos, you love tacos and we all know Eddie loves tacos. Game day meals were never so easy. Eddie doesn’t eat them on nights he starts so he’ll be so jealous of us that his mind will be elsewhere and we’ll skate away with the victory… the team I mean, obviously not us. We’re at home.
  • Daniel Sedin surprisingly only has 2 goals and an assist in his last five but he looks like he’s on the score sheet every night. With the 4 teeth gone now, he should be a bit faster and may be a little quicker to release his deadly accurate shot. Hopefully he knows where to beat Eddie. I’m sure he does – lots of players do.
  • I’d say @sportsnetirf or whatever the heck his handle is but quite frankly his stale questions force me to catch up on chores around the house during the intermissions. Ask something that keeps us watching past the period, make an effort to know more than just the typical softball hockey player questions that get typical softball hockey player answers. You’re on TV bud, step up! Hopefully its Dan Murphy or at the very least a video message from Roberto Luongo… that would be good.
  • Baertschi is back and its time for my super stat of the game: Eerily enough, Baertschi is the 2nd best Canuck named Sven with a 5v5 CF% of 51.0. Sven Butenschon is a hefty 51.9…to be fair he only played 8 games for the Canucks so I’m going solely based on names here. Considering the Canucks play many games down by 1 goal, those numbers change to 57.4 and 36.7 respectively. You can stop worrying Sven… Baertschi, other Sven ain’t coming back.
  • Bo Horvat has the monkey off his back. He’s starting to be in the dirty areas and no one will question his work ethic. Horvat could use a good week to get things going again. Virtanen might catch on to this as well!



These love affair games aren’t good if you want happy endings. With a shaky roster still, Markstrom will have to be lights out to steal this one. I put my money on the Tacos. Canes in OT.


  • Marvin101

    First Eddie save of the night, you’ll hear…

    “Eh Deee!”

    “Eh Deee!”

    “Eh Deee!”

    First intermission interview….

    “So Eddie, did you go out with some of your buddies for tacos yesterday?”

  • Naturalmystic

    1. How is it that a writer can say Kenins has been returned to Utica, then have him in the Canucks opening lineup?

    2. On a sort of related note (quality on this site) I see one of your choices on the blogroll about Virtanen is ” #ShouldOf drafted Ehlers.”

    Are you making fun of readers or do your writers really have grammar that is that bad? Surely your site can’t have people writing whose grammar is that bad.

    3. I’m not sure what your intentions are for the game day threads. I would like to see helpful information such as team records, recent news on the teams, who Carolina last played and how they did, whether they’re well rested, the state of their injuries etc.