Jannik Hansen fined $2000 for diving in Tampa game

File this one under “unexpected”, especially with the time it took to dish out. The National Hockey League has fined Vancouver Canucks forward Jannik Hansen a sum of $2000 for a perceived dive in his game against Tampa Bay on December 22nd.  

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Here’s the NHL’s statement on the fine.

Vancouver Canucks forward Jannik Hansen has been fined $2,000 as supplementary discipline under NHL Rule 64 (Diving/Embellishment), the National Hockey League announced today.

NHL Rule 64 is designed to bring attention to and more seriously penalize players (and teams) who repeatedly dive and embellish in an attempt to draw penalties. Fines are assessed to players and head coaches on a graduated scale.

Hansen was issued a Warning following an incident flagged by NHL Hockey Operations during NHL Game No. 183 against Pittsburgh on Nov. 4. His second Citation, which triggered the $2,000 fine, was issued for an incident at 10:15 of the third period during NHL Game No. 510 at Tampa Bay on Dec. 22. Hansen was assessed a minor penalty for embellishment while Tampa Bay defenseman Nikita Nesterov received an interference minor on the play.

Many are disappointed by the league’s decision, but at the end of the day, such a ruling appears to be automatic. This might explain why it took a week and a half for word to come out about it; there was no rush to review it or make a judgement call, and since that the punishment is strictly financial, there was no on-ice reason to concern the public with it.

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With that said, Hansen’s embellishment penalty was one of 13 infractions placed on the Canucks that game, ten of which turned into Tampa Bay penalties, so it’s understandable that people would be unhappy about the Canucks being the ones getting delayed punishment.

Hansen, who makes $2.5 million this year, forfeits 0.08% of his salary with this fine.

  • andyg

    What convinces me that Hansen didn’t dive is that he landed skidding sideways, which is more consistent with being shoved from the side by Nesterov than intentionally leaping forward.

    • Brent

      No definitely he did embellish it a little, look at how his feet fly up off the ice. Still, it isa stupid fine, what he did is pretty tame to what we see in many games.

    • Brent

      Well there was a word, in fact several. They decided it was not an infraction. Even though I predicted this, it still sticks in my craw! Left his feet, initial point of contact was elbow to head, could have been a concussion.

    • andyg

      This whole fiasco started early with the non call on the Burrows mugging and continued unabated. One ref in this game,, L’Ecuyer, runs a ref school in Quebec every summer with Stephane Auger. Auger, you might recall, was called out publicly bu Burrows a few years back and his career path took a nosedive, deservedly so. Auger no longer does NHL games but the refereeing brotherhood has had payback with the Canucks on its mind since that incident.

      So yea, there may be something here.

  • andyg

    The NHL officiating alumni with their secret handshakes and insignia rings just haven’t got over the Roger Neilson statue that taunts them every time they enter Roger’s Arena.

    I love it.

  • andyg

    This was the 10 power plays to 1 game vs Tampa.

    Hansen dove and we know he did it to shame the refs in the midst of a remarkably personal game from the refs.

    After getting the elbow in the head from McNabb, HSedin even said he should have stayed down longer.

    Most diving in this league is clearly a result of players being endlessly frustrated with the officiating. Don’t want them to dive, start calling the rule book.

  • andyg

    You know why it took well over a week for this fine to be handed out is cause Canucks prob let the league have it over the Hank head shot. And the league hates the Canucks, which we all know, so they retroactively started punishing them.

    It’s so funny, the league is pretty standard. They operate the same way for a long time. But every once in a while something unusual and ‘unexpected’ happens and for whatever reason it almost always involves the Canucks.

    Funny how that happens.

  • andyg

    This was to be expected, like salt to a wound. Yes Hansen did embellish. To me that is all irrelevant. What bothers me more is that McNabb 1… didn’t get called for a penalty for his elbow to Henrik’s head and 2….received no supplemental discipline. Those both despite the obvious point of contact was the head, he left his feet, and even if they chose not to call the elbow, it was very easily a hit to a defenseless player and/or boarding. The hit to Burrows that started it all was high also. DoPS apparently wants to support poor refereeing as well as really not protect players. They should be called Department of UnPlayer Safety, or Department of Player Un Safety or something even more Orwellian. Maybe the Department of Players Exceptcanucks Safety. That’s DOPES.