Brandon Prust fined $5000 for spear on Brad Marchand, has no regrets

As fun as it is to see Brad Marchand suffer in just about any way, it was very obvious that Brandon Prust’s method of making it happen wasn’t the most ideal. At the end of the day, you shouldn’t be using your stick as a weapon in any way, especially when  you’re aimed at tender areas.

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The National Hockey League’s agreed with the sentiment today, and fined Prust $5000 for the action. From the Department of Player Safety:

NEW YORK – Vancouver Canucks forward Brandon Prust has been fined $5,000 for spearing Boston Bruins forward Brad Marchand during NHL Game No. 396 in Vancouver on Saturday, Dec. 5, the National Hockey League’s Department of Player Safety announced today.
The incident occurred at 18:00 of the third period. Prust was assessed a 10-minute misconduct penalty.

The money goes to the Players’ Emergency Assistance Fund.

Prust is lucky to get away with just a fine on the play; one shouldn’t have expected a long suspension, but a game or two of supplementary discipline wouldn’t have been completely unfair. The fine amounts to roughly 0.25% of his annual salary. With that said, it may amount to a little more if the league takes offence to this:

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I’m anti-spear, but I’m certainly not anti this quote. It’s my favourite thing, actually; as I implied earlier, Marchand hatred should be Canada’s third national sport. Prust is eligible to play against Buffalo tomorrow.

  • d.sampson56

    Lucic already set the bar for fines for shots to the orchids. $5000 was what I expected, although I would not have been surprised to see the league suspend Prust…to ummmmm….send a message. They usually do that when a Vancouver player does something they shouldn’t.

  • At $2.5 million, Prust makes about $30,500 per game over an 82 game season. According to, Prust played 12 minutes last night – he earned $5000 in about two minutes of ice time.

    In other words, Prust lost about three shifts worth of salary for that spear.

    The Department of Player Safety is a joke.

    • d.sampson56

      Does the NHL let players pay these fines with pre-tax dollars?

      If so, Prusty can spear 6 guys* in the nads per game and still have enough left over to fill up the SUV with gas, pay for dinner and buy a 40 of Grey Goose.

      * or 2 guys, 3 times each.

      • That would be an interesting question for a tax law or accountants’ exam… would the CRA let you write off an NHL fine as a business expense. A player in Prust’s position could probably argue that being a goon and receiving occasional fines and suspensions is part of what is expected of him as in the course of his employment and is therefore a deductible expense.

        Not sure the CRA would buy it, but you could make the argument.

        • Dirty30

          If the Players Emergency Assistance fund is an NGO they could issue a tax receipt to Prust which he could use as a charitable donation deduction.

          Jayzus– when discussing taxes in Canada is more exciting than discussing hockey you know your team is in trouble..

        • d.sampson56

          Tax Law exam tomorrow, so it’s actually fun to read that.

          Common law states that fines and penalties of a regulatory and not criminal nature are deductible as long as it is not an “outrageous transgression of public policy.” (65302 BC Limited v Regina, 2000 SCC, section 67.6 Income Tax Act), and if it is incurred in a business venture with a reasonable expectation of profit.

          So obviously, it will have to rebut the presumption the NHL safety guys have that touching a Bruin is an outrageous transgression of public policy akin to a criminal nature.

          Completely aside, normally expenses that are incurred for a business reason but provide taxpayer with a personal benefit are usually not deductible, but there’s no section for qualitative “personal benefit from spearing a rat in the nads.”

          • I actually did tax law last year and this was tickling at the back of my brain, but I didn’t have the time/gumption to go look it up, so thank you!

            I think the issue in Prust’s case is what sort of employment he has. it’s much harder to claim these sorts of deductions if you’re an employee than if you’re an independent contractor. I imagine that Prust would be considered an employee, but I still don’t think it’s beyond the realm of possibility that he could still claim a deduction.

  • A wise investment. Teamates (not to mention fans) would be glad to donate a couple of hundred dollars each to cover the fine. Most NHL’ers would not blink if someone finished Marchand’s season on an honest hard hit.

  • Dirty30

    Ah,Jeff,if Prusty had used his stick as a weapon in any way then Marchand would be in the infirmary right now.

    Anybody that played the game figured out that a warning was sent and not any intent.

    I am sure Marchand is nervously laughing about the incident and is going to be a little cautious next time they play one another.

  • d.sampson56

    I hated it when Boychuk broke Raymond’s back and got nothing, I hated it when Marchand gets nothing for punching Daniel in the face, I hated it when Lucic got the same fine for spearing Dekeyser (and I think someone else) and I hate it when Prust gets this joke of a fine for spearing.

    You know what’s a message? Put some damn pucks on the net. Backcheck. Learn how to win a face-off or two. Keep the front of the net clear so your goalie can see the puck. Make good decisions in getting the puck out of your zone, make decent zone entries, kill a damn penalty once in a while.

    Spearing a pest in the balls when you’re down 4-0 and there’s a minute left sends only one message: you have zero ideas left and you’re going to play to the dumbest sentiments in the crowd. Pathetic. I am at this point stunned that we are 4 points out of last in the league because we haven’t played better than anyone in recent weeks. Maybe Prust would be better served trying to help improve the play of the rest of his team than to take cheap shots, no matter how much Marchand is a tool.

  • d.sampson56

    Guys the message here is clear,even the discipline dept. does not like Marchand,lol. Figured he got what he deserves.

    Its going to be a long long year from here on out though. Heck in previous yrs. we got to look forward to a decent regular season then a first round nosedive. This time there will be no 4-6game first round knockout which would have been fine if we were playing hard and the kids showed improvements. So far the only kid is McCann that looks decent. Horvat seems like he has regressed or was overated and Jake has not been given a real chance with Willy. The dfense and goaltending issues are just as bad. Hamhuis is done, Edler ssuffers from braincramps,Tanev although decent defensively has zero offensive talents. Weber also suffers from giving up the puck too often. Markstrom and Miller are far inferior to Lui/Cory.