Blackfish: Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report – November 26th, 2015

We are back with another week of the weekly prospect report. There’s much to be excited about with Brock Boeser and Thatcher Demko in the NCAA, Carl Neill in the CHL, Anton Rodin and Nikita Tryamkin in Europe and even Dane Fox in the ECHL having a great week. Without waiting too long, let’s dig into what they have done!

Canadian Hockey League

Name Pos DOB Age Team GP G A P PPG +/- PIM NHLe S S% S/G
Carl Neill D 96-07-06 19 Carl Neill 22 4 19 23 1.05 1 35 23 53 7.55% 2.41
Dmitry Zhukenov C 97-03-24 18 Chicoutimi 22 5 14 19 0.86 -5 16 19 38 13.16% 1.73
Tate Olson D 97-03-21 18 Prince George 16 2 10 12 0.75 2 29 17 x x x
Kyle Pettit C 96-01-18 19 Erie 22 4 5 9 0.41 7 6 11 52 7.69% 2.36
Guillaume Brisebois D 97-07-21 18 Acadie-Bathurst 24 4 6 10 0.42 -6 12 9 44 9.09% 1.83
  • Carl Neill is officially a point-point-game prospect.  In the past week he played in two games, where he scored a goal and added two assists, took a penalty, was a -3 and had seven shots on goal.
  • Dimitry Zhukenov skated in three games this week scoring a goal and an assist, earning a -4 rating and took six shots on goal.
  • Tate Olson skated in two games this week scoring a goal and an assist, earning a +2 and taking seven penalty minutes.
  • Kyle Pettit skated in three games this week and picked up a single assist. He did get ten shots on net in this time frame.
  • Guillaume Brisebois has reached his previous year’s goal total, scoring his fourth of the season! Too bad his assist rate is not keeping up. He played in three games this week and picked up a goal and two assists, took a penalty, was a -3 and had five shots on goal.

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    Name Pos DOB Age Team GP G A P PPG +/- S S/G S% PIM
    Brock Boeser RW 97-02-25 18 North Dakota 14 7 7 14 1.00 15 49 3.50 4.00% 6
    Adam Gaudette C 96-10-03 19 Northeastern 13 3 2 5 0.38 -4 25 1.92 12.00% 10
    Mike Williamson D 93-09-05 22 Penn State 3 0 0 0 0 -3 7 2.33 0.00% 4
    Matthew Beattie W/C 92-12-14 22 Yale 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
    • University of North Dakota had a 4-3 Win and a 1-6 Loss at St. Cloud State. In these games, Brock Boeser had two assists, seven shots on net and was a +2. Boeser is the third highest NCAA freshman in shots/game.
    • Northeastern lost 2-5 and 0-3 against Providence on the weekend. Adam Gaudette had two shots and two PIMs in these games.
    • Neither Mike Williamson or Matthew Beattie played this week – both are likely injured though it’s possible that Williamson has been a scratch.
    Name Pos DOB AGE Team GP Minutes GA Shots Saves Sv% GAA Record SO
    Thatcher Demko G 95-12-08 19 Boston College 12 718:16:00 14 321 307 0.956 1.17 11-1-0 6
    • Thatcher Demko continues to disappoint (by his own standards) by allowing another four goals against. Boston College had a 6-3 and a 5-1 Win and in those two games he made 53 of 57 saves.  Demko is dipping in the NCAA save percentage leaderboard and is only tied for second now (what a slacker).


    Name Pos DOB AGE Team GP G A P PPG +/- S S/G S% PIM TOI
    Nikita Tryamkin D 94-08-04 21 KHL / Avtomobilist 34 4 6 10 0.29 2 54 1.59 7.41% 18 17:52
    Lucas Jasek F 97-08-28 18 Czech / Trinec 9 0 1 1 0.11 -1 3 0.33 0.00% 6 7:27
    Anton Rodin F 90-11-21 25 SHL / Brynas 21 13 17 30 1.43 12 59 2.81 22.03% 10 19:28
    • Nikita Tryamkin has blown away his offensive numbers from the previous season. He played four games this week scoring two goals and adding three assists. He was a +5, took a penalty, and took ten shots on goal. He is starting to see a massive rise in his ice time.
    • Lukas Jasek seems relegated to the second tier Czech league this year and had a much quieter week than previous, scoring three assists in two games.
    • A strong week for Canucks’ asset Anton Rodin who skated in three games, scored a hat-trick, had three assists, was a +3, took eight shots on net and saw an ever increasing time on ice.  He’s making a case for the best SHLer this season.


    Name Pos DOB Age GP G A P PPG +/- PIM S S% S/G
    Evan McEneny D 95-05-22 20 2 0 2 2 1.00 -1 0 3 0.00% 1.50
    Dane Fox F 93-10-13 22 16 6 9 15 0.94 -2 24 41 14.63% 2.56
    Ludwig Blomstrand F 92-03-08 23 17 2 6 8 0.47 -16 10 46 4.35% 2.71
    Anton Cederholm D 95-02-21 20 15 0 4 4 0.27 0 26 23 0.00% 1.53
    MacKenze Stewart F 95-08-10 20 5 0 0 0 0.00 -3 5 3 0.00% 0.60
    • Evan McEneny is still injured and has not played a game
    • Dane Fox is now the leader in points on the Kalamazoo Wings!  He skated in three games this week scoring a goal and adding two assists, earning a +2. He also took thirteen shots on net and had ten penalty minutes.
    • Ludwig Blomstrand skated in three games this week scoring a goal and adding an assist, earning a -2. He also took eleven shots on net.
    • Anton Cederholm showed up to three games, and while he was pointless, he took six shots on goal and was a -1.
    • MacKenze Stewart also dressed in all three games, and was a -3. He had a shot on net and dropped the gloves once.
    • Curtis Valk’s rehab is slightly behind schedule, he’s been skating with Medicine Hat and isn’t likely to join the Comets till December. He will likely start with a conditioning stint with the Kalamazoo Wings first.
    • For more details on Kalamazoo and deeper scouting, check out Sarah Hobday’s column!
    Name Pos DOB AGE Team GP Minutes GA Saves Shots Sv% GAA Record SO
    Clay Witt G 91-08-24 24 Kalamazoo 3 117 10 58 68 0.853 5.12 0-2-0 0
    • Clay Witt finally started a game for Kalamazoo and he stopped 34 of 37 pucks to finally see some of his numbers improve.

    Weekly schedule

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    • Gotta say that this is my favourite part of Canucks Army. Particularly when we seem to have so many prospects starting to come around. That’s an amazing week from Tryamkin, wow. Couple all of this with the Utica youngsters doing well and things are looking really promising moving forward for the Canucks.

    • SJ

      Really hoping to see Tryamkin move to Utica next year. Add Carl Neill (unless for some reason he returns to the Carl Neills as an overager) and the Comets D corps looks pretty good next season.

    • SJ

      Tryamkins ice time is increasing. This is good news. The KHL is considered to be the same as the AHL, so Nikita should be NHL ready soon.

      Can’t wait for this edgy, ill tempered giant to shore up our blue line. Him and Andrey Pedan would make a great pairing. Tough to play against. The Russian wall. It’s gonna be great.

      • Thanks for pointing this out. My mind was in the process of being blown at the thought that Boeser was scoring at a point-a-game pace in the NCAA with only a 4% shooting percentage.

    • Dirty30

      Any chance you can to a percentage of team points for players like Guillaume Brisebois?

      I know his totals are low, but I remember when you were evaluating Draft eligible players last year there were some players on very weak teams that showed more strongly when their % of points and their quality of teammates were taken into consideration (Jansen Harkins was one of these players if I remember correctly).

    • Dirty30

      With McCann looking like a future No.1 centre Horvat and Sutter 2&3 , Virtanen,Gaunce,Shinkaruk,Grenier, and a few other prospects, future looks promising up front.
      Could see management Trymakin a move to get him over here ASAP.
      Could use a few more d- men in the system


      (I heard Bartkowski’s already calling him “Bulldozer”.)

    • TrueBlue

      Between Rodin & Tryamkin (and come to think of it, Hutton as well even though the new car smell is wearing off), I am speechless at what feels like Canuck prospects coming back from the abyss (you know.. that place they sent Patrick White) and being considered legitimate NHL prospects.

      They totally have a name for this on other teams… what the heck do they call it again? Something like… player dervorlipmunt?

      Are we finally starting to capitalize on player dervorlipmunt?!?