Blackfish: Canucks Army Weekly Prospect Report – November 19th, 2015

Another week has passed, meaning another opportunity to take a look at all the actions of our future Canucks. There continues to be much to be excited about, especially with some of the top players in the NCAA and even in the CHL. Despite that, there are still questions of where exactly is Matthew Beattie? Let’s dig into it!

Canadian Hockey League

Name Pos DOB Age Team GP G A P PPG +/- PIM NHLe S S% S/G
Carl Neill D 96-07-06 19 Carl Neill 20 3 17 20 1.00 4 33 22 46 6.52% 2.30
Dmitry Zhukenov C 97-03-24 18 Chicoutimi 19 4 13 17 0.89 -1 16 20 32 12.50% 1.68
Tate Olson D 97-03-21 18 Prince George 13 1 9 10 0.77 1 22 17 x x x
Kyle Pettit C 96-01-18 19 Erie 19 4 4 8 0.42 7 6 11 42 9.52% 2.21
Guillaume Brisebois D 97-07-21 18 Acadie-Bathurst 21 3 4 7 0.33 -3 10 7 39 7.69% 1.86
  • Carl Neill only skated in two games this week but picked up another two assists, a +1 and two shots on goal.  His interim PCS% (iPCS), the PCS% he is on pace for in the 2015/16 season, is a massive 22% (n=50), nearly three times higher than this time last year.
  • Dmitry Zhukenov skated in two games as well this week scoring another goal and earning an assist in addition to taking two penalties, a +2 and two shots on goal.  His iPCS is currently 6.53% (n=444), below CHL average but better than the 0% from his MHL season.
  • Tate Olson returned to action in the WHL skating in three games, scoring his first goal of the season (on the power play) and earning another assist.  He was a -1 with 11 PIMs.  His iPCS has doubled to 18.34% (n=229).
  • Kyle Pettit was seen in two games where he scored two points (1 goal, 1 assist) earning a +2 and one shot on goal. His iPCS has dropped to 6.02% (n=133).
  • Guillaume Brisebois scored a goal and picked up an assist in three games this week, which is a much better than average performance for him this year. His undisciplined play earned him 6 PIMs, while he was also a +1 and had five shots on goal.  His iPCS of 4.26% is relatively unchanged from last year (n=261) and has a high similarity to Utica defencemen John Negrin. As a reminder he is playing for the QMJHL on Tuesday in the CHL/Russia series.


Name Pos DOB Age Team GP G A P PPG +/- S S/G S% PIM
Brock Boeser RW 97-02-25 18 North Dakota 12 7 5 12 1.00 13 42 3.50 4.00% 6
Adam Gaudette C 96-10-03 19 Northeastern 11 3 2 5 0.45 -4 23 2.09 13.04% 8
Mike Williamson D 93-09-05 22 Penn State 3 0 0 0 0 -3 7 2.33 0.00% 4
Matthew Beattie W/C 92-12-14 22 Yale 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0 0
  • The University of North Dakota Fighting Falcons had a 6-2 win and a 4-3 overtime win against Miami this weekend. Brock Boeser was spectacular, and his four point night earned him the UND rookie of the week. Boeser is tied for second in points on his team and leads in shots. In two games this weekend he earned two goals, three assists, a +5 and seven shots on goal. His iPCS is up to 31.2% (n=125).  
  • Northeastern had a 2-3 loss and a 2-2 tie to Notre Dame this week, Adam Gaudette earned two PIMs, five shots on goal and a -1. His iPCS is up to 5.38% (n=372). I still consider him as a darkhorse prospect over the next 2-3 years.
  • Mike Williamsson did not play a game this week.
  • Matthew Beattie did not play a game this week, nor has he played at all this year.

    Name Pos DOB AGE Team GP Mins GA SA SV SV% GAA Record SO
    Thatcher Demko G 95-12-08 19 Boston College 10 598:20 10 264 254 0.962 1 9-1-0 6


    Name Pos DOB AGE Team GP G A P PPG +/- S S/G S% PIM TOI
    Nikita Tryamkin D 94-08-04 21 KHL / Avtomobilist 30 2 4 6 0.20 -3 44 1.47 4.55% 14 17:28
    Lucas Jasek F 97-08-28 18 Czech / Trinec 9 0 1 1 0.11 -1 3 0.33 0.00% 6 7:27
    Anton Rodin F 90-11-21 24 SHL / Brynas 18 10 14 24 1.33 9 51 2.83 19.61% 10 19:14
    • Nikita Tryamkin was in three games this week, earning two PIMs, three shots on goal and saw a massive increase in playing time increasing his season TOI/G average by almost thirty seconds.  It also sounds like his KHL team will be participating in that other New Years Eve hockey tournament that you accidentally flip to and wonder why the Juniors are covered in ads (aka the Spengler Cup).
    • Lukas Jasek seems to be back in the Czech junior leagues where he has scored six goals and seen assists in four games on the season.
    • Leading the SHL in scoring is old Canuck Anton Rodin, whom Vancouver have shown interest in bringing back into the organization. He returned from an injury and in two games this week he earned a +1 and played an average of 17:00 minutes.


    Name Pos DOB Age GP G A P PPG +/- PIM Sh Sh% SoG/G
    Evan McEneny D 95-05-22 20 2 0 2 2 1.00 -1 0 3 0.00% 1.50
    Dane Fox F 93-10-13 22 13 5 7 12 0.92 -4 14 28 17.86% 2.15
    Ludwig Blomstrand F 92-03-08 23 14 1 5 6 0.43 -14 10 30 3.33% 2.14
    Anton Cederholm D 95-02-21 20 12 0 4 4 0.33 1 26 17 0.00% 1.42
    MacKenze Stewart F 95-08-10 20 2 0 0 0 0.00 0 0 2 0.00% 1.00
    • Evan McEneny did not play in an ECHL game this week as he is still injured.
    • Dane Fox skated in three games, scoring a goal and adding two assists while having eleven of his shots hit the net.
    • Ludwig Blomstrand played in the same three games where he picked up an assist, was a -4 and took five shots on goal.
    • Anton Cederholm continues to play like he did in Portland. In another three games he has no points, a -2, a single shot on goal and seventeen PIMs.
    • MacKenze Stewart was finally sent to the ECHL, and in two games this week he earned a pair of shots on goal.

    Sarah Hobday is back with her Kalamazoo scouting notes and original photos, I am encouraging her to have her own column and if you appreciate her work, let her know you would like to see it too!

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    Courtesy: Sarah Hobday

    Friday the 13th – K-Wings 4-2 win over Evansville:
    • Mackenze Stewart arrived in Kalamazoo but did not dress for the game.
    • Evan McEneny is on 21-day IR with an upper body injury.
    • Blomstrand and Fox are on the 1st line with Mallet.
    • Cederholm was throwing great hits. Though 6 minutes into the 2nd period
      Cederholm received a major for elbowing and a game misconduct. The ECHL
      reviewed the video and Cederholm was not suspended. Luckily the K-Wings
      dressed 7 dmen for this game so Cederholm’s absence was not a big blow
      to the team.   
    • Blomstrand is on the 1st PK unit and Cederholm is on the 2nd PK unit.
    • Even though there is room on the K-Wings bench Witt opts to sit in the tunnel where the K-Wings take the ice.
    • During a 2 minute long 4 on 4 Fox was double shifted while Blomstrand did not see ice time.
    • Blomstrand is playing with more confidence now than the beginning of the season.
    • Blomstrand had a few good scoring chances but puck luck was not on his side.
    • Great seeing Blomstrand continue to improve on the defensive side of
      his game. Coach shows confidence in that by having Blomstrand on the PK.
    • Fox had a very strong game – one of his best as a K-Wing. Fox scored a
      pretty goal in the 3rd period with Blomstrand getting the assist.
    • Fox assisted on Mallet’s empty net goal late in the game.
    • Fox was named 1st star for the game.
    Saturday the 14th – K-Wings 2-1 OT win over Cincinnati:
    • Morning practice was optional but all Canucks prospects practiced.
    • The K-Wings wore special jerseys that were auctioned after the game.
    • Cederholm was back in the line-up.
    • Stewart played his first game as a K-Wing.
    • Blomstrand, Fox, and Cederholm were in the starting lineup.
    • Stewart had a strong game. You couldn’t tell he had barely played this season.
    • Stewart impressed me with his smart play and looked very good. Even
      when the game got a bit ugly Stewart stayed smart and was not quick to
      drop the gloves. Stewart finished the game with no penalties and 2 shots
      on goal. Both shots were good scoring chances but Cincinnati’s goalie
      had a stellar game.
    • Blomstrand was on the 1st PK unit.
    • Blomstrand and Fox were on the 1st PP unit.
    • Cederholm played very well and was never caught out of position.
    • Blomstrand and Fox had some good scoring chances but the Cincinnati goalie made some incredible saves.
    • This game was very different than Friday night. Except for the Canucks
      prospects the K-Wings did not put out a good effort so the game was
      pretty dull.
      Name Pos DOB AGE Team GP Minutes GA SV SH SV% GAA Record SO
      Clay Witt G 91-08-24 24 Kalamazoo 2 60 7 24 31 0.774 7.08 0-1-0 0
      • Clay Witt had another seveteen minutes of action in the ECHL. He played the final 17 minutes of a game when the KWings starter was pulled and then allowed 1 goal on 6 shots. On the bright side, his Sv % is up to .774 while his GAA is down to 7.08.


      Screen Shot 2015-11-17 at 9.55.45 PM

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