Brandon Prust on the Shelf for 4-6 Weeks


It appears as though the ankle injury suffered by Brandon Prust might be more serious than originally anticipated. While the x-rays taken in the immediate aftermath revealed no fracture, it appears as though the MRI has indicated a severe injury all the same.

Severe enough to keep Prust from the Canucks lineup anywhere from four to six weeks of action.

For a Canucks team that prides itself on the ability to roll four lines, such an injury will test the already tried depth of this franchise. In the interim, it appears as though Brendan Gaunce will be playing in Prust’s vacated fourth line spot.

The implications of this injury extend well beyond Gaunce and Prust, though. It buys the Canucks another roster spot with which to give either of Jake Virtanen or Jared McCann an extended viewing. Of course, this doesn’t help the nine-game barrier which marks the beginning of their entry-level contract, but it buys them time towards the next deadline which allots for an extra year of restricted free agency. 

This move also extends to the wealth of NHL ready talent the Canucks have marinating in Utica. Players like Alexander Grenier and Nicklas Jensen, for example. The spot now vacated by Prust’s absence will allot for an extended look at some of the more experienced talent currently developing with the Comets, as they inch closer to waiver eligibility. 

At a more humanistic level though, one can’t help but feel for Prust. While his lacking foot speed made him an anchor on the Canucks forecheck, it appeared as though he was beginning to find a groove in his prescribed role. He punched helmets, contributed to the defensive health of this franchise and I’d like to think his shoulder rubbing is helping the development of the Canucks sudden plethora of developing talent. Further to that end, his five assists in nine games have been a pleasant offensive surprise, to be sure.

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Get better soon.

  • Spiel

    It’s a shame that he is out. He was looking good on the PK, doing his best to keep the other team from taking advantage of our smaller player and he was actually producing some offence with McCann and Dorset. Fancy stats don’t show the true value of a guy like Prust. Lets hope he gets back sooner than later.

  • Possej Syhr

    Good riddance. Prust and his 46% Corsi will not be missed.
    Unfortunately replacing him with Virtanen is more of the same. Has a big hit ever done anything to help a team win a game? I don’t think so.

    If Benning was smart (LOL!), he would sign David Booth ASAP. Booth knows a thing or two about possessing the puck and is an upgrade on the assorted knuckle draggers and plugs Benning has assembled. Don’t believe me? Look at Booth’s Corsi. Case closed.

    Statistically yours,

  • Possej Syhr

    Prust had ankle surgery during the off season which probably slowed his game. I wonder if this injury is in the same area. Get well soon.

    The injuries our guys are suffering from are serious. None of this day to day, out for a week or two stuff. By the time Markstrom, Higgens and Prust return to the lineup, they will need time to get their foot speed going. We’ll be into mid season by then.

  • Brent

    Well look on the bright side, we will accrue some cap space while he is on long term injury. I have to admit, he has been more positive an addition than I thought he would be, he is just getting paid too much. But then, he is not alone…..