Friday Roundtable: Getting the no-Prust Trust

View image | gettyimages.com So Brandon Prust is out for a while. Like, a long while; possibly as long as six weeks down the road. It’s an interesting conundrum for the Canucks; Willie Desjardins certainly likes his recent acquisition, and he embodies a lot of the traits that the team wants to instill in their…


Brandon Prust on the Shelf for 4-6 Weeks

It appears as though the ankle injury suffered by Brandon Prust might be more serious than originally anticipated. While the x-rays taken in the immediate aftermath revealed no fracture, it appears as though the MRI has indicated a severe injury all the same. This doesn’t look too good for Brandon Prust: pic.twitter.com/I9tNdCLRku — CanucksArmy (@CanucksArmy)…

Richard Bachman will play hockey tonight against Arizona

View image | gettyimages.com As it turns out, Richard Bachman can do things other than sit on the bench and play Canucks cheerleader. With Jacob Markstrom still out with a hamspring injury, and Ryan Miller now having played ten consecutive games, the Canucks will look to their third-string netminder in tonight’s game against the Arizona…



View image | gettyimages.com Can you believe the nerve of the Stars last night? 10 straight Nickelback songs in between whistles? They clearly don’t know Canadians well enough. We would have played their ENTIRE discography. Maybe the Coyotes can up their music game. Richard Bachman will start this evening for sure…right? Game nine is on…


The Roundup

Flames look like smoldering dumpster fire, concern early in Canucks season, Leafs losing despite obvious improvements, Oilers next ten need to be better, Byfuglien hates three on three OT, Joe Thornton trade a decade later, daily fantasy, Evander Kane and more in this week’s Nation Roundup brought to you by Draftkings. 


Canucks Army Postgame: Nichushkin vs. Virtanen

View image | gettyimages.com I’ll make a confession: this Canucks post-game actually belongs to our good friend and Canucks Army mainstay, JD Burke.  Unfortunately, we’ve all got bills to pay, and JD had to work tonight. So I’m going to pay him tribute, and give you a nice recap of the game the way he…