Radim Vrbata is Letting Fans Pick His Goal Song, As Every Player Gets One

This summer, the Buffalo Sabres let fans vote on their goal song for the upcoming season – and while some people don’t like fun things aren’t in love with the song that ended up winning, it seems to have been a success overall. 

Now, the Vancouver Canucks have decided to pick up on the goal song fun, only they’re taking it a step further – and giving every player their own individualized goal song. 

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(To be fair, the Buffalo Sabres obviously did this as well. The Canucks are just the first ones to openly admit that’s what they’re doing, so props to them for honesty.)

The Vancouver Canucks announced on Tuesday that they’re going to start a ‘Your Goal, Your Song’ initiative this season. They’ll treat goals like walk-outs in baseball, with each player getting to select the song that plays when he celebrates finding the back of the net. 

The team seems to have already worked out all the kinks in this plan, per their official release on the initiative: 

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“Few teams in the NHL have discovered a goal song that is universally adored by their fan base. We’ve tried and tried and tried…and tried. And nothing. There have been a few bright spots, tunes that worked for a while, yet didn’t stand the test of time.

We took a step back this off-season and rethought the entire process. Why is the goal song even up for debate, shouldn’t the player who scores get to choose the music?


For the past few weeks we’ve been hounding the Canucks to each choose an individual goal song – that’s right, we’re moving from a team song to personalized choices of the players. (The exception will be when it’s unclear who scores, then The Miracle (Of Joey Ramone) by U2 will play).”

The team confirmed that the young guys immediately knew which song they planned on using (which means that whatever Jared McCann picked is probably going to be the first song you get sick of this year, since you’ll be hearing it on the radio AND at games like fifty thousand times every week) while older guys like Alex Edler and the Sedins didn’t really care what was played.

I’m curious about what Brandon Sutter picked – is there a song about riding shotgun that isn’t Taylor Swift’s ‘Our Song’? – and I’ll give Ronalds Kenins $20 if he picks “Zemgus Girgensons” as his goal song, just for Latvian pride/trolling purposes. Also, I’m secretly hoping that someone picks GDFR by Sage the Gemini; Jake Lamb of the Arizona Diamondbacks used that as his walk-out song this year, and it’s like 99% why I’ve become a Jake Lamb fan. 


While there’s going to be plenty of speculation about which songs the players have chosen, one player – the lovable Radim Vrbata – opted not to choose his own song. He’s letting the fans do that instead; the team has requested that all suggestions get sent to the comment section of the official initiative release (here’s a second link to the article for those who want to vote). 

Personally, I want ‘Supernatural’ by Katy Perry. It talks about aliens, and Gord bless, Vrbata’s just got that look about him

Of course, Canucks Army’s original tune about Vrbata is probably the best option, anyways: 

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