CanucksArmy prospect profile 2015: #16 Guillaume Brisebois


With the 66th overall pick in the 2015 draft, the Canucks selected Guilllaume Brisebois, a 6’2 defender from Acadie Bathurst Titan of the QMJHL. 

The Canucks tried desperately to get a 2nd round pick at the 2015 draft as part of the Eddie Lack or Kevin Bieksa trades, but were ultimately unsuccessful. The silver lining was that, according to management, their intent was to pick Brisebois with a 2nd rounder if they were able to acquire one, so they were still able to get their man with the 3rd round pick acquired from Carolina. 

He makes his Canucks Army prospect profile debut checking in at #16 in our organizational ranking.

Brisebois was a consensus 2nd round pick according to most analysts (Craig Button – 55, Future Considerations 58, Hockey Prospectus 53, Corey Pronman 67), so by all accounts he was a solid choice at that stage of the draft. 

According to Curtis Joe, from

Guillaume Brisebois is a passionate two-way defenseman who takes a very student-like approach to the game. For many players, it takes them a shift or two to “wake up” and get the ball rolling. The unique thing about this defenseman is that he’s always alert and ready to make a play, right from the get-go. He forces things to happen, and is a catalyst for positive plays at both ends of the ice. Under pressure, he calm and poised, focusing on his own game rather than what is going through other players’ minds. He is an excellent skater with a high level of hockey sense, and he realizes his role in all situations. He has great vision and has a deceptively strong shot that he must use more often. All-in-all, an intelligent two-way defenseman that plays with a lot of eagerness and hunger. (Curtis Joe, EP 2015) 

From the perspective of our Prospect Cohort Success % methodology, Brisebois’ peers, based on his 16 and 17 year-old seasons, only managed to exceed 200 NHL games played 12-13% of the time. which is slightly less that we would expect at 66th overall, which is typically successful 16% of the time. 


However, there is good reason to believe that our PCS system significantly undersells Brisebois. The Titans had the 2nd worst offense in the entire CHL last year at 2.3 goals per game. By comparison, the other 17 QMJHL teams averaged 3.6 goals per game. The Titan’s leading scorer last year, Mark Simpson, only managed to score 45 points, and they did not have a single player in the top 70 scorer in the QMJHL, which puts Brisebois’ 28 point season into context, especially considering Brisebois’ role as a puck moving defender (a player type we generally wouldn’t expect to drive offensive production singlehandedly). 

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Thinking about Brisebois’ lack of quality teamates a bit more, we’d note that Brisebois had a hand in 19.3% of his team’s points. At this rate, if Titan had managed to score at even an average QMJHL level, Brisebois could have easily seen his point total increase from 28 into the 40s, which would have pushed his PCS% into the mid 30% range, consistent with what we would expect from a late first, early second round pick. 

The benefit to playing on such a weak team, is that Brisebois was given a ton of playing time and was typically tapped to square off against the opposition’s top talent, including players like Nik Ehlers, Timo Meier, Daniel Sprong, and Filip Chlapik. Despite being the second youngest full-time player on the Titan’s roster, Brisebois was named Captain.

The 2015-16 season should be an interesting one for Brisebois and his Titan’s.  Not only will he expand on his leadership role, but the Titan’s offense should be receive a pretty significant boost by the addition of talented Russian, Vladimir Kuznetsov, selected 1st overall in the CHL import draft, and Antoine Morand, selected 2nd overall in the QMJHL entry draft. 

Overall, Brisebois looks to be the type of defensemen who does most things quite well, but isn’t really off the charts in any one area. He’ll need to fill out his 170 lb frame in order to help him become a more intimidating physical presence, but for a fairly weak Canucks prospect pool at defense, Brisbois was a much needed addition. 

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  • elvis15

    Seems like points adjusted by team output could be an easy model adjustment. I wonder if it would make an improvement. Another interesting check would be leadership. I know that can be a dirty word around these parts, but it would be interesting to see whether a letter on the jersey had any kind of impact on success.

    How do you guys validate your model to test it?

    • To give further context: We’re more than okay with criticism of our work; if you don’t believe PCS is a good system, you’re more than welcome to have and express that opinion (though we’ll largely disagree). Wshdrvvn’s comment below Zod’s is an example of a fair criticism of the same subject, as is Danny_Canuck’s comment above it.

      But, please don’t attack members, whether they’re staff or other commenters. It’s unnecessary and doesn’t make anything better for anyone.


      Site Editor

      • Spiel

        “But, please don’t attack members, whether they’re staff or other commenters. It’s unnecessary and doesn’t make anything better for anyone.”

        So you do remove comments? Then why isn’t anything done about the insanely immature trolling by obvious children – with nothing better to do on their summer breaks – that have been ruining the comments section on almost every article?

        • Spiel

          I agree! I have given up on reading the comments section on any article that talks about the Canucks team as a whole or even their regular players due to this. There is just so much obvious trash talking on there with no care for thoughtful criticism or class. Is it this bad on the other Nation Network sites???

          • Canuck4Life20

            I don’t look at the other Nation sites that often but do check out the Oilers and Flames sites occasionally and there is definitely trash talking but I really don’t think the vitriol is anywhere near as bad as it has become on this site. It only seems to be a handful of commenters that are ruining it for everyone else. Hopefully things will die down once the kids go back to school but if this continues into the season I can’t see how other fans won’t be turned off as well.

        • Depends on the definition of trolling. Again, we’re starting to take a no-tolerance stance on hateful comments and personal attacks, but if your definition of trolling is “this person said something intentionally dumb to start an argument”, there isn’t much we can do about it.

          I do believe that it’s unlikely that many of these negative comments are here for any reason other than to cause trouble. I find it hard to believe that there are people who are so consistently contrarian in their beliefs, yet so interested in reading and reacting to every post. I know if I had those feelings of opposition to another website’s content on a non-stop basis, I wouldn’t read it.

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          • Canuck4Life20

            Contrarian comments are one thing. I can respect the fact that people are going to have differing opinions over the direction this team is taking, especially given the transition phase that it is in.

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            “What’s with Canuck losers and grammar?
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  • Nichushkin Stinks

    This ranking is a little low for me. You can’t base everything off of this PCS model. Someone has to actually watch these players before you judge them. You figure PCS undersells him but you literally don’t even try to find any other ways to make a judgement.

  • birdie boy

    Actually if the mental midgets that post there dribble were to take an IQ test before being allowed to post I am sure they would be still on page 2 of proper etiquette for dummys

  • Spiel

    “Despite being the second youngest full-time player on the Titan’s roster, Brisebois was named Captain.”

    Didn’t know he was that young. That speaks volumes to Brisebois’ character.

    His PCS is lower than Pedan, so does that mean that PCS oversells Pedan?

    • Spiel

      We’ve found that when a player has been able to successfully make the jump from Junior to the AHL at a reasonably young age, as was the case with Pedan, it bodes very well for their chances of successfully becoming an NHL. This is why we typically see higher PCS scores for AHLers like Corrado and Pedan than we would in players like Subban and Brisebois for example.

      Personally, I had Brisebois ranked a bit higher than my colleagues, as I’m reasonably excited about him. Improving the PCS model to include team effects will be key for players on poor teams, like Subban and Brisebois, and that’s something we’re working on refining for 2.0.

  • Canuck4Life20

    Toolsy, but played on a terrible team – which impacted his points. Exactly the sort of player that Canucks Army dislikes and PCS shortchanges (the only thing that is more hated around here – other than physical wingers with elite speed and an elite shot – is players who stand up for their team mates). So the low ranking is no surprise.

    My chief concern is that the kid needs to put some meat on that skinny frame of his. But if he bulks up, things might get interesting.