Relive the 2010-11 Vancouver Canucks season

It was the best and most entertaining and most memorable hockey season in the history of the Vancouver Canucks franchise, even if it ended in pain, as all Canucks seasons inevitably seasons do.

The Canucks were the NHL’s best team during the 2010-11 season, winning the Presidents’ Trophy, leading the league in goal differential by more than 20, and dominating all season long. Vancouver boasted the league’s best offense, the league’s best defense, the league’s best power play, and were an elite penalty killing outfit. They had no flaws. 

Ultimately the dominant 2010-11 iteration of the club couldn’t bring home the first Stanley Cup in franchise history, and sadly the sight of Boston Bruins defender Zdeno Chara lifting the cup on Vancouver ice and the embarrassing riots that engulfed downtown Vancouver thereafter will be the enduring images of this season. It’s too bad because, as it was going on, it was great hockey and an exceptionally fun team to follow.

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Team Level

Team Record Points Standings Goal Differential Sh% sv% PDO
54-19-9 117 1st in everything 77 9.80% 0.928 102.2

The Canucks were a dominant team in 2010-11. They were one of the league’s best in all game states, and their tandem of Roberto Luongo and Cory Schneider was dominant through the campaign. The club shot an elevated percentage, and it probably had nothing to do with luck (had more to do with their insanely good, completely unguardable power play). Along the way the team won the first Presidents’ Trophy in franchise history, eclipsed the 50 win barrier for the first time in franchise history, and were pretty clearly hockey’s best team from the beginning to the end of the season.

Individual Level

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.03.36 PM

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(Courtesy Hockey Reference)

The top end of Vancouver’s lineup was nails during the 2010-11 season, and the five players who were power-play regulars – particularly Alex Edler (then Mikael Samuelsson when Edler went down for surgery to repair a bulging disc), Christian Ehrhoff, Ryan Kesler and the Sedin twins – lit it up during the 2010-11 campaign. Mike Gillis and company brought in special teams coach Newell Brown prior to the season, and he loaded up his first unit with great success. 

Though the top-end benefitted from Brown’s deployment schemes, secondary forwards like Samuelsson and Mason Raymond saw their production drop off a cliff. That’s what happens when your second unit power-play ice time is spent mostly with Manny Malhotra, rather than Kesler. 

Meanwhile Vancouver’s tight checking third-line of Jannik Hansen, Malhotra and the always productive (when healthy) Raffi Torres was one of the best third lines in hockey. Also Jeff Tambellini played the depth scoring forward role and crushed it, flashing some decent chemistry with both Kesler and the Sedin twins.

Beyond that top-nine though, and Tambellini, things get pretty grim. Joel Perreault! Guillaume Desbiens! Jonas Andersson! Mario Bliznak! Viktor Oreskovich! Just five years later and none of those guys are even sniffing a regular shift in the AHL… When your teams best fourth-liner is Tanner Glass, you know you’re in trouble (and indeed Vancouver’s fourth-liners didn’t manufacture a single goal in the postseason).

Meanwhile in net the Canucks were impenetrable. Completely dominant. And then completely average in the playoffs… 

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Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.15.43 PM

(Courtesy Hockey Reference)


The Canucks were active in free agency during the summer of 2010, signing Dan Hamhuis and Manny Malhotra on July 1 and adding a solid tertiary veteran from the bargain bin in Raffi Torres later on in the summer. They were also active on the trade market, dealing for Keith Ballard on the draft floor and allowing oft-injured veteran Willie Mitchell to walk in free agency (a fateful mistake…).

Following training camp the Canucks shuffled deck chairs, trading the likes of Shane O’Brien, Darcy Hordichuk and Sean Zimmerman for Andrew Peters, Nathan Paetsch, the immortal Ryan Parent and Dan Gednur. 

At the deadline the Canucks added Chris Higgins and Maxim Lapierre for very little, moves that would’ve given the club a legit fourth-line were it not for freak injuries to Manny Malhotra and Mikael Samuelsson. At the end of the deadline the club was less than $1000 below the daily salary cap limit, and had everyone been healthy entering the postseason, the club would’ve played in the postseason with a roster worth $67 million (in a league with a $59.4 million salary cap). Laurence Gilman and co. deserve a tonne of credit for their work maximizing the amount of talent this Canucks team squeezed under the salary cap’s upper limit…

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.21.09 PM

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(Courtesy NHL Trade Tracker)


The Canucks were booed lustily by Minnesota Wild fans at the 2011 NHL Entry Draft, which was held on the floor of the Xcel Energy Centre. It was pretty cute that Wild fans thought of the Canucks as their rival! They’re so adorable.

In typical Canucks fashion the Canucks didn’t do very well at the draft, although in Frank Corrado, Nicklas Jensen, Joseph LaBate and Alexandre Grenier, it’s possible the club could still net a useful contributor or two from this class. I’d think it’s most likely that if the club found any career NHLers on the draft floor in 2011, they’ll be bottom of the roster type contributors…

Screen Shot 2015-08-10 at 4.26.24 PM

(Courtesy HockeyDB)

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Season Review

Regular Season

The Canucks, as they always did under Alain Vigneault – although it might’ve been more of a Roberto Luongo thing, frankly – started the season slowly in 2010, jumping out to a 3-4-3 record in the month of October. November was a different story though as the Canucks reeled off winning streaks of six and four games. Around the New Year the Canucks got hot again, winning eight straight, to cement themselves as the team to beat in the NHL. They didn’t really fall from that perch until June 15, 2011.

Vancouver’s power play was astonishingly good during the 2010-11 campaign, and Daniel Sedin – benefitting from a massive spike in his 5-on-4 shooting percentage – led all NHL scorers in points scored. At some point in the season Lee Sweatt also scored one of the funniest game winning goals of all time. Lee Sweatt!

Meanwhile this was the first season in which Alain Vigneault’s odd deployment schemes became really evident. The Sedin twins were deployed almost exclusively in the offensive end of the rink, while Manny Malhotra became something of a trend setter playing an ‘enabler’ type role and starting three shifts in his own end of the rink to everyone shift he started in his opponent’s end. At the time we’d never seen anything like it. Now there’s four or five teams that deploy their forward lines in a similarly specialized fashion, including the New York Rangers, the Chicago Blackhawks, the Tampa Bay Lightning, the Nashville Predators, and the Edmonton Oilers. 

Also this is secretly one of the coolest moments in Canucks history but no one cares about it. This Christian Ehrhoff buzzer beater stood up as the game winner in a contest in which the Canucks secured the Presidents’ Trophy:

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Obviously no one cares because the Presidents’ Trophy doesn’t matter, but in club football, this would be an iconic goal. It really should be too. It’s a pretty sweat tally!


I think we all remember the 2010-11 playoffs pretty clearly, but let’s review.

The Canucks took a 3-0 series lead on the Chicago Blackhawks, outplaying Chicago in two of three games (the third Luongo stole), and it seemed a foregone conclusion that they’d advance to the second round of the playoffs and be fresh against whichever unlucky team waltzed into their buzzsaw. Then Dave Bolland played through a head injury and Game 4 got away from the Canucks, and Luongo coughed it up in Game 5 before the contest even really got started. 

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And panic set in.

In Game 6 the Canucks opted to start Cory Schneider ahead of Luongo, and Schneider played poorly. The Canucks took the lead and Schneider gave it back with a puck handling error. The Canucks took another lead, and again, a Schendier puck-handling error evened the score. In the third period the Canucks, again, took a lead, before Schneider was beaten by Michael Frolik on a penalty shot goal and had to leave the game with “cramps” (he’s since admitted that it was really a panic attack).

Luongo came in and the Canucks ultimately lost the game in overtime when Ben Smith scored an overtime winner to setup an epic Game 7. 

Before we proceed we should probably note that, though the Blackhawks struggled mightily that season, they were the second best team in the Western Conference by shot attempt differential. This wasn’t your standard eighth seed. 

In Game 7 the Canucks received pretty close to a perfect game from Ryan Kesler, who set up the game opening goal and played some sick shutdown defense on Jonathan Toews throughout. The Blackhawks managed to get a late game-tying goal shorthanded from their captain though, in what most Canucks fans refer to as the darkest timeline.

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Ultimately Ryan Johnson and Chris Campoli conspired to allow Alex Burrows to make a great play on the forecheck and beat Corey Crawford, slaying the dragon, and preventing (or at least delaying) catastrophe.

In the second round Vancouver faced Pekka Rinne’s glove and also a Nashville Predators team that was buoyed by solid play from Joel Ward and their ability to score on awkward bank shots that continually flummoxed Roberto Luongo in the postseason. Eventually Ryan Kesler went beast mode, undressed Shea Weber, and eliminated the Predators…

Through two rounds the Canucks were dominating opponents, but had actually been really unlucky by the bounces. In the Western Conference Final against the San Jose Sharks, the dam burst. Everything the Canucks touched ended up behind Antti Niemi. At one point Henrik Sedin literally passed the puck right through the Sharks goaltender.

This was a series that probably should’ve been closer, but in a decisive fourth game the Sharks shot themselves in the foot – it’s what they do best – and took a parade of penalties that gave Vancouver what seemed like an endless 5-on-3 advantage. Sami Salo capitalized a couple of times, and the outcome was then a foregone conclusion.

Foregone conclusion or not, it was an interesting Game 5. Ryan Kesler pulled his groin early on, something that would prove fateful in the Stanley Cup Final, but ultimately returned to deflect home a Henrik Sedin shot with seconds remaining on the clock. Then in double overtime Kevin Bieksa scored the infamous stanchion goal to punch Vancouver’s ticket to the Stanley Cup Final.

The Canucks, by the way, had to wait like 10 days to play the Stanley Cup Final. And then when it arrived, they jumped out of the gate with two victories over the Bruins. It looked like Boston was in trouble.

That was when the series shifted to Beantown and Aaron Rome concussed Nathan Horton dramatically and overwrought morality plays were passed off as sports coverage and Roberto Luongo got lit up (and left in the net too long) for eight in game 3 and five in game 4. Maxim Lapierre gave Canucks fans one final reason to smile with a flukey third period goal, but overall, Zdeno Chara and Patrice Bergeron and Tim Thomas proved unscore-on-able and as injuries mounted for the Canucks it was apparent that they couldn’t hang.

Game 6 was only fleetingly competitive, and Game 7 never was. The Canucks fell a game short of the ultimate prize.

Rethinking the 2010-11 Vancouver Canucks

In some ways the 2010-11 Canucks were one of the most innovative teams in hockey – from the drop pass, to the clever devices to circumvent the salary cap, and from their eschewal of thug hockey, to their specialized deployment patterns. 

In other ways though the 2010-11 Canucks were a pretty old school hockey team, and it might have cost them. Grit, for example, was prized over skill in the composition of a fourth-line that was horribly ineffective – a complete liability – throughout the season and into the playoffs. Though the Canucks had some interesting pieces in the press box – namely Cody Hodgson and Sergei Shirokov – who may have been able to help the club score in that final series against the Boston Bruins, the likes of Alexandre Bolduc, Viktor Oreskovich and Tanner Glass. 

Hodgson, Shirokov and Tambellini aren’t world beaters or anything, but they’re still professional hockey players. How – during a playoff run in which the Canucks couldn’t buy a goal until they bumped into Antti Niemi – does Oreskovich play in 19 playoff games, while those three combine for 18? 

Whatever. Honestly the most important thing to rethink about the 2010-11 season is that it’s popularly regarded as ‘another failure’ in a long line of them for a franchise that’s never won hockey’s ultimate prize. The wound is too fresh perhaps and the team was popularly seen as an unlikable front runner, so maybe the loss to the Boston Bruins is yet to really get the nostalgic sheen that the franchise’s Cinderella run to the Stanley Cup Final in 1994 enjoys. 

The 2010-11 Canucks were a great team though, one of the best in the salary cap era. And their run to the Cup Final was absolutely the high water mark for the franchise. It was deliriously entertaining and fun and dramatic and the entire run should be regarded more fondly by Vancouver hockey fans. 

  • Locust

    Why are Alberta trollers always so angry? They aren’t funny or biting or even mildly entertaining – just childish and always angry.

    The past is something to remember, the future something to look forward to….what a life they must lead.

    These asshats are the epitome of a loser.

    Dropped on their head as a baby? Blow up doll no longer holds air? Too may years with loser teams?

    WTF is their problem?

  • bigdaddykane

    I love watching the glee that non canuck fans have regarding this Stanley Cup run. When the Coilers went to the final I cheered them (not Calgary. Not ever. The cup can go to Carolina for 15 straight years before I’ll ever cheer a flames victory). The Canadian fans just loooooooved watching Vancouver implode, loooooooved watching the riots, chortling with glee. Why? Were the canucks and their fans really that bad? Kesler is a prick. So was Burrows. But Marchand is somehow better? Lucic has shown himself to be a d-bag in his pathetic shots at Weise after the game 7 loss. Chara ran Pacioretty into the stanchion breaking his neck. Its not like the Bruins were a bunch of choir boys.
    No non-canuck fan can take any shot at canuck nation that will hurt us more than this f-ing team has, and will. I got my brand new GSXR 750 wrecked in that riot because i lived downtown. I watched Chara the Sasquatch hoist the cup on the Canucks logo. Do your worst, trolls. You’ll never hurt me like my team will.

      • Double Dees

        “I got my brand new GSXR 750 wrecked in that riot because i lived downtown.”

        SURE you did. LOl

        What a coincidence, I had both my Ferrari’s trashed in the riots, but I’m all the netter for it…. thanks to insurance! LMFAO

        BTW I’m Marry Poppins.

        • bigdaddykane

          You’re an idiot who knows nothing about motorcycles if you think a gixxer is anywhere near a Ferrari. It cost me about 7 grand and it was brand new to me. Not exactly brag material, there champ. I was trying to make the point that not only did my team lose a game 7 on home ice, but the ensuing riot wrecked something i had waited my whole life to get, kind of like a Stanley Cup. I watched the city burn itself down. I lived on Robson and Bidwell. Look it up on google maps. It aint in the core on Granville where it all went down, but it was where fools ran to when the cops started shooting tear gas. I got back from night shift at the hospital treating idiots who got pepper sprayed to a ruined bike. my point is, tools like you who didn’t live through it except for laughing at your TV have no clue those of us who bleed canuck went through. Does the team suck? Yep. Until they win a Cup they’re a bunch of wankers who can’t get it done. Those of us who support this team don’t need idiots from out of town pointing it out. We still cheer them anyway. That deserves respect. Thick and thin, I will support this sorry sad franchise.

          • bigdaddykane

            ” I lived on Robson and Bidwell. Look it up on google maps. ”

            Hey that’s more than enough proof! Hahaha.

            Guess what, I live in Monaco City now, google it. Haha right.

            I don’t care if you cheer for a dead rat, the point is don’t talk the talk until you walk the walk. The Canucks are NOT champions and never will be and you pretending that they are and expecting everyone else to go along with it is nothing more than BS. Have to tried to work in media? They love hiring folks who can lie with a straight face and without shame.

            And oh, i believe everything you said about your Gs whatever and you living in some DT dumpster etc etc all because you said so. Because you said so on the net, then it must be TRUE! HAHAHAHA!

            Hey, I hear the CBC is hiring someone to replace Jian Gropemeshi, you should apply….it suits you, cause you love talking lots of BS.

          • bigdaddykane

            Ok. You’re right. I never lived on Robson. Never got booze from the BC liquor store on between Bidwell and Denman. Never ate at Guu Japanese tapas across from my old dumpster. Never got cold cuts from the Russian deli across the st. Never shopped at No Frills. Never worked at St Paul’s hospital on Thurlow. Never bought a lottery ticket at the 7/11 on broughton. Never took my dog for a night time crap on the lawn on’re totally right. Just like you know what a GSXR 750 is. Or where Monaco is other than a store in the mall in whatever sh!thole town you call home. Nobody said anything about the Canucks being champions. They aren’t. Nor will be any time soon. That’s not what this is about. Its about being a true fan who puts up with the decades of mediocrity because if they ever do win it all, losers like you will be apoplectic. Big word I know. Look that one up too while you’re researching where club Monaco is.

          • bigdaddykane

            You wrote all that to try and convince me of how truthful you really are. Wow, I’m touched.

            You win the most honest persons on the net award. I shall never doubt you again because your words are merely enough for me.

            Tonight, I shall also turn on my TV and believe everything the media tells me and after, I will pack my bags and head over to Iraq to fight bearded terrorists living in a cave.

            Hey, rich people don’t run the government and media, what’s not to believe? Words are all we have, who needs real proof? Words are more than enough.

            You have no idea how hard Iam laughing right now.

          • bigdaddykane

            Dude, you’re like Billy Madison giving his speech to pass high school. In no way are any of the incoherent ramblings you’ve passed off as a rebuttal make sense, and we are all dumber for reading it, and may God have mercy on your soul. In between your elementary school level responses, you have neglected to understand that I AM NOT DISAGREEING WITH YOU. You say the Canucks suck. Although that is a bit tough, its fair. This franchise for most of its history has been worse than awful. Until they win a Cup, they will get no respect around the league. My point is, we canuck fans already know this. Thank you, master of the bleedin’ obvious. We dont need help. In this 2011 run, there is much misery and hurt for canuckville. Just be happy with that knowledge and go troll somewhere else. I await your next stupid incoherent comment

    • Double Dees

      “Do your worst, trolls. You’ll never hurt me like my team will.”

      47 years dude. Forty Seven Years.

      Wait… are you a masochist?

      If you then that’s fine, but why punish all the other people of BC too?

      • bigdaddykane

        Punish the people of B.C? Come again? Are you mistaking me for upper canuck management? As for the people of BC who support the Canucks……what would you have us do? Support some BS team we have no affiliation with, like say, Pittsburgh because they had Lemeuix or Crosby, and a couple cups? Maybe an Original 6 team like the red wings. Nothing irritates me more than a Boston/New York/Pittsburgh/whatever fan who was born and raised in Vancouver. Support the local team. “Diehard” *insert out of town team here* fans who have never been to the city let alone seen the team live in their own barn that they cheer for and poo-poo canuck teams and fans are the worst kind. There should be a sports rule: you must have at least sat in the arena of your favorite team before you get to talk smack about another fan’s team. Amiright?

        • bigdaddykane

          And now you want the locals to support crap instead of something better.

          Wow, you don’t sound like a typical Canadian monopoly board at all.LOL

          Hey folks, why pay 3 times less for cheese and milk when you can buy them from gougers at 3 times the prize and crap quality, cause it’s local? LOL

          With friends like you in this province, trust me, the good folks of BC don’t need enemies. LOL

          “Damn it, pay your taxes to the rich and you better like it too!” LOL, man you’re too much! Stop gassing me, really! LMFAO!

          • bigdaddykane

            Ok. I assume you’re a Blackhawks fan. Before that you were a kings fan. Then you dusted off your Blackhawk Jersey. Then your kings jersey again. Then you were a Bruins fan. Somewhere in your closet is a Hurricanes, Lightning, and Dallas Jersey. Fair weather fans man. You support the locals because they represent you and your city. Being a turncoat who cheers the rangers or some other team is pathetic. You dont have to love the locals. But you dont have to be an a-hole either. If I moved to Winnipeg (god forbid) I’d support the Jets. I’d still be a canucks fan but I wouldn’t wish ill on the locals. During the 2011 run I saw so many non canuck jerseys in the crowd talking smack. Why do that? Why even bother coming out of your hole to p!ss on everyone else’s parade? Stay home. Or come out and STFU and let the locals have their day

          • bigdaddykane

            I’m a hawks fan, I’m an Oilers fan, a flames fan, yadda yadda yadda. Your changing the subject and blame game is tired and unoriginal.

            Does it ever occur to your pee brain that alot of folks who live in this province of BC actually hate the Canucks? You ever been t a game when they host the Habs?

            Oh, what are you going to say I’m a habs fan now and that I should go back to where I came from? Hahahah, heard that one before… from you.
            Don;t worry man, once Seattle gets their own tea, you won’t get a pay check to BS here anymore. Hahaha.

            Relax , your pink slip will come soon enough. 47 years says your wrong and you’ll be wrong next season. Hahaha.

            The Canucks…. WINNING? HATE IT!

          • bigdaddykane

            Are you smoking the same rock that bigmeany is toking on? I know quite well a lot of BCers hate the Canucks. And yes, i have actually been to a Habs game vs the Nucks. Where exactly did I say “there are no non-canuck fans in BC.” Riddle me this, genius. If you’re such a big Habs fan, have YOU actually been to the Bell center? The forum? Or are you just an armchair fan who loves the Habs because they won 24 Cups. I like the Habs too. Great franchise. Probably best rink along with Chicago to watch a game in. Knowledgeable fans. Great history. I cheered for them in any series they don’t play the Canucks.

            You dont need to go back where you came from. Support the Habs or whatever other team you like. But when in BC, at least keep your mouth shut when talking about the Canucks. Some of us here like them. If you can’t be neutral to the team of this province and cheer another Canadian team with a shot at bringing the cup back where it belongs, then leave us to our masochistic hockey pursuits.

            BTW……when you say ” Canucks winning…….HATE IT!” you should snap your fingers too. Then you’ll sound exactly like Damon Wayans in Men on Football on “in living color.”

  • I remember reading/hearing at one point that the 2010-11 Canucks team had been determined to be the most dominant NHL team since the mid-to-late 70’s Montreal Canadiens (they of 3 straight years with at least 58 wins and 4 straight Stanley Cups), in terms of a combination of statistical factors including goals for and against, special teams, awards considerations, individual point leaders, and offensive, defensive and goaltending numbers.

    This team was so incredibly dominant with its top 3 lines that it didn’t even need a 4th to run roughshod over the league – that is until injuries struck in the playoffs, and by then it was too late to do anything about it.

      • Your trolling is lame. Your jealous generalities of millions of people is lame.

        Your grammar is the same.

        Your inabilities to understand small sample sizes is lame.

        “Injuries are an excuse” is the most lame, simple minded and regurgitated cliche on message boards. Start to finish.

      • Game 7, in which they were missing Dan Hamhuis, Mikael Samuelsson and Mason Raymond, Kesler played with a torn hip labrum, Chris Higgins played with a broken foot, Alex Edler played with 2 broken fingers, Christian Ehrhoff was getting painkillers injected directly into his shoulder, Henrik had a back injury, Manny Malhotra had only partial vision in one eye, and pretty much everyone else was dealing to some sort of ailment that four rounds of the playoffs is bound to bring on.

        Lame excuse indeed.

          • bigdaddykane

            I know, 4 and 0! At least Lindens idiot squad came back with 2 goals after handing over 3 straight goals in their game seven. None of the 2010 squad showed up. In fact, they only showed up for 3 games, Boston was their vacation.

            As soon as i heard Pat Quinn on TV talk about how he thought the Cancuks were going to win and how it was their time I KNEW they were gonna choke! Counting your eggs before they hatch is always gonna jinx you. Haha

            I made a pretty penny betting against those chumps,haha. If AV only threw Corey in one of those Boston games, it might have been a different story, but then my guess is that Aquaman had to have his BFF start in net.

            Gillis put the nail int he coffin by trading away all the real assets after the SCF and now they can’t even get out of the first round. They’re always looking to fire any one who isn’t the real problem. In about 3 years there will be a 50 years a ZERO banner out in the rafters. They’ll try to blame that on the Oilers as well.

            When it comes to the Canucks cahnces for a cup before 50 or 60 years hits, the immortal words of a SinCity character puts it best.

            ” IT’S OVER…YOU’RE FLUSHED.”

        • And Boston was playing free of injuries with AC in their dressing room while the Canucks dressing room was like an oven.

          If the Canucks were too injured to play than why did they even bother showing up at the rink?
          It would have been less humiliating.

          All I remember in that series is Sedin and his team letting Marchand use his head as a punching bag.

          Stanley cup final worthy team indeed.


          • Boston was actually noted for having relatively good luck and very few injuries that year. Whether it sounds like an excuse or not, that was the situation. It’s over, we lost. It’s been 4 years.

            I assume you know why they still went to the rink.

            I particularly enjoyed your NOT joke.

          • So it’s settled, Boston didn’t deserve the SC and the Canucks are the rightful heirs to it, start the parade tomorrow!

            Yeah you lost, now try and learn something from it and a thing called humility without making excuses. Oh but you don’t want to do that too.

            Let’s see, you don’t want to change, you don’t want accountability, you don’t want to tank for draft picks and a future, you don’t want to develop players. I get it now.

            And yes, they went to the rink otherwise their pay checks would bounce.

            Canucks…Winning? HATE IT!

      • Locust

        The Bruins owned the whole series. Canucks only won games that were one goal close.

        The Bruins knew that basket case Luongo was their ticket to the cup and they played it to a T.

        The whole team had no confidence in Leaky Luo but AV in his infinite wisdom decided to throw his one and only chance away at the cup by starting “please pump my tires” Luongo.

        How far Vancouver has fallen, gone are the days when they at least had a captain that could stand up for himself. Now that have two sisters who couldn’t stand up to a ladder. Was embarrassing even living in the province when that joke finals was happening.

        But hey,the Sedins are nice and give to charity, that’s the only thing counts in competitive pro sports! LOL

        There’s always next year… and the next and the next and the next… all the way to 50 years. Can’t wait till Seattle get their own NHL team and every Canuck PR person loses their jobs.

  • bigdaddykane

    It really was a fantastic season (and engaging with these idiot trolls is pointless). Definitely the most dominant Canucks team I’ve seen in the regular season; even the transition from the WCE to the Sedins as first liners didn’t have all the pieces this iteration of the Canucks did. Losing Malhotra and Samuelsson really hurt over the long haul of the playoffs. I think you’re being a little unfair on why Shirokov or Hodgson wouldn’t be on the roster in the playoffs as they were pretty unproven young players to begin with and didn’t really fit what was imagined was needed for bottom six players, especially since it became apparent that the stupid “playoff rules” for penalties were going to be in effect (and I mean that from both sides, Torres as much as Marchand). I’ve never understood the reason for the different ways in which the game is played or called in the playoffs; actually think North American pro sports should go the way of soccer — if you’re going to subject us to a 82 (or god forbid 160 games in MLB) season, it should mean something more than just gutting it out. The idiotic claims that players like the Sedins (or Peter Stastny, Marcel Dionne, Gilbert Perrault, Adam Oates, Darryl Sittler, etc) aren’t good because they didn’t win a cup, despite being elite players game in and game out for years is directly related to this bizarre split season which is also called differently for reasons that completely escape me. I mean if it really is that important to “let things go” do it during the regular season too. The fact that teams try and coast a bit to get into the playoffs before “turning it on” is so weird (and can come back to haunt them like LA last year).

    The other thing about that season that’s always bugged me is how dominant the “Boston Model” became afterwards or the myth of Thomas. Thomas was superb against us, for the most part (as were Chara, Bergeron, Marchand and a handful of others) but the Bruins had just as rocky a road as us to get to the finals — their series against the Canadiens was as eventful as ours against Chicago, they crushed Philly more easily than we took care of Nashville, but they really struggled against TB in the conference finals with Thomas getting pulled after giving up something like 5 goals on at least three separate occasions. But man did they get in our heads, especially and unfortunately GIllis’ I think.

  • bigdaddykane

    as painful as it was to read this, I am glad I did. that year still breaks muy heart. This was a great write up of it.

    But the reality, and something not really touched on in this article was injuries.

    During the 10/11 season, no playoff team had more injuries going into the playoffs than the Canucks. In fact, the Canucks didn’t play a single game with the roster they signed at the beginning of the season. Not one, including the playoffs. They had so many injuries. and that bad luck continutes into the playoffs.

    D Sedin – back injury. So bad he was still sport in a back brace 6 months alter
    H Sedin 0 hip injury. So bad he coudkn’t complete a few months late in a charity game in Sweden

    Kesler – labrum injury. He was playing on one leg
    Raymond- Massive back injury, couldn’t play
    samuelason – went down early in playoffs
    Malhortra- Played 2 or 3 games in entire playoffs
    Bieksa – leg injury
    Ehroff – played with dislocated shoulder. bad injury
    Edler – played with broken fingers, couldn’t grip stick he said. Injury so bad he had it 1 year after finals finessed
    Hamhuis- Couldn’t play after hips heck
    Salo-After not playing most of 10/11 reg season, he missed more games in the playoffs. NO reason was ever given, but he wasn’t right either

    Thats 5 of 6 top six forwards who were either not able to play, or significaly injured (Doesn’t even include the bottom 6 players who were injured).. And 5 of 6 Cnaucks top six d-men who were either not able to play of significantly injured during the finals.

    There is not a team int he league who can sustain those type and # of indues and still win a Cup. They got closer than anyone could have imagined had we known about all this injuries at the time I remember dug in the finals, the media kept repotting “x, y ,z didn’t practice today” and it was like that the entire finals. No one could practice, their were so many injured players the back aces had to participate in practices so they’d have enough bodies. It was brutal.

    That team was so dominant. Not team led the league in stats like they did for 20+ years. They were dominant – and they never played a single game with a even remotely healthy roster. Imgine if that team han any sort of luck with injuries, I bet they lose very few games.

  • I’ll never understand the mentality of people who need to be idiots on the internet in order to feel good about themselves. It’s really pathetic.

    2010-2011 was a joy to watch, until Henrik, Kesler, Malhotra, Raymond, Hamhuis, and Samuelsson all got injured.

    • bigdaddykane

      Nope, sounds about right to me. You have 2 opposing views, just like in politics, one for the truth and the other shamefully for the establishment.

      Have you ever seen the yahoo comments section? Nothing but establishment mouth pieces sucking each others privates. You want CA to be like that too?

      Notice how most if now all the name calling is coming from the Canuck PR die-hards. Go and make a note of it.

  • Double Dees

    Buttt they were supposed win the cup right? Even the next year and the year after that…I thought Canucks fans really convincingly believed that.

    Canucks or more like Vancouver as a whole is the most apathetic, self-entitlement city in Canada. They think the deserve anything and everything.

    That’s why the hockey gods will never deliver a Stanley cup to van city ever again.

    The riots and disrespect to the bruin fans that summer was no class at all.

    This franchise is going down under….